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The Montreal area’s ever busy amateur schedule continued chugging along Friday night, as the Orion gym in Longueuil put on a card packed with home team talent for its third show.

With only the main event going the distance, the evening’s eleven bouts flew by quickly. At 8-2 for the night, the Orion team generally looked sharper technique and fitness-wise than their opponents, some short-notice replacements.

About 175 fans showed up for the action, a significant drop from the 500 or so who attended the inaugural event in June.

Julien Dumont served as referee for the evening’s eleven bouts. Sanctioned by the ‘Federation Quebecoise de Boxe Mixte Amateur’ (FQBM), Saturday’s fights took place under amateur rules. On top of being in a ring, the three rounds are two minutes each. Fighters wear 12 ounce gloves and shin pads. Elbow and knee strikes, hammer-fists, and submissions involving twisting (e.g. heel hooks), are prohibited.

Per Top MMA News

Fight of the Night: The Jeremie Capony-Maxime Blanchard main event was the only bout to go the distance, and it was also the most evenly matched. Ultimately coming down to a split decision, both competitors showed up to fight. With a standing guillotine attempt, a trip-takedown, and side, then back control, Blanchard easily took the opening round. In the second, Blanchard outstruck Capony on the feet, landing his right hook and leg kicks quite a few times. Capony managed to buckle Blanchard with a punch towards the end of the round, before landing a takedown where he was again caught in a guillotine attempt he escaped with seconds left. Likely knowing he was down on the judges’ cards, Capony came out head-hunting in the third, connecting with left hooks before landing a takedown. Stuck in Blanchard’s guard for the rest of the round, Capony, though in control, could not do enough damage to finish. The decision was a split one for Blanchard, the difference likely coming from the closer second round.

Submission of the Night: Possibly a double submission depending on which side you believe, Jeremy McNamara‘s second round triangle took some time, but ultimately got the job done. After a Jordan Turcotte takedown, McNamara locked in the choke, no small feat given the shin guards amateurs wear. Fighting off Turcotte punches, McNamara held on, only letting go after what he thought was a tap (Turcotte said it was more punches). After a brief argument, the triangle was reapplied in the center of the ring. Unable to escape it, Turcotte flipped over, to no avail. Mcnamara finally got the tap, by which time he had the triangle from mount.

Knockout of the Night
: With his opponent swinging wildly and looking increasingly gassed, Kaneil Gordon was given a big opportunity to finish, and did not miss. After Menacé Zephir ate a huge punch, he turned his back and tried to walk away to create some distance. Without missing a beat, Gordon buckled him with a huge right hook, then finished the TKO with punches in the corner. The evening’s only other punch-based finish, Simon Talbot‘s 25-second TKO of Jonathan Thérondels, via flurry of straights and hooks was also impressive.

Quick results (weight divisions are in bold):
170Maxime Blanchard (Nordik Fight Club) def. Jeremie Capony (Orion MMA) by split judges’ decision.

160 Karim Ranni (Orion MMA) def. Eric Dastout (Gym Action) via verbal submission (abandonment) at 1:48 of Round 2.

155Richard Lepage (Team Extreme) def. Florent Martins (Orion MMA) via TKO (abandonment due to elbow injury) at 0:52 of Round 2.

165Jeremy Mcnamara (Orion MMA) submits Jordan Turcotte (Sherboxe) via triangle choke at 1:21 of Round 2.

200Vincent Houle (Orion MMA) submits Jean-Philipe Nadeau (Gym Action) via arm-bar at 0:57 of Round 2.

175Matthew Rusniak (Orion MMA) submits Sénad Morina (Nordik Fight Club) via rear-naked choke at 1:25 of Round 2.

165Mathieu Daviault (Orion MMA) submits Patrick Côté (Gym Action) via arm-bar at 1:29 of Round 1.

185Kaneil Gordon (Orion MMA) def. Menacé Zephir (Team Extreme) via TKO (punches) at 0:34 of Round 2.

150 Simon Talbot (Orion MMA) def. Jonathan Thérondels (Team Extreme) via TKO (punches) at 0:25 of Round 1.

155Simon Boukorras (Orion MMA) def. Christian Ouellete (Gym Action) via DQ (illegal submission) at 1:57 of Round 1. Ouellete had Boukorras screaming in pain (looked like an injured right knee) after applying something resembling an old-school Ken Shamrock WWF ankle lock, except while sitting on Boukorras’s side, facing away from him. Because the submission involved twisting, which is illegal at the amateur level, Boukorras was awarded the fight.

130Jon Walnot (Speedy Gym) submits Manuel Généreux (Team Bergeron) via rear-naked choke at 1:10 of Round 1.

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