Clementi vs Clements Booked for Sarnia Dec 3rd


Clements after winning the PFC title (photo by Jeff Kovack)

Chris Clements announced on Facebook that he will be fighting Rich Clementi in Sarnia on December 3rd on the Meltdown in the Valley card. Clements was originally set to face Forrest Petz, who had to pull out with an injury.

Rich Clementi (42-20-1) has had 10 UFC fights in his career going 5-5 in those contests. In his latest bout, Clementi submitted Ronnie Rogers. Previous to that fight, Clementi lost to Shinya Aoki, in Dream, and Reza Madadi, who is now on the the UFC roster. He will now try to make it two wins in a row against Clements.

Chris Clements (9-4) has been on a tear in his latest fights winning in spectacular fashion. He won the Ringside Welterweight title a year ago by knocking out Jonathan Goulet. Earlier this year, he defeated Travis Briere, the Unified MMA Welterweight champion, by Spinning Back Kick. Will ‘The Menace’ be able to continue his streak against a UFC veteran like Rich Clementi?

Interestingly enough, Clements last loss came at the hands of John Alessio, who is also on the card. Alessio will face Ryan Healy on the card. Also on the stacked card are top Canadian fighters John ‘Haggis Basher’ Fraser, Jesse Ronson, Ali Mokdad, and Misha Cirkunov.

Update: This matchup awaits commission approval.

13 Responses to “ Clementi vs Clements Booked for Sarnia Dec 3rd ”

  1. Another great fight for MITV !

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  2. Cj Saftic says:

    Yea this card is shaping up real nice. Clements is going to have his hands full against a rugged vet like Clementi.

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  3. Reed Duthie says:

    I got to interview Chris Clements last weekend and see his workout at Adrenaline Training Center and he is looking great coming into this fight.

    Clementi is a solid veteran but he has his hands more then full with Clements.

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  4. Update: This fight still needs to be approved by the Ontario Commission.

    I think its a very even matchup and see no reason why it should not be approved.

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  5. Elton Hobson says:

    DAMN that’s a good fight!

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  6. Cj Saftic says:

    Yea I think it’s a very good match up and should no doubt be approved but I’ve noticed that the Ontario commission is hesitant to book fights like this only because Clements is 9-4 to Clementi’s 41-20-1
    giving Rich 39 additional fights.

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  7. Its ridiculous if Ontario does not approve it. There is WAY more to look at than number of fights.

    How about the fact that Clements has been a trainer of one of the best clubs in Canada for years (ATC).

    How about his level of competition?

    Similar fight differential to Brett Cooper (23) vs Joe Doerksen (63) as well.

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  8. Cj Saftic says:

    No doubt it should and hopefully will get licensed but I think Clementi had a similar problem with his proposed fight against Cam Dollar who at the time was 7-4 and a UFC vet.

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  9. Bobby Karimi says:

    this is a good fight and should be sanctioned.

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  10. Reed Duthie says:

    There is no reason this fight shouldn’t be approved. Look past the number of fights and as Keith said the level of competition is there for Chris.

    I think its very unfair to both Clements and Clementi if the commission just looks at number of fights when sanctioning this one.

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  11. If the commission has any problem with this fight, then they better cancel John Makdessi (9-0) vs. Dennis Hallman (50-14-2) right now if they only judge fights by the professional MMA experience of fighters.

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  12. Robin Black says:

    Hallman is Makdessi’s toughest fight for sure but I still think he’ll win.

    This fight is a challenge for Clements but I have him as a slight favorite based on both guys’ performances over the last 2 years.

    The Ontario commission is getting better and better, and they continue to learn. They are quickly becoming a top commission in North America.

    I predict right now that this fight will be approved. It’s a really nice match-up. The commission is continually learning and I predict they’ll green light this one.

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  13. Update: Clements vs Clementi is approved

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