The Ultimate Fighter 14 – Episode 6 Recap


Will Canada’s Roland Delorme fight or is he out with a foot infection? We will find out this week.

Show starts with Delorme showing his swollen foot. He is taking antibiotics and hoping it will correct. The rest of the team go train without him. The legendary Rafael Cordeiro stops by to help Mayhem coach.

Helping out Team Bisping is Tito Ortiz, who was Bisping’s coach on the Ultimate Fighter. Tito was teaching the finer points of ground and pound.

Team Bisping is pissed at their teammate TJ Dillashow because he told Bisping that he was the best fighter on the team and deserved Delorme, who they felt was the weaker Bantamweight on Team Mayhem. Akira and Diego say they are going to teach TJ a lesson in sparring tomorrow. The see TJ as a coward. Marcus Brimage starts getting into it with Dillashaw as well. Bisping thinks this is the best training that you can have if you get through it without getting injured. Later, Akira tells Bisping that they were trying to knock him out.

Rolly gets cleared by the doc to fight. He just can’t kick with it until the fight. He feels a bit sluggish but he is getting back into training mode.

Mayhem plays a joke on Tiki Ghosn. He gets big cement highway barriers placed around Tiki’s car in response to Mayhem getting his car towed.

Josh Ferguson thinks Roland’s straight punches have a chance at beating TJ. Johnny Bedford thinks Dillashaw is the best Bisping fighter, however, he says Roland is dangerous and one mistake is all he needs to beat TJ.

Roland sold his restaurant and is taking a chance.

Dillashaw says he is not a boring wrestler. He wants to take out his opponent.

Delorme says he is Dillashaw’s kryptonite. Even though TJ trains with Urijah Faber, Delorme says he can sub him on the ground or KO him standing.

TJ Dillashaw vs Roland Delorme
R1. Kick to the body by Delorme and he is immediately taken down by Dillashaw. No problem. Rolly back to his feet immediately. Rolly kicks again and it is caught by Rolly. Delorme pulls guard and ends up eating some punches from Dillashaw before TJ moves to side control. Dillashaw lands some elbows from side before Delorme rises to his feet. Dillashaw lands a couple and grabs a double leg. Dillashaw had Delorme’s back and then rains punches down from half guard. Delorme eating elbows and punches while on his back. Delorme rises to his feet but gets swept down. Dillashaw goes for the D’arce choke but Delorme back to his feet. Straight left lands by Rolly. Uppercut leg kick scores for Delorme. Tie up and a knee by Dillashaw. The two go to the ground and Delorme back on the canvas. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Dillashaw

R2. A big right rocks Delorme to the canvas. Rolly is eating rights from Dillashaw on the ground. Dillashaw pounding on Delorme with elbows from the side. Dillashaw has his back and Delorme taps out. Roland was overwhelmed.
TJ Dillashaw submits Roland Delorme in Round 2

“I wanted it…didn’t get it,” says Delorme.

Semi-Finals are now picked:

Featherweight Semi-Finals
Akira Corassini vs Dennis Bermudez
Diego Brandao vs Bryan Caraway

Bantamweight Semi-Finals
TJ Dillashaw vs Dustin Pague
John Dodson vs Johnny Bedford

Next Episode: Bermudez vs Corassini

7 Responses to “ The Ultimate Fighter 14 – Episode 6 Recap ”

  1. Robin Black says:

    Rolly got to show some great heart and toughness. Be proud man.

    Hopefully seeya at the finale Rolly!

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  2. Jake204 says:

    Rolly is awesome and a class act. His team, friends, and family are all proud of him. It can only get bigger and better from here!

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  3. hawkes says:

    Rolly would never make excuses but he was really sick going into that fight. An infection that serious isn’t something you just shake off as the show would suggest. In fact his corner didn’t even warm him up back stage because they were afraid he would gas from being sick.

    I want to see rolly fight on the finale and then rematch TJ. Show him what wamma is really made of!

    Well-loved! Thumb up 8 Thumb down 0

  4. jesse1999 says:

    Roland will always have a spot in the Canadian shows

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  5. Tyler Davis says:

    One if the only guys not just looking for air time. Kept it classy not participating in pranks ect. Dude is tough as nails

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  6. harry balls says:

    :( to him losing, but he fought one of the tougher cats for sure. And he withstood a hell of a beating. Hope he gets a shot at the big show.

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  7. Robin Black says:

    Fingers crossed he’s on the finale.

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