Instinct MMA 2 Play-by-Play


Sebastien Chenier made the trek to Quebec City to catch Instinct MMA’s second show. Here is his play-by-play of the main card:

Pete Spratt vs Martin Grandmont (170lbs)
Rd. 1. Grandmont with an outside leg kick to get things started. Grandmont with a head kick soundly blocked by his opponent. Spratt with a body kick attempt but falls on his behindm however he manages to get back up. Spratt catches Grandmont wit a jab as he is coming in but the French Canadian recovers. Grandmont with a body kick. Spratt attempts a takedown but Grandmont sprawls and rwards his opponent with some short punches for his efforts. Grandmont with a straight right that pops Spratt in the face but the American counters with a left hook of his own that has Grandmont fall to his back as the round comes to an end. Close round
Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 for Pete Spratt

Rd. 2. Grandmont with some outside leg kicks but the American doesn’t seem to be phased. Spratt catches a body kick from grandmont but the French Canadian pops his leg out of the hold before being thrusted to the canvas. Grandmont attempts an inside leg kick and Spratt complains of a low kick but takes little time to recover. The fighters are up against the fence and Spratt manages to take Grandmont down and into half guard. Grandmont walks the fence and gets back up. But the stand up results in a nightmare for Grandmont as Spratt dirty boxes with some right uppercuts to Grandmont’s mug. The Canadian falls to the canvas and Spratt follows it up with some sound ground and pound that forces referee Philippe Chartier to put an end to the fight.
Pete Spratt defeats Martin Grandmont by TKO (Strikes) in Round 2, 4:00

Patrick Vallée vs. Brandon Thatch (170lbs)
Rd. 1. The fight ended almost as soon as it started. Vallée with a flying knee attempt that was met by a right uppercut from Thatch. The American then followed it up with several more punches and the referee was forced to put an end to the fight when the Frenchman went limp.
Brandon Thatch wins by TKO in Round 1, 0:15

Ricky Goodall vs. Derek Gauthier (155lbs)
Rd 1. Gauthier sticks his jab into Goodall early on and dictates the pace. Gauthier with a thudding outside leg kick but Goodall catches him coming in with a cross. Gauthier charges forward with a double leg takedown but his opponent manages to get back up to his feet. Goodall with a few inside leg kicks of his own. Gauthier attempts a high kick but it is caught by Goodall who then shrugs him to the ground. Fight back on its feet and Goodall with successive crosses find their mark but Gauthier counters with his own right cross that stops his opponent’s onslaught. Goodall with a cross that lands on Gauthierw ho is now bloodied. Goodall with some knees to Gauthier’s midsection as the round comes to an end.
Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 for Ricky Goodall

Rd. 2. Both fighters standing toe to toe. Goodall with a right cross that drops Gauthier but the French Canadian stands back up. Gauthier attempts a spinning back fist but Goodall ducks under it. Gauthier unable to find his range as Goodall is beating him to the punch. Gauthier with a sidekick that backs his opponent up but Goodall countering with stiff rights.
Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 for Ricky Goodall

Rd. 3. Both fighters exchange jabs but Goodall lands his. The French Canadian with a double leg takedown that the Halifax native stuffs. Gauthier catches a kick and delivers a right cross to Goodall but nothing effective comes of it. Gauthier looking like the fancier stand up fighter but Goodall showing better boxing. Goodall now bleeding under his left eye. Gauthier with a superman punch that catches air. The fighters exchange brief spurts of punches but the round comes to an end.
Topmmanews scores the round 10- 9 for Ricky Goodall.
Ricky Goodall defeats Derek Gauthier by Split Decision (29-28, 28-29. 29-28)

Waylon Lowe vs. Tim Wadsworth (145lbs)
Rd. 1. Both fighters pawing at each other and trying to feel each other out early on. Wadswoth diving for a single leg but Lowe defends it. Lowe with a short right hook connects but Wadsworth pops right back up, but that is short lived. Lowe delivers a hard overhand right to Wadsworth’s noggin that knocks him out.
Waylon Lowe defeats Tim Wadsworth by KO in Round 1, 2:51

Evan Nedd vs. Todd Stoute (205lbs)
Rd. 1. Stoute comes out charging and takes the centre of the ring. Both fighters tentative and waiting for the other to commit. Stoute with an outside leg kick and Nedd responds with a flurry but nothing comes of it and they find themselves once again at the centre of the ring. Both fighters circling endlessly. Nedd taunting Stoute so the Torontonian throws a jab and Nedd responds with a flurry. Stoute with a cross that that smacks his opponent in the face who then replies with a few hooks of his own. Nedd backs Stoute up against the cage with some punches but it is Stoute who has his opponent crumbling to the ground with a jab right as the round comes to an end. Nedd bounces back instantaneously so it cannot be a knockout.
Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 for Todd Stoute

Rd. 2. Both fighters take the center and exchange single strikes hoping to bait each other into committing for the counter. Stoute very light on his feet and circling Nedd. Stoute with a jumping roundhouse kick soundly blocked by the Aruba native. Nedd blitzes forward with some jabs and crosses but Stoute retreats out of harm way. Nedd charges forward and lands a good left round house kick to Stoute’s midsection but fails to follow it up. Stoute with a superman punch that misses its mark. Nedd with an outside leg kick and follows it up with a hook as the round comes to an end.
Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 for Evan Nedd

Rd. 3. Nedd continuing as the aggressor with low kicks and crosses that have Stoute backing up. Stoute telegraphs a takedown attempt that Nedd defends and both fighters pressed against the cage. They break off the cage and Stoute lands a knee that Nedd absorbs like a champ. Nedd looking gassed and Stoute is clearly still fresh. Nedd attempts a high kick but is off balance and falls. Stoute pounces and throws hammer fists and Nedd turtles up. The Canadian throws knees to the body and mixes it up with punches to the side of Nedd’s head but the Aruba native muscles his way back up to his feet. With ten seconds left, Nedd attempts a final flurry but it’s too little too late.
Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 Todd Stoute
Todd Stoute defeats Evan Nedd by Unanimous Decision (29-28×3)

Shawn Pauliuk vs Joël Thériault
Rd. 1 Pauliuk attempts a high kick that is blocked by Theriault. The French Canadian former hockey goon catches his opponent as he is coming in with a left cross followed by an uppercut. Pauliuk crashes to the mat in a clear cut KO win for Theriault. Pauliuk remains on the mat for several minutes as he is examined by medical personnel but manages to leave on his own accord.
Joel Theriault defeats Shawn Pauliuk by KO in Round 1, 0:21

Stephan Lamarche vs. Guillaume Lamarche (155lbs)
Rd 1. Stephan attempts a high kick that is soundly blocked by his opponent. Guillaume with a jab-cross high kick combination that is also blocked but has his supporters buzzing. Stephan lunges forward to tie up his opponent but is reversed and finds himself on his back. Guillaume easily passes from half guard to side mount but Stephan regains guard. A scramble ensues and Guillaume takes Stephan’s back and works for the choke but Stephan defends soundly. Stephan manages to spin his way into Guillaume’s guard and is now in the favorable position. Guillaume very active with his guard and attempts an armbar but lets go and switches to the triangle. It’s almost locked in but Stephan pops out of it as the round comes to and end.
Topmmanews scores the first round 10-9 for Guillaume Lamarche

Rd. 2. It doesn’t take long before Stephan falls on his back in a scramble. Guillaume working his top game and passes to side control and then mount. Lamarche instantly gives his back and Guillaume once again gives his back and defends the choke but manages to spin around and into Guillaume’s guard much like in the first round. Guillaume throws his legs up for the triangle but can’t seal the deal. Guillaume looks to mount his opponent but the Bergeron student reverses and is now on top and in half guard before getting mount. Stephan once again giving his back and the round comes to an end.
Topmmanews scores second the round 10-9 for Guillaume Lamarche

Rd 3. Stephan with an overhand right that misses and then ties up with Guillaume. Guillaume trips his opponent but Stephan locks up a Guillotine as he falls. It’s tight and Guillaume is forced to tap.
Stephan Lamarche wins by submission (guillotine) at 0:22 of round 3

Guido Carlo (255lbs) vs. Anthony Alirez (265lbs)
Rd. 1 Carlo machine gunning leg kicks that has Alirez backing up. Finally, Carlo chops his larger opponent down with two more leg kicks and follows it up with a punch that ends the fight early in the first.
Guido Carlo wins by TKO (leg kicks) at 1:05 of round 1

Anselmo Gutierrez defeats Stephan Pinet by TKO in Round 1, 0:38
Sebastien Gauthier defeats Bruce Nelson by TKO in Round 1, 0:30
Brad Morgan defeats Chris Boisvert by TKO (Slam, injury) in Round 1, 4:55
Alexandre Gauthier defeats Ken MacLeod by TKO in Round 1, 0:40
Frank Marques submits Maxime Fecteau by Guillotine in Round 1, 3:41


7 Responses to “ Instinct MMA 2 Play-by-Play ”

  1. Robin Black says:

    Ricky Goodall took his internet abuse from computer nerds (like me) for missing weight and put it into passion and drive and got after it in this fight.

    Good on you. Congrats on a hard fought 15 minutes.

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  2. Robin Black says:

    15 gutsy minutes is tough under any circumstances.
    Be proud of that fatty.

    (I am only kidding. no one should mock a guy after a tough 15 minute war. Congrats.)

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  3. showtying says:


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  4. Lol thanks Robin, and again I apologize for missing weight again. I won’t be accepting any fights at a class that I am not well within reach at the time of accepting it. I hope I put on a show for everyone.

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  5. evan blakely says:

    congrats ricky

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  6. harry balls says:

    completely unprofessional. a huge miss and an insult to Gauthier.
    Secondly, Ken MacLeod seems like a very nice guy. But he did not intelligently defend himself in any way, shape, or form. His face was pretty fucked up the next day. It’s an accident waiting to happen.

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  7. Ricky Goodall says:

    Harry Balls:

    I agree, and admitted it several times. Twice in 13 fights is not something I’m proud of and as I mentioned I won’t accept a fight at that weight until I am walking around much closer.

    In my defense, however, Gauthier is a great fighter and although I was heavier there was no point where that weight was directly used to win the fight. I didn’t lay on top of him or use it to my advantage other than having a few lbs behind my punches.

    I have personally had to GAIN weight on weigh in days to fight many times in weight classes I was far too small for, and I have won, and I believe this is happened in many fights all the way to the UFC championship level (Frankie Edgar, for example).

    It’s no excuse, but a fight is a fight and a win is a win, but I can promise this won’t happen again from me.

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