Chris Horodecki on his Bellator 57 Draw, Shawn Tompkins


Top MMA News‘ Don Wilson talks with Chris Horodecki following his great performance at Bellator 57. Horodecki discusses the draw that he had with Mike Corey.

Horodecki goes on to talk about “Coach” Shawn Tompkins. Horodecki talks about how he felt going in to the fight with the coach and shares some stories about Shawn with Top MMA News.

Horodecki finishes off by discussing his status as a fighter and what is next for the Polish Hammer.

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  1. CM says:

    Draws always suck, but I thought that fight was scored correctly. I saw it 10-8 (albeit barely) for Corey in the 1st, with Chris taking the last two 10-9.

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  2. Robin Black says:

    At the time a 10-8 never even crossed my mind.

    I’ll watch it again but holding a guy down in half guard and doing some half guard g n p isn’t a standard 10-8.

    Chris came back so strong in rounds 2 and 3. That was the story for me.

    Classy dude that Horodecki.

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  3. CM says:

    According to the unified rules: A round is to be scored as a 10-8 Round when a contestant overwhelmingly dominates by striking or grappling in a round.

    Chris had zero offense in that round & defense does not score you points. Corey had the take down, threatened with the arm triangle for just under a minute, landed a bunch of elbows, knees to the body, scored with hammer fists, and had the superior positioning (mainly half guard but did have him mounted when he was going for the arm triangle). The best you could say was Chris survived and minimized the damage he took.

    If you ask Big John McCarthy what you need for a 10-8 round, he’l tell you damage & domination. That round had domination and had some visible damage (all the swelling on Horodecki in the interview was from that 1st round). I think if there was more damage it would have been a clear 10-8 round for most people. I also think if a round was that one sided standing up instead of being on the ground, more people would be inclined to give it a 10-8.

    It’d be good round for the half point system where I think a 10-8.5 would be most accurate… it was more than a 10-9 round but borderline 10-8. In that scenario, Chris would have actually won the fight 28.5-28

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  4. Robin Black says:

    Great post man thanks.

    Great points and observations.

    Good stuff.

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  5. Bobby Karimi says:

    Good interview man, really enjoyed it!

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  6. Jay Kay says:

    Yes but CM the Unified Rules would have only given points for the takedown and striking. Very few if any judges score submission attempts when it comes to scoring a round.

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  7. CM says:

    Actually the unified rules do account for submissions attempts:

    Examples of factors to consider are countering a grappler’s attempt at takedown by remaining standing and legally striking; taking down an opponent to force a ground fight; creating threatening submission attempts, passing the guard to achieve mount, and creating striking opportunities.

    The key word is threatening though, so there can be quite a bit of leeway depending on the judge and their view of the action.

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  8. Jay Kay says:

    Again (and this is just from having talked to a lot of judges) most will ignore the submission attempts unless:

    1. It looks very close (ie. face turns red).
    2. It is near the end of the round and a fighter is ‘saved by the bell’.

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  9. Robin Black says:

    The head and arm was “threatening” but wasn’t “in”.

    He was in danger but the arm was never fully across and Corey never got off the mount.

    It was a great round by Corey. Chris toughed it out and came back and won the next 2.

    Great fight.

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