Hard Knocks 18 Results – Omic Wins


Hard Knocks Fighting Championship is holding its 18th show in Calgary, Alberta. Cody Bargholz is there to bring all the results for Top MMA News:

Advin Omic defeats Keto Allen by Unanimous Decision
Julius Huhs defeats Matt Krayco by Doctor Stoppage in Round 1, 5:00
Marc Savoei defeats Todd Molyneaux by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 2:29
Jesse Arnett defeats Chantha Bun by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 0:44

Amateur MMA
Gurdip Rangi defeats Mackenzie Senger by Unanimous Decision
KB Bhullar defeats Allistair Noble by Unanimous Decision
Todd Vatcher defeats Denham Pereira by Unanimous Decision
Daymon Miller defeats Jesse Enns by TKO in Round 1, 1:29
Justin Evans defeats Adam Cunningham by Arm Triangle Choke in Round 2, 0:41
Zack Snyner defeats Brad Carson-Handley by TKO in Round 1, 0:51
Tyler Kneiss defeats Justin LaFrance by Knock Out in Round 1, 0:21

9 Responses to “ Hard Knocks 18 Results – Omic Wins ”

  1. Heard Len Koivisto did a good job in his 1st time back in the MMA ring as a ref since Kim Couture.

    Even stopped a choke quickly in the 3rd bout.

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  2. Mike Davis says:

    Good win for Advin Omic hope he gets title shot now

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  3. Bobby Karimi says:

    Good win for Omic for sure!

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  4. Donald Duck says:

    Very close fight. Really came down to the last round in my opinion. Keto is a beastly big WW and Advin has some wicked BJJ (his arm bar attempt while getting stuffed into a corner of the cage was a thing of beauty)

    All in all not a bad night of fights. What “ruined” the night (if you will) was the significant number of mismatches. I realize that match making is a thankless job but when a guy lists his gym as “independent” and calls his fighting style ‘hard core’ it should be fairly evident that he doesn’t have a clue as to what he’s doing.

    Does anyone know what happened in the fight before the main event? The guy quit on his stool and his coach (the giant blue beach ball) was yelling at him. Very weird reaction from a corner. Are those guys new to the fight scene?

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  5. Mike Davis says:

    Advin is under rated has very good bjj which he makes me want to cry at the gym some times but also great stand up.

    As for coming out to fighting hardcore while being a independent fighter that’s just hardcore!

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  6. Toosweet598 says:

    Koivisto was terrible as usual, he let an illegal knee go without any disciplinary action what so ever. He didn’t give the fighter any time to recover, didn’t issue a warning or take a point away. He didn’t stop that choke when he was supposed to, say stop and waving your hands in the air is not enough to stop a choke that is being applied. You need to physically remove the choke that is being applied so that the other fighter doesn’t keep being choked for any longer than needs to be. He also wasn’t standing up fighters that were doing nothing on the ground. In my opinion he is the worst ref I have ever seen and should have never been let to ref again after his incompetence almost killed Kim couture.

    Matt krayco blew his knee out, his corner was trying to make him keep going but he couldnt put any weight on it

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  7. Blackout says:


    Too bad for Allen.

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  8. Mike Davis says:

    That’s terrible for Matt, his corner should be ashamed of not looking out for their fighters saftey thats pathetic if that is the case. Coaches are suppose to look after the fighters and help guide them not just train them, winning is not everything.

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  9. Donald Duck says:

    TooSweet – I may have had a few too many last night (some guy with a mohawk bought me a couple red bull and vodkas) but…

    1. The illegal knee was in the other ref’s fight (I don’t know him but he isn’t Len) and a point was taken and he warned the guy about it. The guy who threw the illegal knee lost the fight anyways.

    2. The choke was also when the same other guy was reffing. He waived it stopped and then pried arms off.

    3. The ‘no time to recover’ wasn’t my issue with the fight I think you’re talking about. I was more upset they didn’t deduct a point for an illegal punch to the head. His corner should object to the commission.

    Not sure which fights you thought should have been stood up. Frankly I was seriously impressed at how the refs let a lot of ground fighting happen when in the past they wouldn’t.

    Again, I was drinking red bull and vodkas with a few people at the bar so perhaps I didn’t have as good a seat or as clear a head as you did.

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