RITC 45 Results – Bongfeldt Wins


Canada’s oldest promotion, Rumble in the Cage, is holding its 45th show in Lethbridge tomorrow.

Here are the results:

Jesse Bongfeldt submits Brandon MacArthur by Guillotine in Round 2, 1:34
Brad Cardinal defeats Tim Skidmore by TKO (GNP) in Round 1, 1:16
Brandt Dewsbery defeats Joe Gobiel by KO in Round 1, 1:06
Spencer Rohovie defeats Bruno Capdeville by TKO (Strikes) in Round 1, 4:49
Curtis Demarce defeats Peter Neufeld by TKO (Unanswered Blows) in Round 1, 4:55
Layne McTaggart defeats Rob Roy by Unanimous Decision

Kickboxing Match
Mitch Pearson defeats Brendan Blacquier by KO (Right Hook) in Round 2, 0:54

Amateur MMA
Brittany Franz submits Erin McDougall by Standing Guillotine in Round 1, 1:48
Aaron Barr submits Adam Kaupp by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 1:46
Scott Tranborg submits Steve Hoydola by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 1:50
Zamir Safi submits Charles Haskett by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 1:24
Maddy Mejia submits Josh Strate by Arm Bar in Round 1, 1:34
Josh Goodheart submits Chris Darula by Guilllotine in Round 1, 3:11
Nathan Harrison submits Khalil Azizi by Triangle in Round 1, 1:31
Adam Wills defeats Ryan Foster by Majority Decision
Keegan Cassell submits Cornelius Krahn by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 1:07
Vincent Lamy submits Dave Sternberg by Guillotine Choke in Round 1, 1:15

31 Responses to “ RITC 45 Results – Bongfeldt Wins ”

  1. Mike Davis says:

    Brutal to hear Erin you still Rock !!!! Get it next time

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  2. Tim Ford says:

    How can any real Comission allow this fight Jesse Bongfeldt submits Brandon MacArthur. Unreal.

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  3. Dustin Martinson says:

    Tim, Brandon MacArthur actually dropped Bongfeldt in the first round. He gave him some trouble.

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  4. Mike Davis says:

    MacArthur when he trains is a dangerous fighter

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  5. DeViLBoY says:

    Wow, how suprising… Bongfeldt, Cardinal, and Dewsberry all won… I went 3 for 3 on this card… hell I bet everyone picked those 3 correctly.

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  6. Big Win says:

    Glad to see Bongfeldt back on the ruining track, a lil sad we didn’t see upset of the year though lol

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  7. Fake Phil Baroni says:

    lol skidmore is on my p4p list..whats his record these days 1-20

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  8. Cody Rempel says:

    Skidmore posted on Facebook today that he’s retiring.

    “I’m fuckin retired !!! Um done fighting champions that I can’t beat !!! There is a reason they are champions !!!!!”

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  9. Cj Saftic says:

    lol good old Tim Skidmore, interesting time to retire, he’s 3-20 and hasn’t won since 2008. I’ll give him one thing he did fight a lot of tough guys on the Canadian circuit.

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  10. dwightsmith76 says:

    how bout skidmore vs mcarthur ha ha 3-20 vs 6-18 lol

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  11. Bobby Karimi says:

    McArthur would smash him bad

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  12. brandon says:

    Hey dwight how about u verse me lol see who laughs after

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  13. brandon says:

    Hey bobby you know of any shows looking for a good heavyweight hes 3-1 pro any january time

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  14. Anonymous says:

    Brandon’s record may not look good but he’s a tough fight for anyone at 170-185. And good for Brandon taking the fight! Perhaps shame on the Commission yes but Jesse too?

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  15. mike kent says:

    Brandons way tougher then his record makes him look and can give anyone a good fight . I don’t think anyone thinks he’s a bum but for Jesse to accept this fight I’d rediculous. I know why Brandon accepted the fight he’s a game fighter and its a win/win for him . This fight had no positives for hum . He’s fighting someonewith a terrible record that’s unranked nationally after just being unfairly cut from the ufc . He should have fought a ranked guy and then it would have been back to the big show for him or atleast a lot closer .

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  16. Brando says:

    I would love to see bongfeldt vs Luke Harris. That is a great main event in my opinion.

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  17. caveman bully says:

    Brandon was a last minute replacement for Jesse and he needs to stay active that’s why he took the fight plus Jesse loves fighting who wants to wait even longer to fight.Jesse’s original opponent was from Renzo Grazie’s team. I’m sure Jesse will get better fights offered to him!

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  18. murango says:

    How about demarce vs neufeld? Demarce has so much skill,heart and grit n toughness to be fighting on these shows especially to a guy with not even. A quarter his experience, these match ups were horrible

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  19. DEKADE says:

    To my knowledge the fighters have the final say to whether they fight the opponent chosen for them….a win over a bigger name is a bigger accomplishment…..I’d like to say I’ve fought mein…but if I did,i probably wouldn’t physically be able to actually say it…

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  20. mike kent says:

    I really don’t care who people fight but you know there is terrible match ups on your card when this site could have published the quick results for the last 4 fights two weeks ago !

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  21. Hacksaw Blacquier says:

    i thought it was an awesome night of scrappin apart from getting ko’d lots of great talent fighting last night and the bonger b-mac fight was excellent brandon had em in trouble at times back and forth fight. love the rumble always will best time in lethbridge always

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  22. brandon says:

    Is wasnt rediculous for jesse to fight me. And he sure as shit didnt win the fight two weeks ago. Grow up. This is mma not a sopopera like days of our lives. It was a wicked night of fights a really good event and some wickkes fights. Lee knows what hes doing. …

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  23. brandon says:

    And hacksaw your kickboxing match was wicked buddddy.

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  24. mike kent says:

    yeah brandonm i really dont mean any disrepsct to you . i know you a tough opponent . i just dont see what jesse had to gain from taking this fight. If you knock him out its a bad loss and if he wins its not a huge win that is gonna garner him any exposer. its just a dangerous fight for him and not a huge step forward ! and i may be bitter because we asked for the fight 6 weeks ago and got turned down lol! didnt mean to insult you man i know your a tough fight for anyone

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  25. hawkes says:

    I was sitting with bongfeldt in medicine hat when he found out he was fighting brandon. He doesn’t pick the opponent, him manager Lee Mien does. And Jesse takes brandon seriously as he should. Brandon just came off a big win over dan chambers, which makes him worthy of taking on Jesse.

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  26. mike kent says:

    Lol who cares who picked the fight . Jesse is the cream of the crop of 185ers in canada and he should be fighting guys like cote, doerkson( might be teamates), Harris ,Jason MacDonald. Those are amazing fights outside of the ufc for him . Anyway Jesse is a beast . Brandon is a really tough guy and will win lots of fights so I’m done . Ill mind my business . Sorry

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  27. Advin Omic says:

    Brandon is tough as nails and has a ton of skill. If he faught at a good weight he’d dominate dudes. 155 or 170 max Brandon! Out whole camp thought it was a dangerous fight for Jesse. 155 brandon! Chicken n yams buddy! Haha

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  28. McDooogs says:

    Brandon and Jesse are both fn awesome. Props to both!
    Im sure we would all love to see Jesse fight guys like Cote, but it’s not like budget wouldn’t play into that being a deciding factor… Ya know? Other things to consider. :)
    Brandon you rock dude! Always love seeing you. :) And Hacksaw, buddy, you owe me ice cream ;)
    Congrats to all the RITC fighters. Regardless of the critics, we all came and did what we love to do!

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  29. brandon says:

    155 never make it and 170 when i have a while to cut i walk at 200 in shape not dieting so ya i lost but definately did not feel over powered or out matched and cardio fealt good 85s ok and im gonna turn shit around. Nothing more to say to this. Erin you are awesome and looked great out there just got caught ill see u guys in lethy soon gonna come out there to train a bit forsure.

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  30. Hacksaw Blacquier says:

    ice cream when ever dude!!! gimme a buzz when you get back from t-dot and we’ll so we can smash liquor ice cream!!! woooo

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  31. mma.fan says:

    Rumble is sick and they definitely know what they’re doing. That card was stacked from top to bottom. Amateur was solid some kid threw a flying triangle, the kickboxing match had a crazy KO and the main event could have gone either way, much respect to all the fighters

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