AX Combat 2 Weigh-in Results


AX Combat LogoHere are the weigh in results from AX Combat 2 which takes place tomorrow night in Calgary, AB.

Pro Fights:

Ryan Machan (186) vs. Josh Powell (183)
Aaron Gallant (154.5) vs. Curtis Blackmore (154.5)
Allan Munroe (140.5) vs. Jesse Fox (140.5)

Amateur Fights:

Hayden Harrison (151) vs. Chris Chapman (150.5)
Mustafa Zidan (156) vs. Jon Cummings (156)
Aaron Barr (184.5) vs. Alex Moran (186)

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10 Responses to “ AX Combat 2 Weigh-in Results ”

  1. Mike Davis says:

    Gotta pull with the team as Machan & Chapman will kill it tomorrow. Fox has a tough fight but can never count the guy out. Sad this card had so much bad luck and is now stuck with only 6 fights, sucks for fans and the promotion but that is part of game.

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  2. Jake - Triple Crown Fighter says:

    Unreal that it started with the potential of 12 and ended up at six! Sometimes if the fights go full rounds, it might not make for a bad evening. I’ve been to some shows where a lot of fights can really drag on all night.

    Best of luck to Steve and all the fighters in their sophomore show!

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  3. Justarandomfan says:

    What happened to clay davidson vs big d??

    This card looked unreal 2 weeks ago!! Part of the sport I geuss. Injuries n illness do occur. Still a solid 6 fights

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  4. david letourneau says:

    yes injuries such as broken foots/toes, as a professional fighter you cant imagine how hard it is having to withdraw to a huge fight due to injury but its a part of the sport. Good luck to all competitors and steve, watch for gallant to land a very solid right hand that ends the fight in violent fashion.

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  5. ASSASSIN says:

    Hey guys…

    Check list:

    -crooked promoters telling fighters their on sanctioned cards. KILL COUNT: 2 fights

    -Hemophiliac KILL COUNT: 1 fighter

    -One lier that found out his opponent was too good at BJJ. KILL COUNT: 1 fighter

    -“Sick” Because his coach double booked him for two weeks AFTER my fight. KILL COUNT: 1 fighter

    -VERY serious heart condition (fighter is lucky docs caught it and we are all pullin for him to come out unscathed) COUNT: 1 fighter

    -Un-obtainable licence by fighter due to legal issues with the CCSC. KILL COUNT: 2 fighters

    -Chicken Pocks, Yes, chicken pocks. KILL COUNT: 1 fighter

    The list goes on. BUT! the fights we have are GREAT Match ups IMO. and these will entertain EVERY fan to the fullest. PROMISE.

    It IS how the sport goes. But also keep in mind, 4 of the lost 6, happened in the last 3 days.

    IT IS GOOD. AX2: HAVOC, tonight at 7PM. Be there, or you won’t get to here the story about the Heavyweight that chickened out last night at the weigh ins.

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  6. Bobby Karimi says:

    I’m coming down with JBouw, gonna be a good road trip and time at AX

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  7. Mr. Tot says:

    Steve you should have entered – from what I heard you have a great right hand!!!!

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  8. Mike Davis says:

    Rick Pfeifer had a fight at 135 but is now fighting at 149 cause a short notice replacement against Tyler Kniess.

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  9. Tim Ford says:

    6 fights? and 3 are not pro?

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  10. Guns Loaded says:

    Please no Hague FYI I personally don’t buy tickets if that goff is on the card!!!!

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