The Ultimate Fighter 14 – Episode 10 Recap


Who will make it to the finale on Saturday? We’ll find out on this last episode.

We start off in the gym and John Dodson is training and Johnny Bedford is watching his every step. Bedford also reminds us that he chose Dodson because he was a snitch. Bedford thinks he is too big and strong for Dodson. Dodson he can beat Bedford anywhere and he feels he should push the pace.

Dustin Pague thinks Bedford will win the fight. Brimage thinks Dodson has what it takes.

The two square off and Bedford looks a foot taller than Dodson.

Johnny Bedford vs John Dodson
R1. Trading of leg kicks to start and Bedford lands the first combo. He shoots and Dodson shrugs it off. A clinch and Dodson scores. Knee by Dodson and Bedford wraps him up but Dodson escapes. Left by Bedford lands. Leg kick by Dodson. Another leg kick. Bedford lands some knees in the clinch but Dodson strikes back hard with a left. Bedford gets him down for a second but Dodson bounces back up but eats a knee. Dodson lands a solid body shot. Good exchange by both. Another knee by Dodson and a jab lands. Body shot by Bedford. Body kick by Dodson scores and he catches a kick and sweeps Bedford to the ground and lands a kick.
Top MMA News scores the close round 10-9 Bedford. Funny…before commercial Bedford says he thinks he lost the round to his corner.

R2. Trading of leg kicks again and Bedford lands. Bedford catches a kick and the two trade strikes. Body shot by Dodson. Left uppercut rocks Bedford and Dodson lands a couple shots on the ground and Bedford is out.
John Dodson defeats Johnny Bedford by KO in Round 2

Dodson advances to the TUF 14 Bantamweight finale, while Bedford thinks he is in Ohio.

Diego Brandao and Bryan Caraway are shown training now. Brandao was the number pick by Bisping and he says he has some flying knees for Caraway.

Caraway is ‘bananas’ says Miller. Caraway is contemplating quitting MMA and he says he threw up 30 times before 33 fights. Mayhem tries supporting him as best he can. Miller says Caraway has the skills to win. Caraway says thoughts of losing consume him and he does not sound too convincing when talking one-on-one with the camera.

Miller and Bisping bet $100 on their fighters.

Last night in the house and the guys are partying. Miller is BMXing in the house and into the pool. Beer pong is played.

Brandao says an angel is with him and told him he will be in Brazil helping families this Christmas. He says he is stronger in his head and in his heart. Caraway is worried about the fight. He thinks they are the two best guys in the house.

Bryan Caraway vs Diego Brandao
R1. Left by Caraway and he shoots. Nothing doing. Caraway shoots again and Brandao stuffs him. Clinch and a knee by Caraway. Leg kick by Brandao, who throws everything with bad intentions. Right by Diego. Left by Caraway scores. Jab by Caraway followed by a Diego leg kick. Caraway shoots and misses and eats a right and left for his failed attempt. Hard leg kicks by Diego and a right. Left by Diego and a flying knee and a right drops Caraway. Ground and pound by Diego from Caraway’s full guard. Hammer fists and Caraway stands. He get dropped again and Mulhall almost trips over the two trying to get in position. Caraway is scrambling and falls and Brandao throws some punches while he is on the ground and its stopped.
Diego Brandao defeats Bryan Caraway by TKO (Strikes) in Round 1

Bisping says Diego will win the Finale and become a big star in the UFC.

The Finale will have:

Bantamweight Finale
TJ Dillashaw vs John Dodson

Featherweight Finale
Diego Brandao vs Dennis Bermudez

Of course, Bisping will fight Mayhem as well.

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  1. Jamie Locke says:

    A) I would have enjoyed this episode a bit more if Bisping didn’t let the results slip on Inside MMA on Monday night.

    B) Both stoppages were late, those guys took too many shots after the lights were out…..

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  2. Billy Smith says:

    Ya, i only caught the second fight, and he was out on his feet for a while.

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