KOTC: Obsession – Weigh In Results


Here are the weigh in results for King of the Cage Obsession tomorrow night at the Mirage Banquet Hall. A staggering  five fighters came in over their contracted weights. Thanks to Nova and Mike Muise for providing us the weigh in results.

Weigh In Results:

185lbs- Joe Cronin (183.8) vs. *Elmer Waterhen (188.0)
145lbs- Jeff St.Pierre (143.4) vs. Nolan Nelson (145.2)
135lbs- Evan Cardinal (133.2) vs. James McGrath (128.6)
195lbs- Simon Shirt (186.2) vs. *Greg Large (200.0)
170lbs- Spencer Jebb (168.8) vs. Adrian Cardinal (168.2)
190lbs- Chris Lauzon (188.4) vs. *Ryan Disher (194.4)
170lbs- *Danny Simms (178.6) vs. Cody Ries (166.6)
185lbs- *Reno Jackson (200.6) vs. Larry Halfe (184.8)


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  1. Just Sayin' says:

    I can see missing weight by a pound or two, but WOW – these are some BIG misses…

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  2. harry balls says:

    tsk tsk Waterhen should know better as a vet. And Large lives up to his moniker….

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  3. Mike Davis says:

    Shows up 200 for a 185 fight, that’s a first

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  4. EPerez says:

    Whata shit show!!

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  5. L-Boutin says:

    Large, Disher, Jackson and Simms should all be suspended. Missing weight by over 5 lbs is ridiculous and 15 is unbelievable. Waterhen missing 185 is crazy considering he could probably still be fighting at 170 with a proper diet.

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  6. Jamie Locke says:

    Suspensions need to start being handed out for this type of “foul”.

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  7. BRD AT WRK says:

    seriously…i wouldnt pay more than $7 bucks to watch this cause thats what a beer costs in a bar to watch a bunch of overweight guys brawl it out on a friday night…weak sauce make your weight or dont call yourself a fighter.what a joke!

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  8. applejuice4life says:

    This is a sport i hope something is done about this…

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  9. L-Boutin says:

    Other than the main event this show has:

    2 fighters (0-3)
    2 fighters (0-2)
    1 fighter (0-1)
    7 fighters who have never fought, several of which didn’t even try to make weight.
    1 fighter (1-1)
    2 fighters (1-0)
    1 fighter (2-0)

    Honestly, does KOTC even try anymore ? Or do try just sign anyone up to fight at the gun range ?

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  10. Jay Kay says:

    Applesauce this isn’t just “a sport” this is a professional version of “a sport”. A pro only has three things to do at an event, show up, make weight and fight. If you can’t manage that then you probably shouldn’t be fighting.

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  11. unfair says:

    Greg Large (200.0) should fight Reno Jackson (200.6) and then have their original opponents fight.

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  12. Dean Panas says:

    I agree that anyone missing weight by 5 lbs should be suspended. There is a big difference between fighting in a professional fight and being a professional fighter!

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  13. Jay Kay says:

    Dean there should be no difference. If you’re getting paid to be there you better f*ckin’ make weight or you need to stop fighting.

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  14. Jamie Locke says:

    Amateur opportunites is where guys can experiment on making weight/ gaining experience and deciding whetehr or not they both have the drive and determination (and skill) to go professional.

    Promoters NEED to stop letting guys test the waters at the “PROFESSIONAL” level with no experience in weight cutting or full contact competition.

    These days are gone, there are amateur mma ciruits, grappling competitions and amateur kickboxing/ pankration tourneys happenning all over almost every two or three months. This is where the begginners need to go before stepping into the pro circuit.

    This sport has come a very very very long way over the past 10 years, this is the next step.

    Keep the pron leagues for the pro athletes, amateurs must evolve.

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  15. Jamie Locke says:

    Spelling sucks… ^

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  16. Dean Panas says:

    I agree with you Jay. But when promoters continue to put fighters like this in “professional” events it is not good. I am sure there will be people attending their first live MMA show tonight. I hope they don’t leave with a bad test in their mouth thinking all professional events are like this. Fighters are responsible for making weight and looking after meds. Promoters are responsible for signing professionals to fight on their shows.

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  17. Jay Kay says:

    Dean you are preaching to the choir. I know people who’s first MMA show started with Justin Bruckman and Antonio Carvalho doing a very fast MMA demo. I also know people who’s first MMA event ended with watching two overweight guys gasp for breath like goldfish in the cage. Both of these people have very different ideas of what MMA is.

    Frankly I mark my vote with my wallet and choose not to go to these events and tell my friends the same. I think the second step is for MMA News sites to stop providing these guys with the free publicity they clearly need.

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  18. Jamie Locke says:

    I have to disagree on the media coverage point. TMN does a great job at giving us coverage from every Canadian MMA show, no matter how shitty it may be. This is one thing that brings so many readers, ultimate Canadian coverage.

    To add to my above point, the promoters aren’t the only ones to blame here. After all, promoters need to make a buck and usually the bar room brawlers they put on don’t cost them much and sell a fair amount of tickets to more than cover that “cheap” value.

    The commissions are who we as fans should hold responable for allowing these fighters to enter as “pro’s”, and also letting the promoters match them up. These guys should not be able to attain licensing.

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  19. Jamie Locke says:

    I mean, if not for coaches and trainers, its ultimatly the commissions job to decide “hey buddy, you do not have the experience required to call yourself a professional, go out and get some amateur combat experience, if then you prove you have the meetle, come back an apply again.”

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  20. Jason says:

    Halfe/Jackson fight is canceled.

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  21. KeeSmyth says:

    They should have the same rule as in Florida where you need a minimum of 5 amateur fights before turning pro so they can weed out some of these fighters with no skills and missing weight by large amounts.

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  22. Jamie Locke says:

    Many of the States have the 5 am rule, and must must finish the 5 with a winning record.

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  23. Ryan Disher says:

    I took this fight with 4 days notice, and I was told it was a catch weight fight at 195 pounds, I walk around at 215 and cut to 194 because that was the set weight… I couldn’t agree more that a fighter should make the weight agreed to,. The thing is that me and my camp were told 195..

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  24. Ryan Disher says:

    And just for the record the elbow was 12-6 and for that I do apologize, but it was a clean kidney shot..

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  25. ken kupsch says:

    Ryan is correct, 195 was agreed to by both parties and it is on all my line up sheets. I have no idea where the 190 came from. I would have fixed it, had I known.

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  26. chris lauzon says:

    the weight between me and ryan disher was agreed upon at 195 and i apreciate him taking the fight on 4 days notice and for the 12 6 elbow is was an accident shit happens but it was close to the spine but would love to have a rematch in the near future with ryan disher

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