Instinct MMA 2 Weigh-In Results


Instinct MMA is holding their second show in Quebec City. Fans in the neighbourhood should pick up some tickets at Admission. The event will also be available on PPV.

Here are the official results of the Instinct MMA 2 Weigh-ins:

Pete Spratt (170.4) vs Martin Grandmont (169.8)
Patrick Vallée (169.6) vs Brandon Thatch (170.2)
Waylon Lowe (146.0) vs Tim Wadsworth (144.8)
Ricky Goodall (164.4)* vs Derek Gauthier (156.0)
Shawn Pauliuk (204.4) vs Joël Thériault (249.0)
Evan Nedd (205.2) vs Todd Stoute (203.4)
Stephan Lamarche (154.2) vs Guillaume Lamarche (154.8)
Guido Carlo (245.4) vs Anthony Alirez (267.2)
Anselmo Gutierrez (207.6) vs Stéphane Pinet (199.8)
Bruce Nelson (209.6) vs Sébastien Gauthier (208.2)
Brad Morgan (173.0)* vs Chris Boisvert (169.6)
Frank Marques (136.8)* vs Maxime Fecteau (136.0)
Ken McLeod (167.2) vs Alexandre Gauthier (169.4)

* over weight limit

62 Responses to “ Instinct MMA 2 Weigh-In Results ”

  1. HomeWrecker says:

    What’s with this Can missing weight again!

    You can’t sign a contract and then blame it on not knowing your body?

    If you have such a good team, you should know what you are capable of. I assume they are can’s also.

    Either way, isn’t this UFC’s Pierson’s biggest win?

    Weights in Quebec appear to be optional.

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  2. I would think that Sean Pierson’s biggest win is Matt Riddle.

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  3. TSM says:

    Ricky you should start to look at doing catch weights until you figure out a proper diet to get down to 155, just work your way down. I personally woupd not want any of my guys taking this fight with the opponent 9 pounds over. Unless we agreed on a weight he could not go over for the fight. MeNing the opponent had to weigh in before the fight and could not be over or fight is off, which would stop him from coming in like you said Robin at 180-185.

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  4. james says:

    all i know is robin reminds me of a bit of a dick in his interviews and the way he stands there nodding his head and his face. fuck i don’t but he goes ya ya exactly ya fuck i’d love to see someone to put him in his place during an interview.

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  5. Bobby Karimi says:

    Robin’s a great guy

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  6. mike kent says:

    Lmao at I assume there team is cans . Its always the people that don’t post there names . Ricky is a great fighter from a successful team and fucked up by taking a fight at a weight he can’t make. He will take his heat from people on here and from us his teamates but to call him a can when he’s fought ufc vets and other great fighters and his call his teamates cans . Why don’t you shut the fuck up or post your name coward and then bash fighters.everyone is upset with ricky and he deserves flack but you just sound like your stuck on stupid

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  7. Robin Black says:

    I spoke with Ricky online.

    He really does get it now. Getting wailed on on the internet by us nerds is part of the crap that happens when you miss by alot.

    He does get it and it sounds like he’s going to be in great shape and a force at 170 in the future.

    Best of luck Ricky.

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  8. lenny says:

    ricky is a gamer hats off to him he is on a good role but thats twice he missed weight by alot and it sux for the opponent

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  9. Unzelle says:

    Sucks that Ricky missed weight and I take my hat off to him for having a great fight. He sure put up with a lot of abuse on several forums. At least he learned from his mistakes just like we all do in life……..

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  10. Robin Black says:

    Ricky certainly does fight with a lot of heart. A 15 minute battle with a tough guy in enemy territory takes heart.

    When a guy misses weight by a lot, taking some lumps to his rep (in my opinion) is part of the penalty you face.

    He took em and he went in and fought like a warrior.

    Really great to see him go in there and make it an awesome fight.

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  11. Matt MacGrath says:

    Unfortunately I did miss weight my last fight. BY 2 LBS. lol OMG Its a far cry from 9. LOL I never write on these walls but when I see my name I feel I have to add something. I missed weight by a small bowel movement not an entire extremity; 9lbs OMG. Anyway. No fighter will refuse the fight if another fighter misses weight. 1st they want to fight and second they don’t get paid unless they fight. However, Derrick could have refused. It’s not like the fight was a walk in the park. Rick won by decision. When I first thought about fighting 170 when I began my career I did a test cut and that’s how I knew I could make it. Did this ever take place for Ricky. I dunno. But I doubt it. No disrespect to Ricky or anyone else. Don’t want to read my name again guys. Thx. Oh and another note If I miss weight again I will retire. Whoever BCMMAFAN is you probably have no idea what it’s like to make weight or miss weight. You probably sit on the couch eating chips or drinking beer watching Spike or the score and spending half your pay check on ppv events. When I leave a message I sign my name because I am a man a very proud honourable onewho know what its like to fight. Who knows what its like to cut 20 lbs in one night and knows how it feels to miss weight. So sir before you write my name again maybe you should spend half as much time as I have in the gym. Have a good one boys.

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  12. Gunner says:

    Hey lets not start bashing guys who sit on the couch eating chips and drinking beer LOTS of beer… and i love THE SCORE… and unfortunatly my wife spends my cheques before i can buy my ppv porn

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