Cage Fighting Manitoba 3 Play-by-Play – Wright Bests Phillips


Cage Fighting Manitoba is having its third installment in the Winnipeg Convention Centre.  Keith Grienke is cageside.

Top MMA News Awards:

  • Fight of the Night: Tang Thongpheng vs. Tony Javier. The opening bout was well matched and Javier was dominating this fight until Thongpheng came back. Aaron Shymr and Ryan Boux was a close second.
  • Submission of the Night: Tang Thongpheng’s improbable arm bar after losing the first seven minutes of his fight with Tony Javier.
  • Knockout of the Night: Aaron Shymr’s finish of Ryan Boux.

Here is the Top MMA News’ play-by-play:

155lbs- Warren Phillips vs. Trevor Wright
R1. Two rights by Wright and a Phillips’ takedown. Back to feet in a fast match. Wizzer action but Wright ends up on bottom. He tries to get up but Phillips has him in an arm-in Guillotine. Wright slips out and gets one hook in. Nice elbow by Wright. Phillips powers to his feet and the two trade. Phillips looks tired and falls back after a Wright punch. Wright waves him to his feet. Wright lands a left on Phillips who shoots but is stuffed. Wright in North South position and lands a body shot. Wright steps over and gets Phillips’ back and flattens Phillips out. Wright landing some lefts and rights with Phillips in the turtle position. Wright flattens Phillips out and lands some more punches. Wright feeds more rights and finishes Phillips with a bunch of lefts to win the bout with seconds left.
Trevor Wright defeats Warren Phillips by Tapout due to Strikes in Round 1, 4:58
NOTE: Announced as a TKO but referee stopped by to state that it was actually a tapout due to strikes.

135lbs- Louis Fisette vs. Mike O’Neill
Biggest cheer of the night for Fisette.
R1. Leg kicks swing and miss for O’Neill and Fisette lands two shots. O’Neill presses Fisette against the cage, picks him up and drops him. O’Neill in Fisette’s half guard pounding on his side with hammer fists. Fisette looking for the Kimura and gets the sweep Andrij Pavlic style. Fisette jumps into O’Neill’s guard and drops a right. Right elbows now land. Fisette slices to half guard and lands some punches before O’Neill regains full. Fisette lands several rights and then a slew of right elbows with 30 seconds left. Round ends with Fisette on top.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-8 Fisette

R2. Crowd chanting Louie. The two trade leg kicks. Right punch by O’Neill and a clinch. Fisette trips him down and gets half guard. Fisette passes to side. Fisette gets full mount and then drops some hard lefts and rights. O’Neill taking some punishment and turns his back. Fisette wastes no time to sink in the Rear Naked and O’Neill taps. Impressive win by Fisette who moves to 2-1 in CFM!
Louis Fisette submits Mike O’Neill by Rear Naked Choke in Round 2, 2:04
Fisette calls Eric Perez the most exciting Bantamweight in the world and complains how lowly Perez and Delorme are ranked in his post-fight interview.

CFM President Gabriel Santos comes out with a nice, new, shiny Bantamweight belt. He promises to find Fisette a good opponent for a title fight at CFM 4!

155lbs- Jesse Veltri vs Michael Karkula
R1.High kick by Veltri blocked by Karkula who takes Veltri down.  Karkula in half guard throwing some shoulders and banging Veltri’s head off the canvas a bit.  Karkula trying to break Vestri’s lockdown.  The two scramble to north south and then full mount. Veltri gives up back and Karkula sinks in the Rear Naked Choke.  Tap Tap.
Michael Karkula submits Jesse Veltri by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 1:49

155lbs- Alex Popov vs Leo Constant
R1. Leg kick by Constant and Popov responds. The two clinch up and Popov goes for a trip but lands on his back. Constant lands a left. Popov grabs an arm for a successful sweep and uses it to submit Constant.
Alex Popov submits Leo Constant in Round 1, 1:09

Brandon Hrychyshyn vs. Mike Del Grasso is cancelled. Announcer says “Due to unforeseen circumstances.” Will look into it.
UPDATE: Turns out Del Grasso took Adrenaline pills in front of the commission and its a banned substance. Fight is off.

170lbs- Ryan Boux vs. Aaron Shymr
R1. Solid right by Boux to start things off and then a head kick rocks Shymr. Boux smells blood and goes for finish. Shymr gets to his feet and the two square off again. Shymr stuns Boux and then a big left rocks Boux who stumbles to the canvas. Shymr smells blood and jumps on Boux and lands some ground and pound. Boux in trouble and its over.
Aaron Shymr defeats Ryan Boux by TKO (GNP) in Round 1, 1:01

135lbs- Mike Glover vs. Phil Deschambault
R1. Leg kick then high kick by Deschambault. A second high kick connects. Glover has enough and closes the distances and presses Deschambault against the cage. Glover gets Deschambault’s back and brings him down to the ground. Deschambault gets back to his feet and then takes Glover down with a double leg. Glover sitting against the cage with a headlock. He locks the other hand in for a Guillotine but Deschambault has worked to the side control. Deschambault with full mount now and he moves him to his corner. Glover trying to push off the cage with feet but Deschambault maintains top position. Deschambault lands some strong punches but Glover manages to kick him off the top. Deschambault in side now and again wins the mount position. Deschambault with some GNP before the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Deschambault

R2. Glover lands a leg kick but Deschambault lands a counter left that stuns Glover. Deschambault with the takedown and in seconds gets mount. Deschambault gets him to his corner once again and he lands some lefts and rights. Deschambault lands a lot more strikes and the ref moves in closer, but Glover starts bucking and Deschambault stops throwing. No quit in Glover who is still bucking and using the cage, but he can’t get Deschambault off his chest. Glover cut badly around his left eye and Deschambault is still striking. Deschambault changes tactics and presses his forearm across Glover’s throat and puts all his weight on it and Glover taps out.
Phil Deschambault submits Mike Glover by Forearm Choke across the Throat in Round 2, 3:34

145lbs- Tang Thongpheng vs. Tony Javier
R1. Thongpheng presses to start and lands some knees. Frenetic action so Javier slows it down pressing Thongpheng against the cage. Javier and Thongpheng both exchanging strikes and knees, respectively. Javier pushing him against the cage. Javier with a standing Guillotine and knees. They break and Thongpheng throws a left body kick. Thongpheng shoots and a nice sprawl by Javier. Javier on top in Thongpheng’s closed guard. Left elbows by Javier. Thongpheng tries a sweep but Javier maintains top spot. Right elbows by Javier, who is staying active on the top. Javier gets to half while Thongpheng shrimps to escape. Thongpheng threatens with an arm bar but Javier muscles out. Left punches by Javier and a strong right lands as well. Round ends with Javier still on top.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Javier

R2. Knees by Thongpheng but Javier trips him down. Javier in Thongpheng’s closed guard, but Thongpheng threatens with an arm bar again. Javier escapes and drops the elbows. Thongpheng with some rights from bottom but Javier’s elbows are much harder. Thongpheng grabs an arm again and this time Javier has to tap.
Tang Thongpheng submits Tony Javier by Arm Bar in Round 2, 2:05

114 Responses to “ Cage Fighting Manitoba 3 Play-by-Play – Wright Bests Phillips ”

  1. Gunner says:

    sure now it has shifted from picking on the rule breaker to picking on the chubby drunk on a tuesday guy

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  2. Graham Weenk says:

    quinn is right on the money… its a major health concern not a performance enhancer issue, like he stated earlier it won’t even enhance mma performance. a suspension would not be for “cheating” it would be for taking drugs that may kill you in the cage and cause major problems in MMA, and more difficulties in sanctioning.

    Thumb up 2 Thumb down 0

  3. says:

    @Big Boi

    No axe to grind besides the fact that i hate to see hard working athletes passed over due to these cheaters!

    @Advin Omic

    If you really believe that these cheats are not getting a unfair advantage over other you sir are more naive then a 16 year old girl on prom night! The fact of the matter is yes theses guys do train hard but they develop skills, strength, leaner muscle, much faster recovery times, better cardio then their peers. “magic” has nothing to do with it, Steroids do!

    @Adam Lorenz

    What makes me an expert? well i wouldn’t call myself expert on the subject however i do consider myself slightly more educated on the subject then the average person. Even the average fighter apparently. 4 years in school studying sport medicine, and sport therapy does allow me to have an educated opinion on the subject! Remember no one is naming names here aside form the guys I’ve worked with and trust have never taken part in these illegal drugs.

    @Sean Quinn

    For the first time ever I’m in agreement with you. People do die all the time from abuse of ephedrine and steroids. Yes there should be much bugger penalties then what was handed down!

    In summary this bothers me sooo much i cant begin to explain. Having worked closely with boxer’s and MMA fighters one thing i can say for sure is, integrity and honor and far and few between in combat sports. Especially in MMA where these traits are meant to be a way of life amongst its competitors!

    I do however realize there are many great people involved in the sport. You people know who you are. I applaud you.

    Thumb up 2 Thumb down 3

  4. Trevor Wright says:

    Well I guess this is why I never comment on these things. Jaime and Gunner I totally agree with what your saying about that mike should not be excused because he’s a nice guy and he’s sorry. What I’m saying is I don’t think everyone should consider the guy an idiot for doing what he did. I had a bad head cold before the fight and if I would have been caught by the commision taking certain cold medications before the fight the same thing could have happened to me(I didn’t take any medication by the way).

    The rules for that sort of thing aren’t really that clearly laid out and when your looking at going into your first pro fight and you have all the other things going on in your head its the last thing you would think of. Maybe commissions or promoters need to do a better job of telling fighters what exactly they can and can’t take before a fight. Any way all i’m saying is put yourself in Mike’s shoes, alot of us probably could have done the same thing and if it was me I wouldn’t like getting shit on by everybody the way he has.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 6 Thumb down 0

  5. Sean Quinn says:


    I’m always right.
    Thank you.

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  6. Adam Lorenz says:

    Cheats, yes I agree that using steroids is a large advantage as recovering from hard training, so that you can continue training really hard, and healing injuries faster would be just as beneficial as the increased performance it may bring. As far ad not naming names well you did call out “most” of the top ten guys in each division earlier. If you know more about how common the use of steroids is then please share it because we are mostly just speculating that most people besides the guys you know are users.

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  7. Tyler Davis says:

    Few and far in between? In the sport of Mma 90%to of my interactions with people have been unbelievably awsome. Great people in gyms, at events, tournaments. Tons of commeradery between complete strangers. Instant friends made over a couple nervous words in the back room. Roids however I’ve seen possibly 2 incidents. P.s. we don’t make enough $ buy any lol(bad joke)

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  8. Gunner says:

    Mr Lorenz please stop rubbing it in already i am not in the top ten like you but as you can see i am jacked on jack and many vodka tapouts for that i will blame tapout energy no one in there right mind should ever supply with me with that many of those drinks as it is a given what they will be used for and for that i apologize as i will fail all alcohol related tests until January 2….

    Trevor i was not attacked him although it was some what ummmm dumb to do and to think taking Ephy would have been a smart move

    my point is that regardless the commission should be taking this more serious than just okay you blatantly broke a rule and you are not allowed to fight and to add salt to the wound he was still paid and no fine no anything… hell if it works that i am gonna go to every fight drunk and i better still get paid when the commission says i am no shape to fight ….. but what fun would that be

    Thumb up 2 Thumb down 1

  9. Adam Lorenz says:

    Mr. Lorenz lol every time a students calls me that it still sounds funny lol. Vodka tapouts with Mr. Gunn is definitely on my too do list for a future after party.

    Thumb up 1 Thumb down 1

  10. Gunner says:

    I would like to sit in on just one class and i promise i will be sober until we are off school property and on our way to the nearest liquor store or bar to have an after party for any reason we can think of

    Robin Black is not invited and i hope we can arrange for him to have detention that day

    On a serious note yes an after party we shall have at some point i definatly hope so

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  11. EPerez says:

    LOL @ the guy with the Phys Ed degree speaking as though he’s a Rhodes Scholar!! Listen friend, I have one of those and the last thing I would do is brag about it.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 8 Thumb down 3

  12. Whistleblower says:

    Word has it was that adrenaline guy got cold feet before the fight and looked for a way out.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 6 Thumb down 8

  13. Mike Del Grosso says:

    word has it that whistleblower really doesnt blow on whistles…

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 11 Thumb down 8

  14. mmafan says:

    Hey Mike, Who is your trainer and why didnt he know that this was a banned substance? Anyone who coaches a fighter and knows that he is going to be making his Pro mma debut should inform the fighter of the rules/regulations of the event. I mean, the fighter should obviously know as well but the fighter is concentrating on preparing for the fight…the coach/trainer/manager is there to take of the fighter and make sure that they are aware of all the rules etc.

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