Alessio Wins Lightweight Debut


Canada’s 5th ranked Welterweight made a successful debut at Lightweight this past Friday night, as John Alessio won a hard fought unanimous decision victory over Luiz Firmino at Superior Cage Combat 3 in Las Vegas.

Firmino came out as the aggressor in the first round but slowly throughout the fight Alessio was able to turn the table on his opponent. Alessio had a tight armbar in the first but was unable to finish it off. During the second round, Alessio also had a secured guillotine but again couldn’t pull the plug. Finally in the third, the pace slowed but Alessio had enough spring left in his step and his crisper striking won the round. All three judges gave the nod to Alessio 29-28.

Alessio had this to say after the fight, “I thought it was close…He scored a lot of takedowns but didn’t really do much with them. I thought I had better striking. It was close and I’m happy with the result. He was tough.” When asked how his first cut to 155 lbs was, “…felt good”

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  1. Congrats to John Alessio! Good debut win.

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  2. Mike Davis says:

    hope he can get a good win streak going at 155 and no way UFC will ignore him

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