Top 10 Maple Leaf Matchups in November


It’s time again friends for the Top 10 Maple Leaf Matchups. This should have been a easy month to pick 10 spectacular fights featuring top northerners but due to a rash of injuries some fighters have no opponents and other fights have been thrown on the scrap heap. Fear not MMA bretheren, Top MMA News has dug deep in the national MMA pool and has come up with 10 of the most interesting, intriguing, and down right spectacular fights of the month.

(The usual “Zuffa disclaimer”: considering the big boys in the big show will get all the hype and have their fights broken down ad nauseum, this list only includes match ups outside of UFC and Strikeforce.)

Now on to the list: 

Julia Budd (2-1) vs. Ronda Rousey (3-0) – Strikeforce Challengers 20 – November 18

1. John Alessio (32-14) vs. Luiz Firmino (13-5)
Superior Cage Combat 3 – Las Vegas – November 4
When his seven fight win streak was snapped earlier this year by hot prospect Siyar Bahadurzada, Alessio decided he would take his final run at the big show at a lighter weight. Canada’s 5th ranked Welterweight will now make his Lightweight debut against a cagey Brazillian. Standing in “The Natural’s” way is a Shooto and Pride veteran with 11 years of MMA experience. With Firmino’s brightest days behind him, this is clearly a match made to put Alessio over in his adopted hometown. Even though Alessio is the clear favorite, “Buscape” still poses some threats with his high level ground game and high level durability. With TJ Grant’s Lightweight debut still a recent memory just think how good a leaner meaner Alessio will look.

2. Nordine Taleb (5-1) vs. Pete Sell (9-5)
Ring of Combat 38 – Atlantic City – November 18
Finally, one of Canada’s top prospects will take a much needed step up in competition on the international scene. Taleb, a Tristar and Denis Kang protege, has quietly been amasing quality wins on the national scene over the past few years. Other then a TKO loss late in the third to Guillaume Delorenzi, Taleb’s record is unblemished. Sell, a Matt Serra protege, recently returned to action with a second round submission after a two year layoff. “Drago” may have a 2-5 UFC record, but he will be forever remembered for his unforgettable slugfest with Scott Smith on The Ultimate Fighter 4 Finale. This could be great step for Taleb, an all round martial artist with proficient striking and grappling, as his bag of tricks should be enough to deal with Sell’s brawling style.

3. Derek Medler (6-0) vs. Brian Grimshaw (6-1)
Armageddon Fighting Championship 7 – Victoria – November 5
Another Armageddon Fighting Championship and here comes ol’ “Derek Smash” to pulverize another opponent. You got to give Medler his due, he’s stepped up his competition every time and every time “Derek Smash”. Now who do you get to take on such a killer? Well, Armageddon found a great match up in their own backyard, literally. They went out and got the guy who submitted Brad Causey, Curtis Demarce, Aaron Bruce and even Elmer Waterhen in under two minutes. Who is the mythological MMA beast you ask? It’s none other then Chilliwack’s own Brian Grimshaw. In fact, only Quinn Mulhern has tamed this beast. Any hardcore MMA fan that doesn’t catch this colossal match up on is just plain silly!

4. Advin Omic (8-3) vs. Ford Robertson (4-0)
Ax Combat 2 – Calgary – November 11
Two hot, up and coming prospects face off in probably the most exciting tilt to take place on our native soil. Omic, fighting out of Pure Fitness MMA, has reeled off two straight wins this year including a recent decision victory over Chase Maxwell. Despite losses to veteran competitors Joel Powell and Andrew Buckland, Omic has hovered just outside Canada’s top 10 and stayed extremely active in competition. On the hand, Ford, even with his impressive wins over Derek Boyle and the aforementioned Buckland, has concealed his prospectness by only fighting twice a year. Now, not only do Calgary fans get to see the phenomenon that is Robertson, they get to see him tested against true competition. Who will come knocking on #10’s door? 

5. Ryan Machan (13-7) vs. Josh Powell (5-1)
Ax Combat 2 – Calgary – November 11
Josh Powell’s hiatus from MMA lasted nearly three years, but now he’s back and looking to cement himself as one of the nation’s best. The only thing Powell has been missing is a signature win. Enter Canadian MMA gatekeeper Ryan Machan. Machan, who usually fights at Welterweight, holds wins over Brad Cardinal, Kajan Johnson and David Hulett. Defeating Machan would be a huge feather in Powell’s cap, but Machan is no easy fight stylistically. Powell, a powerful wrestler from Hamilton, enjoys taking his opponents to the mat and unleashing his fury from top position. Downside to Powell’s strategy is Machan, just like his Pure Fitness bretheran, is as much at home off his back as he is on top, that sounded bad didnt it? Anyway, either Powell gets the win that cements his status on the national scene or Machan proves he’s no stepping stone. 

6. Mike Sledzion (3-1) vs. Will Romero (7-3)
Bellator 57 – Orillia – November 12
With Romero’s three fight losing skid fully in the rearview mirror, “Leon” looks to continue his rise back up Canada’s Featherweight rankings. Standing in front of Romero is an up and coming slugger who is making his 145 lbs debut. Sledzion, less then 12 months into his pro career, already has a highlight reel KO to his credit when he Nelmarked Marc Lefebvre (see UFC Ultimate Ultimate ’96) just 35 seconds into their fight. Romero will have speed and technique on his side while Sledzion will enjoy the strength and power advantage. The real winners here will be the fans in attendance at Casinorama as Sledzion has never gone three rounds and Romero hates to. The smart money has to be on an exciting finish.

7. Rogers Hollett (12-3) vs. John Hawk (6-3)
Bellator 57 – Orillia – November 12
Canada’s third ranked Light Heavyweight finally makes his Bellator debut. Earlier this year, Hollett made waves by TKOing fellow top 10 ranked Martin Desilet, since then, nothing but silence. With a shot at Bellator’s next Light-Heavyweight grand prix not guaranteed but very much implied, a lot is on the line for “The Hulk”. Standing opposite of the Halifax native is John Hawk, a member of Ohio’s Strong Style Fight Team. Not much is known about Hawk and that may not be a good thing for Hollett. Hawk has won 50% of his fights by TKO and that is a good thing for Hollett as “the Hulk” enjoys nothing more then throwing down. With a win over Hawk, Hollett probably won’t skyrocket up the rankings but it will guareentee him another fight in Bellator and with Hollett’s star on the rise, this could start him on the road to international stardom.

8. Jesse Bongfeldt (15-5-1) vs. Brandon MacArthur (6-17)
Rumble In The Cage 45 – Lethbridge – November 26
One loss and one draw wasn’t enough to keep “Water” in the UFC’s good graces, but Jesse remains hopefull he’ll return shortly. First up is Brandon MacArthur. Sure, MacArthur’s record isn’t pretty, and sure he’s topped out his longest losing streak at eight in row, but rumor is MacArthur has been taking training seriously. For evidence of MacArthur’s new found seriousness, one needs only to watch his first round Guillotine finish of Dan Chambers this past September. Bongfeldt is coming off a Guillotine loss and with MacArthur coming off a Guillotine win, this fight seems a lot closer then the records might suggest. If your looking for a three round war, you have come to the wrong fight. What you will get is 5-7 minutes of balls to the wall action with an exciting finish. Either Bongfeldt starts to ressurect his career or MacArthur takes two in a row and we then have to decide if a 7-17 fighter can crack Canada’s top 10 Middleweight rankings.

9. Allan Munroe (3-3) vs. Jesse Fox (4-4)
Ax Combat 2 – Calgary – November 11
On any normal top 10 list this match up may have fallen through the cracks. Considering the talent in this tilt that would have been unfortunate. Munroe cracked the top 10 of September with his fight against hot prospect Maged Hammo, where Munroe managed to take home a decision victory. Fox has had rougher go of late dropping back to back split decisions to Rob Roy and Mitch MacPhee. Prior to Fox’s recent setback, he secured W’s over both the Davis brothers. Considering both men have even records, there’s alot on the line in the cage. Someone leaves with a winning record and someone falls below .500. Time to see who the bigger propect is.

10. Paul Cheng (1-0) vs. Peter Nolan (1-0)
Armageddon Fighting Championship 7 – Victoria – November 5
With Canada’s Heavyweight division almost barren, it is nice to see two up and comers facing off against each other. Cheng debuted less then five months ago, defeating Adam Querido via unanimous decision. Nolan, a Tap Star protege out of Toronto, debuted over a year ago at KOTC Sentinel submitting Kris Miskenack in the first round. Both competitors have solid camps behind them and a bright future in front of them. Armageddon has done a fantastic job in helping us know who’s at the top of the next crop of Heavyweight stars.

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  1. ryan farse says:

    8. Jesse Bongfeldt (15-5-1) vs. Brandon MacArthur (6-17) that’s why that show is a joke.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 9 Thumb down 14

  2. Joe Doerksen says:

    Mark Pavelich posting as ryan farse. That’s why Mark is a Canadian mma joke.

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  3. ryan farse says:

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  4. mike kent says:

    Lol my manager contacted Ritc and asked for the fight against bongfieltd they said no and then put that guy into fight lol that’s pathetic coming out of the ufc .probally not getting a call back after Jesse destroys this guy

    Thumb up 3 Thumb down 1

  5. ryan farse says:

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  6. Mike Davis says:

    Why is everyone saying Hot Debate, seen it so much on here.

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  7. Cody Rempel says:

    haha.. I was thinking the same thing earlier Mike, and then I realized that it says that when there are close to the same amount of thumbs up and thumbs down! +5 and it’ll say “Well Loved” and -5 it’ll say “Poorly Rated”

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  8. Darren Owen says:

    Alessio just won via decision.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 9 Thumb down 1

  9. Cj Saftic says:

    Yea it was a really tough fight but he did enough to grind out the decision. I think 155 will be good to Alessio.

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  10. mymmaopinion says:

    I love
    Watching Brandon Mcarthur fight but it’s a joke putting him up against Jesse, very poor matchup.

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  11. Graham Weenk says:

    Ford Robertson can not fight Nov 11th, unable to get time off work…this is has been the unfortunate story of the last year for him, new job and very tough for him to get the time in training and the time off during fight weeks.

    we had him lined up to fight Omic in October but the entire event fell thru a week before fight day. Too bad because ford had to make allot of adjustments with work to have the time to train and get the time off on fight week.

    He’ll most likely be unable to fight again until sometime in 2012.

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  12. Jamie Locke says:

    That’s too bad… Would have been a great fight.

    Do they have a replacement to fight Omic?

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  13. BigBoi says:

    Why are you guys voting Farse down? Jesse should not be in the ring with Brandon. That’s going to be a brutally one sided beat down.

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  14. Don Wilson Jr. says:

    Awfully well written piece of writing!!!

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