Evolution FC 11 Weigh In Results


Evolution Fighting Championships is holding their 11th event tomorrow night in Cold Lake, Alberta. Joe Keesick and Blair Oster both came in overweight and will forfeit 20% of their purse. In amateur action, Lyle Clearsky also came in overweight but the bout will go ahead with 9lbs being the maximum weight discrepancy allowed. William Hatch weighed in 10lbs over the contract weight of 205lbs and because his opponent only came in at 188lbs, the bout has been cancelled as the maximum allowable weight difference was been exceeded.

Weigh In Results:
160lbs- Josh Machan (160.4) vs. Nick Heynen (160.4)
155lbs- Joe Keesick (162.6) vs. Jonathan Cowan (153.8)
145lbs- Blair Oster (149.2) vs. Desmond Johnson (145.8)
185lbs- Travis Cloud (183.8) vs. Tyler O’Brien (181.6)
205lbs- Nolan Cairns (188.4) vs. William Hatch (216) *Cancelled*
160lbs- Sean Wagner (153.6) vs. Andrew McInnes (160.6)
145lbs- Parwez Ghulam (145.2) vs. Chris Shorrock (146)

145lbs- *Hossein Zahiriabianeh (144) vs. Lyle Clearsky (153)

*Amateur MMA

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  1. Cam Yallits says:

    Mcinnes, youre Earthquake.

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  2. Mitch Clarke says:

    Dibs Coco B Ware

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  3. Cam Yallits says:

    Your parrot was cool.

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  4. Mitch Clarke says:

    I know

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  5. Mitch Clarke says:

    Your pants are spandexy

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  6. Cam Yallits says:

    With my own face airbrushed on them.

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  7. Just Laughable says:

    My apologies, first yes our opinions must not mean anything at all LOL coming from the jabroni that brought up a thread from a year ago! But hey you obviously snuggle with showtyme n westcott so I guess your ego and stupidness is some what justified

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  8. McInnes says:

    Im golddust and topmmanews is razor ramon.

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  9. Sheldon says:

    Dibs “super fly” jimmy snuka..

    And just laughable as anyone who’s actually knows me I’ll do anything for my friend and training partners. You keep chilling on the message boards… Hey come by My gym first class is on me.in no way is that even a threat it’s honestly just free. Maybe you will actually learn what your trying to talk about.

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