TUF 14 Finals Quick Results – Bisping, Dodson and Brandao Victorious


The finale of season 14 of The Ultimate Fighter goes down tonight from The Palms in Las Vegas. Catch all the undercard action live on facebook.com at 5:45pm EST/2:45pm PT. The main card goes live at 8pm EST/5pm PT and can be seen on Sportsnet or Spike TV.

Michael Bisping defeats Jason Miller via TKO (GNP) @ 3:34 of Rd3
Diego Brandao submits Dennis Bermudez via Arm Bar @ 4:51 of Rd1
John Dodson defeats TJ Dillashaw via TKO (punches) @ 1:54 of Rd1
Tony Ferguson defeats Yves Edwards via Unanimous Decision (30-27,30-27,29-28)
Johnny Bedford defeats Louis Gaudinot via TKO (Knees to the body) @ 1:58 of Rd3
Marcus Brimage defeats Stephen Bass via Unanimous Decision (30-27,30-27,29-28)
John Albert defeats Dustin Pague via TKO (punches) @ 1:09 of Rd1
Roland Delorme submits Josh Ferguson via Rear Naked Choke @ :22 of Rd3
Steven Siler defeats Josh Clopton via Unanimous Decision (29-28,29-28,29-28)
Bryan Caraway submits Dustin Neace via Rear Naked Choke @ 3:38 of Rd2

27 Responses to “ TUF 14 Finals Quick Results – Bisping, Dodson and Brandao Victorious ”

  1. Bobby Karimi says:

    Congrats to Rolly!

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  2. BigBoi says:

    What fight were the judges watching during the Edwards v Fergeson??!!??!!

    How do you score that 30-27 for either of them?

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  3. BigBoi says:

    Dang. Herb done f’d up again. Way too early on the stop.

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  4. hawkes says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  5. Robin Black says:

    I hope you’re joking Lindsy. Sarcasm doesn’t come across well in typing lol.

    I’m sure you’re not the kind of dick who would say that to media who supported a guy like crazy on his way up from day one.

    Even if you weren’t joking my advice is claim that you were. :)


    Man. Good for Rolly. F^@7ing rights!!

    Way to go Rolly. I hope you enjoyed every minute of it. Be proud. You earned that. :)

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  6. Robin Black says:

    The Winnipeg dudes who run this site are human and no doubt sleeping it off after getting stupid drunk while watching TUF and celebrating Rolly’s win.

    Pretty obvious from looking at the way they’ve been pumped about Rolly that they’ll do it up when they wake up.

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  7. facts man says:

    Lindsey you and brigham worked hard enough to be caught and scene on the camera last nighty almost tro the point i did not even notice rolly doing the post fight interview. Maybe they have already contacted rolly and just dont wanna have to you try and get a few minutes of fame off his coat tail.

    Keith and the boys do great jobs of spreading the love to all canadians

    Word of advice let Rolly enjoy his lime light and stay out of it before you tarnish it.

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  8. Agree with facts guy says:

    Ya rollie is the man but its pretty easy to get tired of lindsay hawkes. That guy has so much ego its embarrassing just seeing it.
    Congrats to Rollie and his coach Curtis. You guys are awesome and make us winnipeggers proud. You are the man rollie. Keep doing it and keep winning.
    Maybe Lindsay id diferent in the gym but I dont know how you guys put up with him and his ego. And to think that arogant guy tries to compare himself to tompkins makes ya sick.
    Rollie kewep doing your thing man party and celebrate and know all of Winnipeg is behind you.

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  9. derek abe says:

    When I was in peg Hawkes was in the gym with stitches in his head helping Delorme get ready for the fight. Good guy, just looking for his team mate to get a little extra recognition, nbd.

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  10. Congrats Rolly !

    Here is Rolly’s post fight interview at UFC.com.


    If we find an embed code, of course we will post.

    I have taken a bit of heat for our lack of Delorme coverage, I would like to explain a few things:
    Top MMA News knew Rolly made TUF months before and won his first fight, but kept that secret as requested. I don’t burn sources. It will not even go in Gossip Queen.
    Once cast was formally announced by Spike TV, we posted it and interviewed Rolly on radio and talked then about getting him on after TUF 14 was all over.
    We knew he was going to fight on the TUF Finale and we knew his opponent, but again we could not post that.
    We posted a piece on voting for Rolly for the TUF Best Submission when it was announced he was nominated.
    The plan was to interview win or lose after Rolly gets back to Winnipeg and I emailed him requesting an interview as it is not in Top MMA News’ budget to attend UFC’s.

    Hopefully, Lindsey Hawkes does not speak for all WAMMA.

    Let it be clear that Top MMA News promotes Canadian fighters, including WAMMA, more than any media outlet on this planet. Look for a Louis Fisette (WAMMA fighter) interview to be posted soon.

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  11. EPerez says:

    I thought the 1st round was going to look like the 3rd round in Rolly’s fight

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  12. Robin Black says:

    ^^^^me too

    But this win was cooler.

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  13. hawkes says:

    Dude im kidding.

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  14. hawkes says:

    Actually very thankful for the mention of the sub of the season voting.

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  15. Donald Duck says:

    Jeebus Tapdancing Kracker,

    Do some of you “facts man” etc. even own a pair of shorts? Have you been ringside with a buddy making his debut (first or big show)? To hear the bad mouthing of two of Canada’s hardest working guys outside of The Shwa (Curtis and Lindsey) is kind of f*cking disappointing if you know what I mean.

    Congrats to Rolle, hope the WAMMA boys are sleeping off some wicked hangovers.

    Mr. The Duck

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  16. hawkes says:

    I’m not sensitive at all if people decide not to like me or what i say. The only thing that bothers me is the sentence about me “comparing myself to Shawn Tompkins.”

    He was a freind and i do try to emulate some of the things he did in terms of coaching style. I look up to him in alot of ways. But I dont compare myself to him. I’m not trying to argue or fire back in any way. I just dont want people thinking im disrespectful to someone who has passed away.

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  17. Robin Black says:

    Nicely put Lindsey.

    Hope you guys are hung over today. :)

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  18. hawkes says:

    If you only knew Robin… I threw up all over my phone… and i just got out of my room now.

    Anyway, was trying to be sarcastic and i came off as a total dick… i appologized to the right people in private.

    Lets face it, i come off as a total dick in person as well. I can be quite sarcastic and crude but my heart is in the right place. Furthermore, I dont just hold pads for roland… i live with roland. So him winning keeps a roof over our heads lol.

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  19. Robin Black says:


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  20. Justsayin says:

    Tequila must have been involved!

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  21. Robin Black says:

    Man, and in Vegas too. What an awesome experience that must have been. So cool. Happy for the whole team.

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  22. hawkes says:

    I think what made us sick was the bottle of cheap champange… and we were drinking 40’s of Old English as a joke… but i finished one. We were in the bar at 8 oclock vegas time and we got home at about 5.

    Somehow Roland was up at 9 am all chipper and ready to go eat breakfast.

    I also gotta say… Marcus Brimmage is the funniest man alive. I love that little man.

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  23. Robin Black says:

    LOL at Old English ha ha that’s street fighting beer

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  24. hawkes says:

    I dont know about toronto but i havent seen those in years in the 204… so we bought a bunch… 2.50 here… super cheap!

    i used to live in vegas and this was only my third time drinking or partying here.

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  25. Its all good. Teammates have each others backs.

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  26. Pav says:

    Curtis and Lindsey did and excellent job cornering Delorme in his UFC debut! Roland put on an amazing performance and looked really good! I was proud to be there watching. Roland Delorme trained his ass off and it is starting to pay off. Curtis and Lindsey also put in a lot of work to help out all WAMMA fighters. Excellent coaches, and good people. I am biased when I say this but WAMMA is definately the place to be.

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  27. Pav says:

    I am also proud to have had olde english with the guys on the strip!

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