Rumble in the Cage 45 Weigh-In Results


Canada’s oldest promotion, Rumble in the Cage, is holding its 45th show in Lethbridge tomorrow. Fans in the area can get tickets from TicketLeap. ┬áIf you are outside of Lethbridge, you can still catch the fights on Internet PPV.

Here are the weigh-in results:

Pro Fights:
185lbs- Jesse Bongfeldt (186) vs. Brandon MacArthur (185)
170lbs- Brad Cardinal (164) vs. Tim Skidmore (165)
170lbs- Brandt Dewsbery (167) vs. Joe Gobiel (171)
150lbs- Spencer Rohovie (150) vs. Bruno Capdeville (150)
155lbs- Curtis Demarce (154) vs. Peter Neufeld (155)
155lbs- Layne McTaggart (154) vs. Rob Roy (154)
170lbs- Brendan Blacquier (168) vs. Mitch Pearson (166)

Amateur Fights:
130lbs- Erin McDougall (130) vs. Brittany Franz (130)
185lbs- Adam Kaupp (185) vs. Aaron Barr (184)
145lbs- Steve Hoydola (144) vs. Scott Tranborg (143)
145lbs- Zamir Safi (142) vs. Charles Haskett (135)
145lbs- Maddy Mejia (143) vs. Josh Strate (145)
170lbs- Josh Goodheart (166) vs. Chris Darula (170)
145lbs- Nathan Harrison* (149) vs. Khalil Azizi (146)
155lbs- Adam Wills (158)* vs. Ryan Foster (156)
155lbs- Cornelius Krahn (154) vs Keegan Cassell (153)
130lbs- Dave Sternberg (128) vs. Vincent Lamy (125)

* Over weight limit

5 Responses to “ Rumble in the Cage 45 Weigh-In Results ”

  1. ASSASSIN says:

    Ya! Gonna be a GREAT card! Watch Goodheart, that kids gonna be a wrecker in a few years. He’s Heavy Metal for sure.

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  2. mymmaopinion says:

    Anyone know if Demarce was cut by MFC? I assume so given that he’s on this card. Too bad, win or lose the kid puts on exciting fights.

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  3. ASSASSIN says:

    Correction! Josh strate! Lol. I don’t know last names and saw Josh. Haha. I’m sure mr. Goodheart is good too though. Sorry bro.

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  4. deb harley says:

    Jessie…. We know your are going to kick some ass… (Your adopted mom and dad)

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  5. deb harley says:

    WTG Jessie!!!!!! We knew you could do it.

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