EFC 11 Play-by-Play


Evolution Fighting Championships is holding their 11th event tomorrow night in Cold Lake, Alberta.  Here is the play-by-play:

Top MMA News Awards:

  • Fight of the Night: Jonathan Cowan win over Joe Keesick. Major comeback by Cowan.
  • Knockout of the Night: Hockey style uppercut by Cloud
  • Submission of the Night:  Tie! 15 second unconscious Guillotine Choke by Andrew Mcinnes and Josh Machan’s Heel Hook.

Joe Keesick vs. Jonathan Cowan
R1. Big hand right misses by Cowan. Keesick lands knee in clinch. Keesick with head kick that’s blocked. Both trading shots that miss in center of cage. Both land leg kicks at the same time. Keesick rushes forward with wild hooks. Fighters clinch, Cowan misses a front kick. Hook lands on Cowan that has him stumbling back. Keesick runs forward and both fighters go down with Keesick landing big elbows to Cowan’s head. Keesick in Cowan’s open guard dropping big hooks. Fighters stand. Big left hook drops Cowan, GNP by Keesick. Stand again. Cowan stopped again by huge left hook, drops hard, and more GNP by Keesick. Keesick steps back as Cowan stands again, clearly hurt. Headkick by Keesick followed by a left hook that drops Cowan once again. Cowan does well getting guard. Keesick with more gnp. They stand again and Cowan is hurt once again by left hook and a big knee to head. Keesick is very tired. Cowan drops from head kick, again gets guard but is hit by more gnp. Cowan reverses him and gets a deep guillotine and rolls to mount. Keesick escapes as rd 1 ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-8 Keesick

R2. Keesick looks very tired. Cowan backs up Keesick with strikes but is met with another left hook. Cowan misses a spinning wheel kick as he’s in too close. They clinch with Cowan going for takedown, but lands on back. Keesick in Cowan’s guard. Keesick being controlled well. Cowan attempts sweep with butterfly guard, no luck. Cowan tries another sweep but Keesick passes to half guard. Keesick looks to be resting a bit. Cowan gets guard back. Creeps up legs on Keesick’s back. Cowan defends. Tries Guillotine but Cowan is out easy. Keesick stands up in Cowan’s guard and lands a good straight right. Great sweep using omoplata by Cowan, but is reversed a second later. Keesick now in side control, Cowan shrimps and manages to get half guard back. Shifts hips and gets full guard back as rd ends. Close as not much offense.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Cowan

R3. Keesick with lots of vaseline on his face. As soon as round starts, Vern Gorman stops fight to wipe vaseline off.  During vaseline stop some dude yelled at Cowan that he hates blue shorts. Cowan shut him up with the classic ‘that’s not what your mom said last night.’ Cowan tells Keesing to “let’s do it”. Cowan looks to be in good shape, cardio is there. Right upper cut lands by Cowan, Keesick tired and not as active. Again left hook lands by Keesick, rights and lefts back up Cowan, Keesick gets single leg, but Cowan has good Guillotine. Keesick looks exhausted and in trouble. Tries to defend but Cowan readjusts. Keesick in deep trouble, gurgling and has to tap out. Great comeback and tons of heart shown by Jeff Cowan.
Jonathan Cowan submits Joe Keesick by Guillotine in Round 3, 1:14

Josh Machan vs. Nick Heynen
R1. Heynen lands straight right. Machan shoots and gets takedown, but rolls to back. Heynen pulls out and stands.
Machan with leg kick, right straight. Left hook hurts Machan and he flops to guard. Machan bleeding. Heynen steps back and lets Machan up. Superman punch and 1 2 backs up Machan. Machan being hurt by strikes, doesn’t like Heynen’s power. Shoots, but Heynen sprawls and backs away. Heynen again backs up Machan with right and left straights. Machan drops down and tries to pull guard. Heynen in side control throws some elbows. Machan tries to establish guard. Machan grabs leg and goes for heel hook. Heynen tries to pull leg out and jump, but goes nowhere. Gets dragged down as Machan has foot tucked in tight. Machan cranks foot and Heynen taps in pain. Big come back.
Josh Machan submits Nick Heynen by Heel Hook in Round 1, 1:48

Machan says nose broke from Heynen strikes and needed a minute to clear his head. Says he wasn’t winning stand up so had to take it down. Thanks many incl. Ryan Machan, Omic who won last night and came, and Jason Bouwmeester who he knows will have amazing pictures.

Mitch Clarke in ring. Fans cheer super loud. A guy yells out he wants to have his kids. He is asked what are his plans in UFC vs Cholish? Clarke says its a secret but he plans on hitting guy with no shirt on when the bell rings. Mentions how rural fans are the best as they enjoy fights. EFC was always great to him and allowed him to fight for and defend a championship. Fans should support local MMA. Clarke states he would like 2nd or 3rd round TKO in ufc debut

Blair Oster vs. Desmond Johnson
R1. Oster with leg kick and Johnson throws hooks to answer. They clinch up against cage. Knees to leg by Johnson. Oster with 2 knees to head of Johnson followed by two uppercuts. Oster slowly wrestles Johnson down but is reversed. Oster seems comfrotable on his back. Oster has Johnson’s arms locked in his full guard. Oster creeping his legs up very slowly, quite obviously going for arm bar or triangle. Johnson totally oblivious to this. Arm bar clasped on by Oster, pops his hips, then rolls over Johnson. Johnson kicks legs in pain. Ref jumps in stopping it. Arm seems hyper extended.
Blair Oster submits Desmond Johnson by Arm Bar in Round 1, 2:02
Oster mentioned there’s a new kid to watch at 145 with EFC champion Greg Welsh sitting ringside

Travis Cloud vs. Tyler O’Brien
R1. Leg kick by O’Brien. Cloud responds with a body kick. Left hook by Cloud lands and he follows it up with leg kick. O’Brien with side kick that is blocked. Cloud lands a side kick and fakes another, then lands a right hook that stops Cloud from throwing for a second. Left hook by Cloud stuns O’Brien but is caught and stunned by left straight as he rushes in. Left hook by Cloud hurts O’Brien and O’Brien is rocked by another hook. O’Brien puts head down and just starts swinging hooks wildly. Cloud remains fairly calm and picks his shots landing straight rights and left and right hooks. O’Brien hurt and turns back and steps away. Cloud follows and unloads 5 right uppercuts in a row on O’Brien, who crumbles to the cage mat face first. Ref steps in to stop the fight as O’Brien is flat on his face. Fun brawl.
Travis Cloud defeats Tyler O’Brien by TKO in Round 1, 2:01

Sean Wagner vs. Andrew McInnes
R1. Wagner with strikes to push McInnes against cage. McInnes jumps into guillotine. Super deep. Wagner collapses almost immediately into McInnes’ guard, McInnes repositions leg for body triangle. Choke is very deep and tight. Wagner limp and ref stops fight as Wagner is unconscious.
Andrew McInnes submits Sean Wagner by Guillotine in Round 1, 0:15
Andrew McInnes says Shane Campbell is canada’s best striker at 155

Parwez Ghulam vs. Chris Shorrock
R1. Shorrock pawing jab, High kick misses. Right by Ghulam lands. Head kick by Ghulam blocked. Body kick by Shorrock countered by right straight left hook combo. Right straight by Shorrock. Fighters circle, Shorrock throws kick but is met with uppercut. Ghulam gets clinch and lands a knee followed by takedown. Shorrock bleeding from left eye. Shorrock manages to get up after eating some gnp. Ghulam with another clinch takedown. Lands in full mount, rains down gnp. Holding cage with right hand. Ref stops fight warns Ghulam for holding cage, stands them up. Shorrock lands a big right hook. Ghulam with spinnging hook kick just missing. Lands a big left hook on Shorrock. Shorrock reeling a bit, both brawling, Shorrock gets hit by a left hook against cage and slowly falling down against cage. A quick flurry by Ghulam gets ref to stop fight. Very exciting, action packed stand up fight. Both showed good muay thai skills.
Parwez Ghulam defeats Chris Shorrock by TKO (Strikes) in Round 1, 3:58
Ghulam says Shorrock was very tough, mentions that every training he gets hit hard by Shane Campbell, so if you can take that, then you can take it from anyone.

Amateur MMA
Hossein Zahiriabianeh vs. Lyle Clearsky
R1. Hossein Zahiriabianeh shoots, stuffed pushed to cage. Hossein Zahiriabianeh jumps for guillotine, pushed down and immediately snaps on a very deep and nasty armbar. Pops hip and Lyle Clearsky screams and looks to be in a lot of pain. Seems like arm broke.
Super impressive display of jits.
Hossein Zahiriabianeh submits Lyle Clearsk by Arm Bar in Round 1, 0:19
Zahiriabianeh says he heard the arm popping many times.

18 Responses to “ EFC 11 Play-by-Play ”

  1. Mike Davis says:

    Yeah Machan that’s a boy!!!!! Red Deer boys cleaned up this weekend 3-0 with 3 main events! Time the team starts getting more credit and notice soon.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 8 Thumb down 3

  2. Brad Wall says:

    Very big congrats to Jonathan Cowan! We’ll deserved victory!

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  3. Tim Ford says:

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  4. jesse says:

    Tim, your a dink.

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  5. DeViLBoY says:

    Gotta start somewhere Tim what you expecting UFC champions?

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  6. Just Sayin' says:

    You’re sooooo cocky Davis. How long have you actually been training in Red Deer???

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  7. josh machan says:

    He has been there long enough to be part of or team

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  8. Blackout says:

    wow. crazy finish by Cloud. too bad for tyler. good one though. too bad for heynen too :(

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  9. Just Sayin' says:

    Josh, isn’t Red Deer like the fourth team Davis has belonged to in just a couple of years? I wouldn’t get too attached to him. LOL

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  10. Tyler Davis says:

    Gotta love haters. Man you life must be Terrible if you just constantly. Follow the actions of a guy u don’t like. Maybe u should adopt a cat to make u less lonely

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  11. Tyler Davis says:

    Congratulations josh

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  12. Tyler Davis says:

    P.s. its me that changes teams often. My work has moved me around latley. So wherever I go I love to train

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  13. brian denniston says:

    mikes a diecent guy “just sayin”, i only get to train one week a month in red deer because i work in camp and i consider it my team there. congrats to all the fighters for gettin in there.

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  14. Mike Davis says:

    No second gym trained in Edsonlast two years now live in Red Deer. What’s wrong with being proud of my team mates that I’ve seen train there asses off lately. You really don’t like me much haha funny stuff

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  15. Mike Davis says:

    And here I thought Bibby was the only person out there with a complete hate on for me.

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  16. Just Sayin' says:

    No Tyler, I don’t follow the actions of Mike solely. Actually, I keep up to date on many fighters. It just so happens that I have seen quite a few fights and your brother happens to have fought at a a few of those. I am just not a fan. My opinion. From the cocky way he enters the ring to standing on an opponent after a win….are just a couple of the things I don’t like. And I thought he trained at more than 2 gyms. At least from photo galleries and sherdog standings that’s what I gathered. I thought he had trained at 2 gyms in Edson, then Edmonton, then Red Deer. If I am incorrect – I am sorry.

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  17. Just Sayin' says:

    Oh, and it is cute how Tyler stands up for his brother all of the time. Maybe you should get a cat too so you would be less lonely haha.

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  18. Tyler Davis says:

    I wish I’m allergic but am considering getting an allergy shot, so I can get one. Lots at the spca already with shots and spayed/nuetered already. Recommended donation of about 200$ can’t wait

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