WRECK MMA Photo Gallery


Mike Fischl was cageside at WRECK MMA.  Here are his photos of a great night of MMA action:

Wreck MMA: Nathan Gunn vs Nabil Khatib

Nathan Gunn defeats Nabil Khatib by Unanimous Decision (49-46) *** Nathan Gunn wins WRECK Welterweight title

Wreck MMA: Nick Denis vs Nick Mamalis

Nick Denis defeats Nick Mamalis by KO (Slam) in Round 2, 1:03

Wreck MMA: Rolles Gracie vs Lee Mein

Rolles Gracie submits Lee Mein by Head and Arm Choke in Round 1

Wreck MMA: Mike Reilly vs Remi Morvan

Remi Morvan submits Mike Reilly by Heel Hook in Round 1, 2:37

Wreck MMA: Mustafa Khalil vs Kyle Prepolec

Mustafa Khalil defeats Kyle Prepolec by Unanimous Decision (30-27,29-28,29-28)

Wreck MMA: Chris St. Jean vs Brandt Dewsbery

Brandt Dewsbery submits Chris St-Jean by Triangle Choke in Round 2, 2:06

Wreck MMA: Randy Turner vs Andrew Cseh

Randy Turner defeats Andrew Cseh by Split Decision (29-28,29-28,28-29)

Wreck MMA: Pablo Santos vs Johnny Zammouli

Pablo Santos submits Johnny Zammouli by Rear Naked Choke in Round 2, 4:13

Wreck MMA: Jeff Harrison vs James Haourt

Jeff Harrison defeats James Haourt by Unanimous Decision (30-27,30-27,30-27)

Wreck MMA: Derek Boase vs Paul Cressaty

Derek Boase submits Paul Cressaty by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 0:27

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  1. Logan Morrison says:

    Nick Denis.. not Nick Diaz!

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  2. Brutal….thanks.

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  3. Jeff Harrison says:

    Is this it or are more coming?

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  4. We will have a bunch added throughout today and tomorrow as we work down the card, Jeff.

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  5. Jeff harrison says:

    Sweet! Thanks

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