Top MMA News talks to Nathan Gunn, WRECK Champion


Top MMA News’ Don Wilson talks with Nathan Gunn who had just captured the WRECK MMA Welterweight title. Gunn covers a ton of topics, including:

  • his close win over Nabil Khatib,
  • his broken left hand sustained in the fight,
  • the impending birth of his child,
  • and what is next for him in the cage.

11 Responses to “ Top MMA News talks to Nathan Gunn, WRECK Champion ”

  1. Pat G says:

    gunn is a promising fighter and a class act, well deserved.

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  2. Gunner says:

    Thanks to Topmmanews for the great coverage and also big thanks to Big Win for tracking me down before i had a chance to endulge in to many beverages prior to this interview this time. Big thanks to Nabil for bringing the best out of you are truly a warrior and tough SOB it was an honor going to war with you and hopefully the crowd enjoyed every minute of that battle. Thank you to everyone

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  3. Dean Panas says:

    Great interview guys! Congrats on the win Gunner and the best to you and your family! I hope all is well with mom and the baby.

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  4. Dean Panas says:

    I have to add, that’s the way you thank sponsors!!

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  5. Kiss - Destroyer says:

    That “GUNNER” photo in the front page is cool. Nice pic!

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  6. Robin Black says:

    Kiss-Destroyer is an awesome album!

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  7. Gunner says:

    no such thing as an awesome picture of me Robin confirms i am an ugly as sin dude

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  8. Robin Black says:

    ah, you’re not so bad, i only call you ugly to make me feel better about my short stature receding hairline :)

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  9. Robin Black says:

    short stature AND receding hairline

    -and because i’m too old to see what i’m typing ;)

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  10. Kiss - Destroyer says:

    I was talking about the picture of your back.

    The picture of you throwing a punch is hard to look at without throwing up a bit in my mouth.


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  11. If Holst ever comes out of retirement, I want to see Gunner vs Holst at 170 next.

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