Canadian Rumour Mill – Halloween Edition


Congrats to Nathan Gunn in defeating Nabil Khatib and winning the Wreck MMA Welterweight Championship in one heck of a 5 round title fight. I have to say the Wreck show was very enjoyable, streamed beautifully on thescore (looked great in HD), had some great competitive fights, and good commentary. Impressed!

And well I guess Nick Diaz vs GSP is back on again! Wow! Diaz looked super impressive in beating up BJ Penn.

  • Looks like the Pure FC main event is going to be Ryan Machan vs AFC champion John Salter.
  • 5 time UFC vet Tim Hague will be making his boxing debut in Edmonton on December 9th.  (By the way, notice that while everyone was saying Hague would fight Lashley, Gossip Queen was the one who had it right all along?)
  • Has hell frozen over in Winnipeg? Sounds like CFC Gym fighters Kyle Oliveira and Travis Gervais may appear on the Cage Fighting Manitoba show. Great to see CFC and CFM talking as that can only help Winnipeg MMA. What does this say about the future of CFC as a show???
  • Matchmaker Orest Zymndak and KOTC Canada have parted ways.
  • Speaking of King of The Cage, Shannon Ritch got TKOd last week, I’m guessing Luke Harris will need a new opponent for his November 18th KOTC Canada fight.
  • It sounds like Ringside will not go ahead with a December card in Quebec City.
  • Look for Instinct MMA 3 to have at least a couple female MMA fights, with possibly Jessica Branco of BTT Canada and Steve Bosse’s partner Ariane Goyette competing in separate match ups.
  • Ringside Bantamweight champion Stephane Pelletier will most likely avoid Mitch Gagnon for his next fight.  I don’t blame him!
  • Pavelich has been tweeting that MFC will be in the US in 2012.  Will this finally be the year?
  • Although Gouveia/Lewis has been announced by MFC, this fight is still dependent on Dwayne’s back holding up in training. Mark this one as 50% happening for now.

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  1. Bobby Karimi says:

    If I was Tim, there is no reason at all I’d fight Fortin. Zero reward fight for him, lots of more rewarding fights for Tim.

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  2. Jamie Locke says:

    That’s if you were Tim….

    I understand why he wouldn’t, but I’d still like to see it. It would be a great fight defining the best HW in Canada.

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  3. TSM says:

    Thanks Edm MMA, your right about Tims excitement he’s a great guy and let’s excitement get the best of him lol, but I wouldn’t say he called Pedro or Bobby out, as for tim having to fight Fortin maybe it would be a great fight but to say Tim will only get respect if he fights him is crazy At 6-3 Ryan should get a few more wins, and Hague has been to UFC twice you can’t take that away from him,

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  4. Tito says:

    The biggest fight for Tim in Canada is Fortin. Bottom line.

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  5. mike kent says:

    Thanks everyone for their support and kind words over the last week ! It really means a lot ! I have been hospitalized for the last week and its looking like about another week before I’m able to return home . I just had surgery on my back and spine and back today to stop the fluid that your brain sits in and runs down your spine to stop leaking into my back

    I’m ashamed to say that I brought this on myself by not taken the proper steps And time off once I got a concussion . 10 days before me and dans fight I was flash Ko’d in training anf the next day had blurry vision and was throwing up and also had extreme headache . I decided to go ahead with the fight with dan and during that fight i received a few good shots to the head but nothing at the time I considered to serios . The next day I woke up I was extremly nautious and throwing up along with a extreme head ache and blurred Vision . So I was sure that I had a decent concussion . I took too full weeks of training and within a few days thy symptoms subsided and I began feeling good again .
    When I returned to the gym again to began trainkng I decided to only so bjj witin my first 5 minutes on the mat the group that was tolling beside us spun around and I got kicked extremly hard in the head by one of there heals by accident . I left the gym and went home feeling a extremly painful headache coming on . I went to sleep and when I woke up I couldn’t focus my eyes on anythkng for more then a few seconds had extreme double vision and was so nautous that j was throwing up everywhere . I also couldn’t walk in a straight line and had vertigo bad .
    When I got to the hospita. They immediately did a MRI and catscan which showed some swelling and bruising on the brain . They also did a Spinal Tap which had some white cells in it and traded of blood which is signs the brain was bleeding . Also it appeared to that the fluid whicch your brain sits in was leakjnv somewherre in my back and they would need to do a patch to fix that .

    All of this becuase the doctors told me thag I had upto three concussions back to back to back . ( the ko at my gym , the fight with dan amd the heel to the head during bjj .

    I handled this situation terribly and only have myself to blame for what apears to be the end of my career . Doctors told me that I need to take off 5 months minimum from all physical activity and then if I wish I can have test done to see where I stand but the all figure competing is out of the question .

    The reason I’m still here is becuase my headaches haven’t let up at all . I still can’t walk steady and my blurry vision hasn’t subsided amd I’m having very odd outcomes to neorologicl test and tests on my reflexes .

    I’m devestated that Fighting for me had ended so abruptly and I am writing such a long explaination becuase I hope other fighters will learn from this and take better care of there concussions amd the proper time off so they don’t get out in this situation .
    I Think that Cuncussions are frequently ignored in what we do becuase fighters don’t want to miss training and cancel fights . Obviously this shoes that by doing that your putting yourself at risk for serious harm .

    Thanks for evertomes support

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  6. mike kent says:

    And if anyone doubts how bad my concussion is that was me writing that lol not my 1 year old daughter lol

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  7. Robin Black says:

    Don’t worry about the sport now man. Just focus on your family and your health. It’ll all be waiting for you to bring your drive and passion to the things that you love.

    Now you can take all the things that make you a fighter and use them to get well. And to set your loved ones at ease and let them see you get healthy. So you can be a leader in your family now and to athletes later.

    Get well soon fine sir.

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  8. Thanks for the update Mike.

    Take care and get healthy soon!

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  9. mike kent says:

    Thanks guys .

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  10. JYD says:

    In general, fighters need to take better care of themselves. We are a stubborn breed and have been instilled with the notion of ‘pain is merely weakness leaving the body’… but, unfortunately sometimes pain is your body telling you to stop torturing it.

    stretch, wear protective gear when sparring, exercise intelligently, seek medical attention when you are injured, take breaks.

    pull a dirty… drink beer, eat burgers, be human between bouts.

    I wish you a speedy and full recovery Mike. Be patient, persistent, and don’t rush into anything. The majority of my set-backs were because I tried to speed through the recovery/rehab process.

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  11. james says:

    you guys are saying there is no reward in fight ryan fortin? well where the fuck we’re you guy at his last match??? he faught a bum no other way to say it. he had no reward there, what would he have done if he lost? i bet his boxing fight he like fight a guy whos 0-0 or 1-10 and what reward is that?

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  12. Cody Rempel says:

    Tim’s opponent on December 9th is Patrick Graham (6-5)

    I may have to check this card out, from what I’ve heard, Jelena Mrdjenovich, Sheldon Westcott and Shane Campbell will all be on the card as well!

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  13. james says:

    thats good he has boxed before. the guys 42 years old and hasn’t faught since 1999???? you think its really competitive? everyone hypes poor tim up but he really isn’t fighting anyone harder than his last mma match by the sounds of that cody.

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  14. Cody Rempel says:

    Never said anything about the fight… I just posted who his opponent was going to be!

    I think it should be a fairly easy win for Tim but who knows, Graham could surprise him, we don’t know how much he’s been training or how Tim’s striking skills are going to translate coming over from MMA, I’m not too knowledgeable on boxing but I’m sure there’s a bit of a difference!

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  15. Tyler Davis says:

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery mike, heal up man

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  16. jeffrey wilson says:

    Patrick Graham

    Solid opponent. Don’t worry that Graham is 42 years old, or that he hasn’t fought in the last decade. That stuff is not relevant at all.

    This is sports entertainment and its important that the fans are entertained.

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  17. Tito says:

    Hague tries to play his opponents up like they are a huge challenge. He posted something about the guy having more experience then him. He never mentioned the guy has been out 10 yrs and is 42 yrs old. Im embarassed this is our best hwt in Canada. Cant wait until Fortin smashes him.

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  18. Just some guy says:

    I don’t know much about this Patrick Graham guy, but I do know that KO Boxing wouldn’t want Tim to fight a bum. My interpretation is if I was a boxing promoter that tried to make in the MMA promotion world and failed. I would not bring Tim and opponent that he can just walk over. They want to show that MMA fighters can not hang with boxers in the boxing ring. This is not going to be like Adam Braidwood’s pro boxing debut, it might be more like Adam’s second fight. LOL.

    Also the last thing to go when you are a fighter is your power. Patrick knocked out a few of his opponents in his past with boxing gloves. Tim hasn’t knocked anyone out with boxing gloves yet.

    I am going to watch the fight as it is one of the better ones that KO Boxing has put on. Good for them to step it up.

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  19. Just some guy says:

    And for all we know Patrick Graham has been active for the last decade and is in the best shape of his life. But yet again he could just have been sitting around drinking beer for the last decade on welfare for all we know. Won’t know until we see him. Anyone know what Patrick is doing or what he even looks like now?

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  20. Shar 1 says:

    Mike, we’re all praying for you & your family.

    Even if you can’t compete as a fighter, there are a lot of areas you can work at in this sport!

    And your words of wisdom are speaking to all of us who train.

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  21. jeffrey wilson says:

    Why wouldn’t KO Boxing not want Tim to fight a bum?

    KO boxing has been involved in MMA in some capacity over the last several years. They own the PPV buy rights for all UFC broadcasts in Alberta. They started their own MMA promotions company, The Fight Club, and then teamed with Aggression. This means they don’t have any issues with MMA and look at it as a revenue stream.

    I think if they got Tim an easy win and developed him as a “contender” in boxing and cross promoted him in MMA shows as well it would a win/win for them. Do you think it makes sense they bring out some guy who is going to knock the piss out of Hague just to prove that boxing is better than MMA?

    I think KO boxing is way beyond that and look at things as a buisiness, and the way to sell tickets is to develop home grown champions such as Jelina, Ryan Ford etc. Winners sell tickets, and more importantly tables, which is the main revenue of KO boxing events.

    Get Tim Hague some easy wins in boxing and then you can market him as a legitimate contender for future shows. Thats how things are done. Let’s not forget that this sport involves making money.

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  22. Just some guy says:

    KO Boxing isn’t owned by it’s original owner any more. Glen Carriere has parted ways with KO Boxing promotion and Milan and his daughter Mel have taken over that part of the business. The PPV rights etc are owned by Glen, the boxing venue part is owned by Milan and a silent partner or two now. This is what I have been told.

    Since the douche bag from Calgary Eric De Guzman did some shady tactics that gave Glen such a bitter taste in his mouth he parted ways with the boxing side of things.

    I just hope boxing gets back on track here in Edmonton soon. There has been a dry spell in the boxing this year. Cross your fingers things pick up.

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  23. jeffrey wilson says:

    I hope too that boxing gets back on track. KO was responsible for putting on some decent cards and I know that Glen did leave the buisiness, from what I thought it was mostly due to health reasons.

    Glen was a good boxing promoter, a bit old school, but delivered a decent product and was responsible for keeping boxing alive in Edmonton for decades.

    De Guzman I heard is just a used car salesman type of promoter who is in the sport to make a fast buck at the expense of everyone.

    Seems many promotions now, not just boxing have taken a hit. Not the best cards, like it was a few years ago. I’m thinking that the fans have become more experienced as well, and you can’t just throw fighters at them with 0-3 records where most of their fighting experience has come from a drunk bar fight.

    If you are going to shell out hard earned money and attend an event it better be worth something.

    These promotions dabling into amateur fights now, should realize also that charging the same fees as professional fights, isn’t going to help your shows in the long run, if the fights are terrible. All it becomes is a scam so that promotions don’t have to pay fighters and get some bodies on a card. I’m not saying that amateur fighting doesn’t have a place as long as the fights are good, and that the public isn’t being duped into paying for something that doesn’t deliver.

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  24. ccanadx says:

    1. Boxing/mma/football/hockey all need to take head injuries very serious. I was in brain injury rehab and it is very spacy as u are ur brain– and if it malfunctions.. well u just are not u!
    2, Given that practice involves at least 20-40 times actual events,be careful in practice.
    3,Glen Carriere has a long history of boxing and helped edmonton be one of the best fight cities in Canad. Please do not knock the builders! Its a tough biz.

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  25. Bdc says:

    I enjoy ko boxing its a great time!!! Also ive seen it play on reg tv which is also great for local fighters.

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  26. Tito says:

    Im not fighter bashing but i find Tim Hague really an easy guy to dislike. Apparently so does everyone else by the number of people who hit the thumbs up button on my comments.

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  27. Oscar D says:

    I think FanBase Promotions has taken the lead in providing Boxing in Alberta. They have 4 shows one of which was on ESPN held in Phoenix. No BS fights at all. Two Calgary shows have been a great success. I think they were working with Glen at one point. Props to KO hope Milan can keep it going.

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  28. Cody Rempel says:

    The December 9th card is the first boxing card I’m going to be attending, lots of recognizable names from the MMA scene. In addition to Tim, Sheldon Westcott, Shane Campbell and Nick Dragich against Kalmakoff… and Jelena Mrdjenovich!

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  29. Dean Panas says:

    You get a press pass Cody? If you need anything let me know.

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  30. Cody Rempel says:

    Nope… just getting tickets with BKB!

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  31. Cj Saftic says:

    Yea that looks like a nice boxing card, former Olympian Abdullah Ramadan is also on it against undefeated Steve Franjic

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