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Despite being relocated on short notice, Saturday’s Summum 7 went off smoothly, as the amateur fighters delivered virtually wall-to-wall action over eight fiercely contested bouts, much to the pleasure of the approximately 250 fans gathered.

The event’s move from le Skratch in Repentigny to the Sterling Pub in Joliette, northeast of Montreal, looked to have been prompted by Quebec amateur MMA’s existence in a legal gray zone. Though technically not illegal, it isn’t officially sanctioned either. As a result, police will typically allow shows to go forth as long as no one calls in to complain.

As it were, prior to Saturday’s event an unidentified party did call in, forcing the relocation, according to promoter Joey Benoit. It was the second time in three events this happened, after an even shorter notice location switch for Summum 5.

Saturday’s event was headlined by Kanreikai’s Kevin Lampron (5-3, amateur) successfully defending his belt for a second time, via rear-naked choke over experienced Juvaldo Welterweight Bruno-Pierre Dubois.

After landing early, Lampron caught a Dubois head kick and forced a takedown. Dubois battled from his back, eventually working his way to an arm-bar attempt. Lampron spent a considerable amount of time working to block it, stacking BPD before eventually turning out into side-control. As BPD turned over, Lampron took his back, and got the choke.

Besides the title fight, the evening belonged to Terrebonne’s Team Barbarian, who brawled their way to a 4-0-1 (plus a win in an exhibition bout) record on the night, including a perfect 4-0 in head-to-head action against Kanreikai FC. Relentless throughout, the team bounced back from a 2-3 night at Summum 6.

Per Top MMA News:

Fight of the Night: As is often the case, the evening’s smallest fight weight-wise was also the most exciting. Team Barbarian’s Jonathan De Smet and Kanreikai’s Jean-Francois Ratelle traded liberally, exchanging uppercuts, hooks, and kicks, as well as submissions and healthy doses of ground-and-pound at a relentless pace. Ratelle slipped up a couple of times by delivering illegal knees, and was eventually deducted a point. Regardless, De Smet’s win was deserved, as he landed takedowns and achieved full mount in the final two rounds. By the time the unanimous decision was announced, Ratelle’s right eye was nearly swollen shut, and De Smet’s nose was bloodied.

Submission(s) of the Night: Also the evening’s biggest upset, Team Barbarian’s Maxime Martens (4-1, amateur) entered his fight with Kanreikai’s Miky Houle (7-5, amateur) fresh off a win against his teammate Hugo Boisvert at Summum 6. Despite having less than half as much in-ring experience, Martens was sharp enough to capitalize on an opportunity Houle gave him and get the rear-naked. After being taken down, Martens escaped from half-guard and reversed the position. As Houle chose to turn, Marten’s got on his back, and held on despite Houle planting his feet and and straightening out his legs. Refusing to let go, Marten’s flattened Houle out, and quickly slipped in the choke for the finish.

The Light-Heavyweight bout between Kevin Gravel and Danny Langlois was also a highlight and crowd-favourite. After trading furiously on the feet, Gravel appeared to have broken Langlois’s nose. With blood flowing heavily, Gravel landed a huge judo style takedown straight into full mount, took the turning Langlois’s back, and forced the tap with a rear-naked choke. Officials were required to scrub the blood off the mat post-fight.

Knockout of the Night: The evening’s only TKO finish came via ground-and-pound in the third round of a bout where both Ottawa’s Matthew Richardson and Trois-Riviere’s Alex Galarneau seemed mostly interested in trading strikes, whether on the feet or the ground. Richardson had a narrow advantage throughout, taking the first round by landing more, including a back kick, then taking Galarneau down as time ran out. The pattern mostly repeated itself in the second round, as well as the third, where Richardson landed a trip takedown, then delivered ground-and-pound from half-guard, and later full mount. Though Galarneau was far from being knocked out, Richardson landed enough shots at a consistent rate for the referee to step in with only 12 seconds left in the fight.

William Vasquez served as referee for the evening’s eight bouts. Sanctioned by the ‘Federation Quebecoise de Boxe Mixte Amateur’ (FQBM), Saturday’s fights took place under amateur rules. On top of being in a ring, the three rounds are two minutes each (three minutes for title fights). Fighters wear 12 ounce gloves and shin pads. Elbow and knee strikes, hammer-fists, and submissions involving twisting (e.g. heel hooks), are prohibited.

Quick Results (weight divisions in bold)
175Kevin Lampron (Kanreikai FC) submits Bruno-Pierre Dubois (Juvaldo) via rear-naked choke at 2:28 of Round 1. Lampron successfully defends his Summum welterweight title.

155Maxime Martens (Team Barbarian) submits Miky Houle (Kanreikai FC) via rear-naked choke at 1:23 of Round 1.

205Kevin Gravel (Team Barbarian) submits Danny Langlois (Kanreikai FC) via rear-naked choke at 1:34 of Round 1.

170Matthew Richardson (N1 Thai Boxing) def. Alex Galarneau (Stevie Boxe) via TKO (ground-and-pound) at 1:48 of Round 3.

140Jonathan De Smet (Team Barbarian) def. Jean-Francois Ratelle (Kanreikai FC) via unanimous judges’ decision.

ExhibitionSimon Olivier Nolet (Team Barbarian) fought Louis Charles Gareau (Team Extreme). Though an exhibition (Gareau was a last-minute replacement and was outweighed by more than ten pounds by Nolet), the fight ended late in the 2nd round when Gareau’s corner threw in the towel in the midst of their fighter being ground-and-pounded by Nolet.

155Jeremie Lefebvre (Repentigny Martial Arts) and Patrick Archambault (Team Barbarian) fought to a split draw.

170Yanick Fleury (Team Barbarian) def. Dave Yanakis Ladouceur (Kanreikai FC) via split judges’ decision.

Fight Sports Promotion, Summum’s parent company, returns in two weeks on November 12th with Impakt Fight Night 3, a half amateur Muay Thai, half amateur MMA event.

Julian Cymbalista-Clapp is also editor-in-chief for Montreal MMA News.

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