Evolution FC 11 Weigh In Results


Evolution Fighting Championships is holding their 11th event tomorrow night in Cold Lake, Alberta. Joe Keesick and Blair Oster both came in overweight and will forfeit 20% of their purse. In amateur action, Lyle Clearsky also came in overweight but the bout will go ahead with 9lbs being the maximum weight discrepancy allowed. William Hatch weighed in 10lbs over the contract weight of 205lbs and because his opponent only came in at 188lbs, the bout has been cancelled as the maximum allowable weight difference was been exceeded.

Weigh In Results:
160lbs- Josh Machan (160.4) vs. Nick Heynen (160.4)
155lbs- Joe Keesick (162.6) vs. Jonathan Cowan (153.8)
145lbs- Blair Oster (149.2) vs. Desmond Johnson (145.8)
185lbs- Travis Cloud (183.8) vs. Tyler O’Brien (181.6)
205lbs- Nolan Cairns (188.4) vs. William Hatch (216) *Cancelled*
160lbs- Sean Wagner (153.6) vs. Andrew McInnes (160.6)
145lbs- Parwez Ghulam (145.2) vs. Chris Shorrock (146)

145lbs- *Hossein Zahiriabianeh (144) vs. Lyle Clearsky (153)

*Amateur MMA

59 Responses to “ Evolution FC 11 Weigh In Results ”

  1. Bobby Karimi says:

    Wow there’s some full blown retards fighting. Some commission please smash these 2 guys with a ban!

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  2. jesse says:

    how does so many people miss weight? these are pro fights right?

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  3. George Carlos says:

    Nice to see Chris Shorrock take a last minute fight and make weight when these other clowns come in way over and probably had weeks to cut weight ..Unreal!!!

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  4. Richard says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  5. Gunner says:

    Bobby is no QB he sucks at football but he is THE batman, and also a small point BK does not sign a contract to make a here said weight on a given day and then fail horribly so this court wishes to dismiss the claim that him having no previous weight cutting experience or athletic ability as inadmissible to the court!

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  6. L-Boutin says:

    Bobby’s right, these guys missing by 4,7 and 10 Lbs didn’t even care to come close. There’s really no defending them. Hopefully commission’s start suspending these guys. Super unprofessional. A fine isn’t enough anymore.

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  7. DeViLBoY says:

    I gotta agree with Bobby…. even though hes never cut weight before I bet you he could make it inside 10 pounds of a contracted weight on his first try!

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  8. Mike says:

    I’m sure Richard is one of these guys that signs contracts and can’t make weight. It’s unprofessional and disrespectful to not make weight. To miss by .2 or .6 still isn’t right however shows a true effort was put in, to mis by full digits is wrong. Most fighters would agree cutting weight is the toughest part about the fight. And for the record Bobby has been involved in more weight cutting situations than most fighters. So when Richard decides to sign a contract and needs some advice or assistance cutting weight feel free to apologize and beg for forgiveness than maybe bobby could help you. Signed Mike Froese (never missed weight, never will)

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  9. Gunner says:

    Mike you chubby guys have easy weight cuts xoxoxo

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  10. Bobby Karimi says:

    Richard, I actually have cut weight numerous times, a few times so severly that it’s left me in bad physical shape.

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  11. Bobby Karimi says:

    I’m better than Gunner in Football, maybe for only a minute or two but I’d wipe the floor with him for a min or two.

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  12. Bobby Karimi says:

    Thanks Mike, Mike’s one of the best weight cutting machines in Canada.

    And Richard if you ever need some albolene or something to help you or one of your slugs cut weight, send me message I had a few new jars brought up.

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  13. Sean Quinn says:

    Just wanted to let you know I am here and reading all about this shit. I have nothing to say though.
    Because this is too fucking retarded.
    And leave Ricky Bobby Karimi alone.

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  14. Robin Black says:


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  15. Sheldon says:


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  16. Blackout says:

    thats a whole lotta missed weight….. O’Brien, Cloud fight should still be good though. Knockout of the night honors to the winner I’d bet.

    And ofcourse Nick Heynen. Victory will come to him in some way shape or form, im confident in that. Wasn’t Clemence supposed to fight as well? I was really looking forward to that bout, whoever his opponent would have been.

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  17. Bobby Karimi says:

    Clemence’s opponent decided to not show up.

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  18. Blackout says:

    I think I heard of this… Gerald Okanee, right? That guy always does that shit… like why fucking sign the contract if you’re not even gonna show up. And there are no more excuses for this guy, he does this EVERY TIME.

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  19. mmawarrior says:

    why does mcinnes and keesick get such huge weight allowances, couple of pussies.

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  20. Tyler Clemence says:

    Just so it is all cleared up here, apparently Gerald was saying his opponent backed out, which is not true. I am sitting in Col Lake right now. The morning of the weigh ins I got a phone call from the promotors stating that Gerald made his 13 year old daughter call the promotion for him to say he would not be there. Gerald pulled out the morning of weigh ins with no excuse, as he has done before in the past. I was in Cold Lake, on weight, contract signed, and ready to fight today.

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  21. Bobby Karimi says:

    Tyler even dyed his cool mohawk blue. Damn! :)

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  22. Sam says:

    Joe keesick and william hatch are a complete disgrace to the sport

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  23. McInnes says:

    My fight was at 160 lbs. My opponent showed up light, not me heavy.. Bunch of internet Jabronis

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  24. BDC says:

    Mcinnes did i miss something who da fuck is talkin bout your weight…jabroni

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  25. McInnes says:

    Mmawarrior said it, penis breath

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  26. AMLEHTC says:

    I think the real issue is that William hatch came in 14 lbs overweight and wouldn’t cut anymore and the fight was canceled

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  27. McInnes says:

    That fight was supposed to be at 185, so he was 31 lbs over.. My fight was signed for 160 since day 1.

    You guys can talk shit about me all you want, i don’t want to be liked, but atleast get your facts straight.

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  28. BDC says:

    Empty the cum out of you ass n make lightweight end of story. And its one dude sayin it not the article.

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  29. BDC says:

    Guys shouls pick a division and meet it. Cut weight or dont. None of this lightweight fighting welterweights. I get the catchweight reasoning but the guys gotta be close to the same weights.

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  30. McInnes says:

    And that was the one post i was responding to, idiot.

    You’re right. I should have made sure my guy didn’t come in under weight.. Thats my fault lol. Why don’t you give the match maker a call and give him shit? if you knew anything about competing at all, you wouldn’t be making these retarded statements.

    This site has a lot of big mouth, internet tough guys that are quick on the trigger to bash any thing and anyone. You’re pathetic and i feel sorry for you.

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  31. Donald Duck says:

    This site has the proper amount of ‘interweb toughness’ as per CRTC guidelines.

    For the record you’re the dipshit that raised a thread that had been dead almost a year. Did it take you that long to think about what you wanted to say? Will you now go away for another 11 months and ponder some sort of witty banter with which to dazzle and amaze?


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  32. McInnes says:

    Mitch Clarke only told me about this website a few weeks ago.

    If you two ever accomplish anything in the sport that you spend so much time yapping about, ill be sure yo congratulate you. I won’t hold my breath tho.

    Im going to check out the star wars exhibit at the science centre. have a good weekend fellas.

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  33. Donald Duck says:

    LOL – Yeah I’ll have trouble keeping up with your list of accomplishments. Enjoy the Science Centre homie.

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  34. Cam Yallits says:

    Andrews List of Accomplishments:

    2005 Joslins Canadian Open nogi 170lbs Champ

    2005 Joslins Canadian Open gi 3rd

    2006 Greater Toronto Area Championship Champ

    2006 West End Rumble nogi Champ

    2006 Canadian Grappling Assoc. National Championships champ

    2006 Joslins Canadian open 170lbs. Nogi champ

    2006 Grapplers Quest US Nationals 41-man gi absolute 3rd

    2006 Grapplers Quest US Nationals nogi 180 lbs Champ

    2006 NAGA world Championship Nogi champ

    2006 Canadian Grappling association Ontario Grand Prix 170lbs champ

    2006 Bravado absolute champion

    2006 NAGA Battle At The Beach Gi champ

    2006 NAGA Battle At The Beach NoGi champ

    2007 NAGA Ohio Championships GI champ

    2007 NAGA Ohio Championships NoGi champ

    2007 Grapplers Quest North American championships Gi champ

    2007 Grapplers Quest North American championships NoGi 3rd

    2007 Arnold Worlds NoGi champ
    2007 Arnold Worlds Gi champ
    2007 NAGA hawaii Nogi 2nd
    2007 Ontario Grand Prix Champ
    2007 NE grappling Championship Team Champ
    2007 Grapplers Quest North American Championships. Closed division with; Mark Bocek
    2008 Arnold classic absolute division 4th
    2008 MMA Expo Super fight champ
    2008 Grapplers Quest absolute 4th
    2008 Bravado Gi tournament 205 lbs division champ
    2008 Bravado GI absolute absolute champ (closed division with team mate)
    2008 NAGA Florida 170 lbs 3rd
    2008 NAGA Florida Purple belt champ
    2009 NAGA World Cup Purple Belt champ
    2009 NAGA World cup Black belt absolute Champ (closed division with team mate;Henrique Resende)
    2009 Abu Dhabi Pro North American Trials Champion
    2009 Florida Grappling League heavy weight Champ
    2009 IBJJF World Championships middle weight purple belt medalist

    2009 IBJJF World Championships Absolute purple
    belt medalist
    2009 Toronto Open wrestling tournament 2nd

    2010 Arnolds Classic Black Belt 170-220 Champ

    2010 Arnolds Classic Black Belt $1000 Absolute Champ

    2010 Arnolds Classic 180lbs Champ

    2010 Grapplers Quest Europa 8 man pro division medalist

    2010 FILA Canadian world team Trials 1st place

    2010 32-man Open weight showdown 1st place

    2010 Canadian, North American 87kg ADCC Trials champ

    2011 Ontario Open $1000 Brown/ Black absolute Champ

    2011 UFC Grapplers Quest 4 man superfight division competitor (vs. Diego Sanchez)

    2011 Pro mma fight at EFC 11, via technical submission (guilotine)

    Your list of Accomplishments: Failing at trying to lip him off.

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  35. I am going to have to talk with Mitch Clarke about not properly promoting the web site.

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  36. Idolmaker says:

    Here on an mma news site, Andrew mcinnes has a record of 1-1. He also just responded to a comment from last November. He will get the respect that he deserves. Still trying to figure out wtf cam yaltis is????

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  37. Idolmaker says:

    Other than a guy who dangles from Andrew mcinnes’ sack.

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  38. Cody says:

    From what cam stated, if you think your abilities are as good a Andrews, you still might wanna make your game plan to keep it on the feet, pretty legit if you ask any jiu jistu knowledged person. Can ducks write shit down? If not Donald you might wanna not even try keeping a tab on that guy

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  39. Make States says:

    Just another good grappler who got koed in his first fight and will only fightfighters with no wrestling from then on. So many like that he’ll never amount to nothin except mouthin off

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  40. Make States says:

    if you have so many accomplishments you should fight a guy from a good gym with some good skills and shut up

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  41. McInnes says:

    Make states, please list your accomplishments and tell me how well you would do vs chad Laprise? You’re being silly.

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  42. barrie says:

    Wow those are lots of great accomplishments, but this and peiple di strike and we all know what can happen to a roller vs a strikeris mma hmmm.

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  43. barrie says:

    Damn phone.. anyways you got ko’ed and this isnt a grappling tourny its mma the real shit

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  44. cavemanbully says:

    Rooting for you chris!!

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  45. cavemanbully says:

    oh bloody hell this article is from a friggen year ago

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  46. McInnes says:

    Strikers get tapped, grapplers get caught and you jabrons talk about it on a website. Its how the world works.

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  47. Idolmaker says:

    Lol you seem like a fucking tool!!!!

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  48. Just Laughable says:

    I wish i had those credentials then i would not even have to train UFC and i would be a celebrity superstar already.

    Sorry to say but you just sh*t the bed on the theory of true martial artists are classy and level headed.

    You sir are a waste of those one trillion accolades if they are indeed true and not cracker jack box diplomas

    Like someone stated above shut up and if you indeed are that amazing then fight other amazing people and be amazing together

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  49. McInnes says:

    You guys are pathetic and need to stop criticizing people that actually compete and put it on the line. None of your opinions hold any value to me and ill gladly tell you guys when you’re being douche bags.

    Btw Luke Harris, showtime, imperato, Cam y, sheldon wescott,Mitch Clarke and myself would beat up your whole family, wwf survivor series style.

    Goodbye jabronis!

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  50. Cam Yallits says:

    Dibs Rick Rude.

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