Hard Knocks 18 – Calgary – November 25


Date: November 25, 2011
Location: Century Casino in Calgary, AB
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Pro Fights:
170lbs- Keto Allen (6-3) vs. Advin Omic (8-4)
145lbs- Marc Savoie (1-2) vs. Todd Molyneaux (0-2)
155lbs- Matt Krayco (4-2) vs.  Julius Huhs (1-0)
155lbs- Jesse Arnett (0-0) vs. Chantha Bun (0-0)

Amateur Fights:
170lbs- Mackenzie Senger (2-0) vs Gurdip Rangi (0-0)
145lbs- Tyler Kneiss (1-1) vs. Justin LaFrance (0-1)
170lbs- KB Bhullar (0-0) vs. Allistair Noble (0-0)
170lbs- Justin Evans (0-0) vs. Logan Heavy Shield (0-0)
165lbs- Ryan Preston (0-1) vs. Adam Cunningham (0-0)
185lbs- Daymon Miller (0-0) vs. Jesse Enns (0-1)
145lbs- Josh Eggie (1-0) vs. Brad Carson-Handley (0-0)
170lbs- Brett Currie (0-1) vs. Mustafa Samif Yosef (0-0)
155lbs- Denham Pereira (0-1) vs Todd Vatcher (0-0)

13 Responses to “ Hard Knocks 18 – Calgary – November 25 ”

  1. Cody Rempel says:

    UPDATE: Added Keto Allen

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  2. Mike Davis says:

    Logan Heavy Shield……kick ass name

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  3. Tyler Davis says:

    Go josh Eggie, ko or tko

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  4. Liam says:

    War Eggie! Josh by KO rd 1. Yes, KO

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  5. Blackout says:

    some more picks of mine….

    Allen (I like the guy, he deserves a win, regardless of his opponent, thats my pick) Savoie, Krayco, Devey, Blanchard,Arnett, Yosef, Eggie, Miller, Cunningham, Ryan, Ward, Heavy shield, Noble, Kneiss, Vatcher.

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  6. Jamie Locke says:

    Does the winner of Keto vs Advin rematch Buckland for the title? Or will the try and add a little depth to their pro league before title defense?

    Looking forward to hearing about Keto and Advin throwning down… Interesting match up.

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  7. Advin Omic says:

    I like the way you think Jamie! This will be a great battle I know Keto wants to win really bad, and I’ve been unfortunelty dropping fights like crazy I’m just stoked to be able to test my new skills since working with Gary Vig n team Arashido. I’m very excited to put on a show for Calgary. And the buckland rematch would make it all that much more worth it!!!!!

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  8. Jamie Locke says:

    Just read on Bucklands wall that he’ll be vacating the Title. That makes Keto number one doesn’t it? Why not make this a 5 rounder for the new belt?

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  9. Mike Davis says:

    How do you vacate a title without a defence that’s kinda lame, what’s the point of champions if you do not need to defend it?

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  10. Jamie Locke says:

    Andrew says he discussed it with Ari and got a bigger opportunity for a multi fight elsewhere.

    More to follow. I’m interested to hear who and where he’s fighting next….

    Question still remains; why not make Keto vs Advin for the strap?

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  11. jeff S says:

    was there a change to justin evans opponent?

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