Elite 1 MMA: Heavy Hitters – Moncton – January 28


Date: January 28, 2012
Location: Casino New Brunswick in Moncton, New Brunswick
TV: Click Here for Internet PPV
Tickets: Casino New Brunswick

Fight Card:
205lbs- Chris Johnson (4-4) vs. Dana Dickeson (5-1)
***for Elite 1 MMA Light-Heavyweight Title
160lbs- Chris Doucet (4-3) vs. Phil St. Pierre (3-2)

Lightweight Wild Card Round 2:
155lbs-  Adam Hazelton (2-1) vs. Christopher Corporon (0-1)
155lbs- Stephen Clement (2-1) vs. Dave Simms (0-3)

150lbs- Justin Bourgeois (5-4) vs. Remi Chabot (0-0)
190lbs- Adam Hunter (0-1) vs. Brad Webb (0-0)
155lbs- Devin Viner (0-0) vs. Jeff Miller (0-0)
145lbs- Jon Foster (1-0) vs. Sung Jin Lim (0-0)
200lbs- Cory Smearer (1-0) vs. Matthew DesRoches (0-0)
155lbs- Morgan Rhynes (1-0) vs. Jeff Griffiths (1-1)

31 Responses to “ Elite 1 MMA: Heavy Hitters – Moncton – January 28 ”

  1. DeViLBoY says:

    Why call 170 cruiserweight instead of welterweight?

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  2. I wondered that myself. It is now changed to Welterweight.

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  3. Hank902 says:

    That’s a decent looking local card.
    Interesting to see Clements vs Simms again. I would have thought they would have paired them against the 2 Titan fighters. It will diminish the final regardless which one wins because Clements missed weight and Simms lost in the 1st round of the tourny. Regardless I don’t see either beating Tucker.

    Not interested in seeing Brubaker fight ever again after the last embarrassment but I hope he gets KTFO this time.

    Be nice to see a 135lbs fight so Robin Black has a contender if he comes back in the spring.

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  4. mike kent says:

    The only way Gavin will be Conpeting against hazelton is in the final . It was agreed upon before the event . The only reason gavin competed is to save the wild card from gettng cancelled because there was three lage replacemnts . I’m tired of people not stepping up and saying what the deal was and is m the only ONLY way they fight us in the final .. Anyone who has a problem with it can shit in the promotors who agreed to these terms to get a sixttb fighter but refuse to say it in public . Dave simms is a bum that even his team doesn’t take serious anf if him and Clements fight on the 28th there will only be one fight. Why he’s even in the torunament then alone gets a rematch is mind boggling .he calls himself the game well game over . Your fighting gavun or adam so start losing sleep now . There now everyone knows the truth m why they would let this get posted as the match ups and this go this far is beyond stupid

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  5. mike kent says:

    And I’m typing in my phone so that’s why its a mess lol

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  6. Jana says:

    So, Gavin & Hazelton draw each others names for the first round but can’t fight each other because they are teammates? Is that right? So it just looks ridiculous if they fight in the final (which could very well happen) … But aren’t they from Titans Halifax and Titans Yarmouth or something like that …? So different club, just both Titans? Is that right?

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  7. Please Help NB MMA says:

    Looks like a good card!

    I could do without seeing Brubaker fight after that pathetic work for the “world record” against John Williams. I would pay $1000 to see that video again…WOW! The promoters should note that it is illegal to fix a prize fight so hopefully this time it is real.

    I noticed on Facebook that Mike Williams bought out Steven Williams. This is the best thing that could have happened for Elite 1. I think Mike points this promotion in the right direction.

    PS…No offence but Mike and Jana I hope you don’t railroad this thread with you mutual hate for each other! HAHAHA

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  8. Jana says:

    Hahaha, we won’t!!! Mike and I are good …. I’m just looking for some clarification is all … and I agree Mike W. will absolutely be successful!!! Best of luck to Elite 1!!!

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  9. mike kent says:

    Jana the wild card was in trouble of being cancled after 3 people withdrew in the last week before the fight . Steve contacted peter martell asking if there was anyway that we had fighter and we agreed that gavin would participate as long as there was no way they meet until the final .we had no interest in matching titan vs. Titan at all any stage but elite 1 exhasted all of there other options so we helped them out . And figured it would be a good chance to get our guys fights and deal with the final when we same to it. Whether you agree with the deal or not it was made by the promotor to save his tournament.I’m not even saykng its right but the reason they were both put in . As Adams coach and gavins teamate I can say without a doubt that adam is not fighting gavin on the 28th . He will withdraw from the tournament before that happens . Before the first round even happened Dave simms was running around saying “oh Clements missed weight so even if i lose steve promised me that ill rematnh him in january which is probally the most idiot thkng that I ever heard . Why would to people that already fought and Dave gets knocked out by a jab in the first round rematch for a chance at the final . If Dave continues in the tournament him amd Clements should fight both titans . Personally jana if you ask me this whole tournament was b.s from the start….

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  10. Jamie Locke says:

    That Brubaker guy is the one from the old man work?

    OH God…..

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  11. mike kent says:

    its a toss up between brad dugauy and dana dickeson in my mind as to who is the most skilled, credible fighter in N.B so dont take this as bashing but dana has accepted fights with this much notice lately and then pulled out due to strange reasons like cant get off work.( two months notice is usually enough time to make arrangments lol ) im not sure that chris will still be fighting dana come jauary.dont know if dana really wants to get back in there. hes accepted and then pulled out of a few fights lately , hope to see him follow through with this fight and get back to his winning ways . 5-1 record and a bjj brown belt and being known as a great instructor are alot of credentials to bring with you to the cage ! dana was last person in the maritimes that i had any actual interest in fighting becuase of the above stated credentials. would have been a good battle before i let myself get hit in the head so much im now legally retarded

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  12. Hank902 says:

    Can you be “illegally” retarded?

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  13. Dan says:

    I would like to see Misha Cirkunov face the winner of Dickeson-Johnson.

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  14. Shar 1 says:

    Stop beating yourself up Mike. You will be back in some interesting capacity.

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  15. mike kent says:

    imo misha would be a total mismatch for either johnson or dana. misha is sick .

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  16. Robin Black says:

    Johnson and Dana are good fighters but not in Misha’s league today.

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  17. mike kent says:

    yeah mishas a bjj black belt and world champ and judo bb and just a terrible fight for almost anyone then alone matching him with someone with similar experience , i forsee him having a nightmare trying to find fights for himself unless he fights guys with three or four times the fights he has.

    Im interested in why Ali Mokdad wanted to move up in weight and fight him , Mokdad is a tough hardnosed fighter thats great at 85 but thats a risky fight to move up and take , he must know something that i dont lol

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  18. Dana Dickeson says:

    I hate to post on message boards but I do feel the need to respond to Mike’s comments. It is easy to be on the outside and comment about what you think you know about someone.

    Truth is fighting has been low on my priority list over the last couple of years. I was finishing my degree and starting a new career that made it difficult to train properly and focus mentally on fighting…but luckily for me and the fans in Moncton things in my professional life are all sorted out so I can get back to doing what I enjoy.

    I really wouldn’t bother to justify myself but I want to make sure that the fans in Moncton reading this feel confident when they buy their ticket that they will be getting what they paid for.


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  19. mike kent says:

    I didn’t claim to know anything about you dana nor was my comment a personal attack . All I said was that you signed on for fights on more then one occasion and then pulled out. And I think I did more complimenting of you then anything. You said it yourself in your above message that your mind wasn’t on fighting in the last few years and you still agreed to fight as the main event last show and then agreed to fight chris currie once your original opponent dropped out . Then u pulled out due to work ? If u weren’t ready to physically and mentally prepare to fight why sign up for fights and let a promotion promote it ?

    Anyway good luck man . Like I stated in my above message Ill be rooting for you to get back to your winning ways .

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  20. @clinchcraig says:

    Looks like Tucker is out and Micky Marshal is in vs Hazelton in the Wild Card.

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  21. Update: Christopher Michael Ray Corporon to take on Hazelton.

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  22. UPDATE: Richard Arsenault is injured and the Welterweight title fight is off this card. Ricky Goodall is looking for an opponent the following night on the ECC card in Halifax. Contact info@ecfp.ca if you are/have a Welterweight looking for a fight vs Goodall.

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  23. Dustin Martinson says:

    In some bit of fun news, you can now predict the outcome of these fights on Tapology. I wish I could make it to this card but obligations are going to be taking me away from NB. The main event should be a great tilt!

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  24. Ryan says:

    Wasn’t there a 265 fight with someold guy and the guy that lost to butterbean on this card?

    Sucks that Goodall vs Arsenault is off, I wish him a speedy recovery.

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  25. Fight Card Update:

    Issa Seck and Steven Hollsopple pulled off card due to injuries.

    Matthew DesRoches (0-0) will be replacing Issa Seck against Cory Smearer (1-0) @ 200 lbs.

    Jeff Griffiths (1-1) will be replacing Stephen Hollsopple against Morgan Rhynes (1-0) @ 155 lbs.

    Chris Doucet vs. Phillipe St. Pierre has been moved to Semi Main event due to Richard Arsenault’s injury to his neck, giving him no choice but to cancel his fight against Ricky Goodall for his “Welterweight” Title.

    Adam Hunter (0-1) will be facing Brad Webb (0-0) @ 190 lbs.

    I wish all fighters who got injured during their training for this card a speedy recovery.

    MMA Fans all over the world will be able to view “Heavy Hitters” – Live Streaming – Jan. 28th at http://www.gofightlive.com

    Best of luck to all fighters.

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  26. Cody Rempel says:

    Updated, thanks for the info Mike!

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  27. Jamie Locke says:

    155lbs- Adam Hazelton (2-1) vs. Christopher Corporon (0-1)
    155lbs- Stephen Clement (2-1) vs. Dave Simms (0-3)

    Strange how two guys with no wins made it to the second round of the tourney???

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  28. JYD says:

    How does Elite 1 decide who they bring in from Ontario?

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  29. Jamie Locke says:

    ^Further to my above, why not pit the 0-X guys against each other for a someone’s 0 has to go match.

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  30. Cody Rempel says:

    I assume it’s because they’re counting on the 2-1 guys advancing.

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  31. JYD says:

    Brad Webb doesn’t have a formal gym to train at and is 0-1 as an amateur with Elite 1 already. I know a handful of talented guys from Ontario that have tried to get out there and never got a response.

    Goodluck to Brad, it would be a cool story if a last minute fight with no support system aside from jogging, weights, and rolling around in a basement can get him a pro W.

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