Meltdown in the Valley Weigh-In Results


Avant Guard Promotions will host Sarnia, Ontario’s MMA debut on Saturday, December 3, 2011 at the RBC Centre.  Tickets for the show are available at RBC Centre Online.  Here are the weigh-in results from today’s weigh-ins:

Weigh In Results:

135lbs – John “Haggis Basher” Fraser (135.2) vs. Travis “The Hurricane” Reddinger (135.6)
170lbs – Rich “No Love” Clementi (168.8) vs. Chris “The Menace” Clements (170.4)
Catch weight @ 163lbs – Jesse “The Ghost” Gross (163) vs. Darren Crukshank (162.8)
205lbs – Misha Cirkunov (205.2) vs. Ali “The Monster” Mokdad (203.2)
155lbs – Tony “Lionheart” Hervey (154.4) vs. Jesse “The Body Snatcher” Ronson (156)
170lbs – Ryan Dickson (170.6) vs. Josh Taveirne (170)
155lbs – Jason Meisel (154.6) vs. Joel Paquette (155.4)
135 lbs – Clint Kingsbury (134.8) vs. Randy Turner (135)
265lbs – Craig “War Dog” Hudson (263) vs. Blake Nash (260.8)
150lbs – Jeff Harrison (149.8) vs. Kyle Prepolec (155)*** Called off.
*** Prepolec came in over weight, refused to lose more and started drinking water prior to discussing options with commission. The fight was called off.

21 Responses to “ Meltdown in the Valley Weigh-In Results ”

  1. Jeff harrison says:

    I trained very hard to put on a killer fight for the fans on TV as well as the people taking time out of their lives to come from all over Ontario , even Ottawa to support me. I hope the score fighting series will bring me back… , and I cut 12 lbs of water today to make our 150 catch weight. I can not accept that Kyle couldn’t cut any more. He didn’t look any more drained then any of the professional fighters in the room. The commision told me he showed up an hour before the weigh in to check his weight on the official scale and he was five over. He said he couldnt..and He was offered to cut more weight in an allotted hour after our weigh in and he declined. The commission offered me to put on weight and weigh in again, and I declined, not out of fear of a lousy 4 lbs advantage.. But to maybe help send a message that fighters should be professional and make their contracted weight. This is the 48th time I have made weight and me and my coaches and manager can not accept him not even trying. It is weak and not the conduct of someone who is deserving to be fighting on national television.

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  2. remz says:

    Wow…… ill go on the record to say that both Kyle and his camp should be very ashamed . if u don’t make weight then do everything the commission tells u to do in order to make the fight happen . He quit that’s what happen. I missed weight before but made sure the fight still happened.

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  3. Seen that on your facebook Jeff and commented on your status there. Missing weight and then not even trying is very unprofessional.

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  4. Wow says:

    Last time Prepolec was about 5 lbs over too, where does he train?

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  5. jroot says:

    So disappointing. He was probably afraid that Jeff would woop hiw @#$$.

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  6. jordan says:

    Kyle is a good kid and i do not fault his team at all. i dont know the situation totally except he didnt make weight and that sucks for all involved

    Jeff is 100% coming back to SFS

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  7. Robin Black says:

    Jeff did the right thing and handled it like a professional. He is 100% in the right.

    Missing weight is becoming an epidemic. There is no excuse to miss 2 fights in a row.

    Good work Jeff I’m glad Woody paid you your show purse. You are a true professional and a class act.

    See you at the fights tomorrow Jeff I know you wish you were fighting but hold your head high and proud and enjoy the show.

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  8. Rino B. says:

    Jeff, Kyle trains with me at the gym. I/We 1st want to apologize to you, Pat and your team. Also apologize to the promoters of the show. I agree with the stand you and your team made by not taking the fight. I can see how this looks impossible that Kyle could not make 151lbs after being 148 at wreck not to long ago . . .
    I believed Kyle could be a 45’er and he attempted at wreck. I then felt after the last weighin that Kyle would have no issue with 151lbs as we were looking at moving him down to 45 still in the new year. I was totally wrong as the weight was not coming off at all today. I even contacted the promoters to let them know what was happening and let your team know also as I was trying to compensate you from Kyle’s purse on another agreed weight to try to save this fight. I will take full blame in believing that Kyle would of made this weight from his last weigh-in as I know the work that kyle puts in day in and day out..
    I am glad you made a stand and hope more fighters will do so and am sorry that your hard work with your team was not able to be showcased on the air. But this one is more on me than Kyle

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  9. Robin Black says:

    Rino Belcastro is one classy sonovabitch.

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  10. woodrow james says:

    rino your the man, jeff your the man and this show is gonna be great!!! shit happens

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  11. Evan says:

    i have a question about the whole weight in process in Ontario. I thought for pro boxing there in that province that it was same day weight ins, if I do recall. And this weight in is taking place 24 hours before the fights, right? So is the commission that oversees boxing different then the one that oversees MMA?

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  12. Robin Black says:

    Same commission. Different structure.

    Its universally considered too dangerous to do same day weigh ins in MMA due to the culture of weight cutting that’s grown as a part of the game.

    The commission in Ontario is a very structured and organized commission. But the culture of weight cutting is so ingrained in the athletes and sport that it would be near impossible for 1 commission to try to safely manage a same day weight cut.

    So they’ve instead been stringent about safety with day before weigh ins.

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  13. mike kent says:

    What channed is this on ? I’m twice as interested in this card then the ufc tonight . What a amazing line up :)
    That sucks for kru jeff and I can only imagen how dissapointed he must feel . From the time I started training muay thai I have always looked up to him and his team. I got to train in one of his classes that he taught when he was in nova Scotia once when I was just starting and he’s as intelligent and great of a instructor as he is a fighter in the ring

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  14. Robin Black says:

    Mike its on FREE and LIVE.

    Its 7:45 est (8:45 your time, right?) and its gonna be great.

    Top 5 fights are mind-blowing, and lotsa wicked young fighters under.

    Pumped. Absolutely stoked.

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  15. David Runnely says:

    I would fight Jeff Harrison I’m 148.5 Pounds my current record is 1-0 in MMA training out of Toronto. But I guess its too late now!

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  16. booboo says:


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  17. Evan says:

    Your point of view Robin, Same day or 24 hour weigh ins?

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  18. Jordan says:

    Karma eh remi? Learn to shut your mouth
    In the future!!!

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  19. Gunner says:

    Not sure what your saying Jordan…… as much as i dislike weight misses Remi admitted above he missed weight before then said he ensured he did what he could so the fight went forward….. then he missed weight this weekend (shame on him spank spank) but the fight did indeed still go forward and well he got demoralized in the effort but none the less it went forward..

    not liking weight miss but just not seeing where remi went wrong when he admitted he went wrong in weight miss before

    okay i need water, sleep, bed, kids wakey soon me tired

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  20. Gunner says:

    oh and please Remi,,,” you go sit in box,,,feel shame for two minutes”,,,den come back an you play the hackey game

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  21. Robin Black says:

    you go sit in box,,,feel shame for two minutes”,,,den come back an you play the hackey game

    I like ^^^^ this.

    No one wishes anyone ill will when they miss weight. You hope they perform well.

    Its just mandatory to bitch about it in public for a bit on weigh in day.

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