Wreck MMA Play by Play – Gunn defeats Khatib by Unanimous Decision


Don Wilson is at Wreck MMA in Gatineau tonight. Refresh this page throughout the night for the play by play from the event:

Top MMA News Awards:

  • Fight of the Night – Nathan Gunn vs Nabil Khatib
  • KO of the Night – Nick Denis KO Slam over Nick Mamalis
  • Submission of the Night – Remi Morvan Heel Hook on Mike Reilly

Nathan Gunn vs. Nabil Khatib
*** For WRECK MMA Welterweight title

Round 1: Gunn comes out throwing and bulls Khatib into the cage. Gunn attempts the high crotch but Khatib defends, he switches to a double but again Khatib defends. The ref sperates them and Gunn comes forward landing a big hook on Khatib`chin. Khatib now forces Gunn against the cage, looks for the single  but Gunn defends. Khatib looks low for the double and Gunn takes advantage and cinches in the guillotine. Khatib escapes by taking Gunn to the mat. Gunn makes it back to his feet and returns the favor by taking Khatib down, Khatib attempt a kimura but the horn sounds before he can sink it in.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Gunn

Round 2: Gunn lands 4 big hooks on Khatib who takes them and clinches up. Up against the fence Gunn looks for the double but Khatib pushes him off and lands a jab teep kick combo. Khatib reverse and has Gunn against the cage, Khatib looks for a double but Gunn defends well. Khatib finally lands a week double leg but Gunn recovers back to his feet quickly. Khatib gets better position and finaaly lands the full double leg and slams Gunn to the ground. Khatib takes north, south position and stays close doing no damage. Khatib passes to side control and looks to be setting up the arm bar. The 10 second warning hit, Khatib gives up position and Gunn makes it back to his feet just as the round closes out.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Khatib

Round 3: Once again Gunn comes forward with hook and forces Khatib against the fence. Gunn can`t land the double so he punishes Khatib’s knees with his knees. The ref seperates the fighters, Gunn clips khatib with a hook that brings Khatib to 1 knee but Khatib is able to hold on and land the double lef slam in retaliation. Khatib has top position and escapes Gunn’s half guard and looks for side control but Gunn escapes out the back. Back on their feet, Gunn ties Khatib up against the cage. The ref seperates them, Khatib shoots in, Gunn defends and stands up Khatib with 3 big right hooks and 2 knees from the plum just as the horn sounds.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Gunn

Round 4: Gunn lands some vicious low kicks, but Khatib retaliates with powerful kicks of his own. Gunn stands Khatib up with some solid hooks that rock Khatib then follows it up with a jumping knee against the cage. Khatib seems to be slowing but is standing tough against everything Gunn is throwing at him. Gunn stumbles backwards and Khatib shoots in and takes Gunn to the mat. Khatib works some ground and pound from half guard. Khatib with some brutal back elbows. Khatib cinches in a tight guillotine and rolls Gunn onto his back, luckily for Gunn he is saved by the bell. Damn this is a helluva fight.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Khatib

Round 5: Both men landing hooks on each other. Gunn grabs the plum and throws some knees but Khatib pushes him off. Khatib drops down for the double but Gunn defends against the cage. Khatib fights with all his might and finally secures the takedown and deposits Gunn on his rear end. Both men are physically exhausted but somehow Gunn is able to reverse and secure top position. Gunn takes Khatib back but is sandwiched against the cage and cant extend to lock in the choke. Gunn continues to work for the choke but cannot finish from his position. The round ends with Gunn still trying to finish the choke. Damn great fight, has to be top 5 of the year.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Gunn

Gunn defeats Khatib by Unanimous Decision (49-46, 49-46, 49-46)
** Gunn becomes the Inaugral Wreck MMA Welterweight Champion***

Nick Denis vs. Nick Mamalis

Round 1: Denis lands a nice right, left to start off the fight, but Mamalis scoops him up carries him over to his corner and plants him Matt Hughes style. Denis fights back to his feet quickly. Both men enter the clinch and Denis tosses Mamalis against the cage, then Mamalis returns the favor. Denis doing a number on the outer thigh of Mamalis, landing 7 consecutive knees. Again Mamalis picks Denis up and deposits him on the canvas. Denis back to his, but Mamalis jumps his back, sinks in the hooks and flattens Denis out. Denis fights his way out of a deep Mamalis RNC, but Mamalis still has back control. The 10 second warning sounds and Mamalis finishes off the round with some GNP.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Mamalis

Round 2: Mamalis lands a solid hook, ducks under Denis’ counter and lands the trip takedown. Denis fights to his feet  but almost gets caught in another RNC. Denis fights back to his feet again and lets out a loud scream, he then proceeds to pick Mamalis up and drive him back of the head first to the canvas. Mamalis is out cold!!!!!

Denis defeats Mamalis via KO (slam) @ 1:03 of Round 2

Lee Mein vs. Rolles Gracie

Round 1: Lee takes a low stance and Gracie bulls him into the fence. After a brief struggle, Mein is triped to the mat and Gracie quickly takes full mount. Mein bucks but Gracie keeps position and takes Mein`s back. Mein tries to roll back over but is caught in an arm triangle, Gracie switches sides and locks in the choke, Mein has no choice but to tap.

Gracie submits Mein via Arm Triangle @ 1:51 of Rd1

Mike Reilly vs. Remi Morvan

Round 1: Morvan land the first jab to start off the fight. Morvan shoots in scoops up Reilly and slams him to the canvas. Morvan showing some vigorous ground and pound, posturing up and landing elbow and punches. Morvan passes to full mount, postures up to deliver an elbow but gets swept by Reilly. Just as Reilly is about to take top position, Morvan leans back and takes an ankle with him, Reilly has no choice but to tap.

Morvan submits Reilly via Heel Hook @ 2:37 of Round 1

Kyle Prepolec vs. Mustafa Khalil

Round 1: Prepolec takes center ring and continues to circle and lad jabs and body kicks on his opponent. Khalil starts to work his hands landing a solid jab that bloodies up Prepolec’s nose. Khalil seems to have his distance and timing down, constantly ducking under Prepolec’s right hook and landing devastating overhand counters. Prepolec lands a low leg kicks that buckles Khalil’s footing. Khalil shoots in for the single but Prepolec defends nicely. Prepolec looks for a devastating head kick but misses as the horn sounds.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Khalil

Round 2: Both men come out exchanging low kicks and hooks. Prepolec is using his jab more effectively as he seems to be landing first and last. Khalil having some difficulty finding his range this round or Prepolec’s jab has him gun shy. Prepolec chasing Khalil around the cage landing some gruesome body hooks and even grabbing the back of the head and throwing some hockey shots. Khalil has resorted to throwing single punches while Prepolec chases him around throwing 3 punch combos. The 10 second mark hits and both men land big over hands to the grill before the horn.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Prepolec

Round 3: Nice body kick by Khalil to start off the round. Prepolec continues to show great head movement as he seems to avoid most of Khalil’s power shots. Another vicious kick from Khalil digs into Prepolec’s body. Prepolec responds with a vicious right hook of his own. Khalil lands a jab but Prepolec responds again with hook. Prepolec tees up a body kick but Khalil catches it and takes the fight to the mat. Khalil is working some short punches while inside the Prepolec’s guard. Prepolec issues some nice elbows from the bottom. Khalil is doing a great job keeping busy with short punches on the inside but Prepolec’s elbows off his back look painful. Khalil postures up at the 10 second mark and delivers three big punches to end off the fight. Now on to the judges, tough fight to.
Top MMA News scores the round a 10-10

Khalil defeats Prepolec via Unanimous Decision (30-27,29-28,29-28)

Brandt Dewsberry vs. Chris St-Jean

Round 1: Both men trying to find their range, nice spinning back head kick from Dewsberry misses the mark. St Jean sneaks around behind Dewsberry, takes out his knees and looks to take his back but Dewsberry spins at the last second and gets top position. St Jean showing impressive work off his back, locking up the triangle then transitioning to arm bar but Dewsberry escapes. Dewsberry landing some vicious back fists and hammer fists on his downed opponent but St Jean keeps working the high guard. St Jean leans forward and uses a grounded single leg to take over top position. St Jean stays close to his opponent while Dewsberry lands some heel kicks to St Jean’s mid section.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Dewsberry

Round 2: Dewsberry looks for the leg kick but St Jean dives in for the sinle and forces the fight to the canvas. St Jean passes to side control. Dewsberry regains guard and looks for the kimura but St Jean straightens his arm and escapes danger. Dewsberry quickly transitions to a deep triangle, rolls St Jean on his side and forces the tap.

Dewsberry submits St Jean via Triangle Choke @ 2:06 of Round 2

Andrew Cseh vs. Randy Turner

Rd1: Both men exchange some short shots but Cseh lands the first power punch, a right hook that wobbles Turner. Cseh has Turner up against the fence, punishes the thighs with some knees first, the lands the double leg take-down. Cseh takes his back but Turner stands and dives forward which loosens the choke and Turner escapes. Turner stands pushes Cseh against the cage and lands a furry of punches which seem to visibly rock Cseh. Cseh reverse position, pummels under and throws a few knees to Turner’s mid section. Cseh is looking for the high crotch take-down but Turner defends. Cseh switches to the single and Turner defends with a kimura attempt just as the round ends.

Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Cseh

Round 2: Turner lands some leg kicks and forces Cseh against the fence but Cseh manages to push him off. The men exchange punches at center ring and clinch back up, this time Cseh force the action back to the cage. Cseh works some knees to the inner thigh while Turner lands some short uppercuts. Turner escapes and bulls forward with a flurry of short punches, and back against the fence we go. Turner lands a left and a right head kick but Cseh is still standing. Cseh attempts to shoot in for the single but Turner defends and once again back against the cage we go. The ref separates the fighters and both men take center cage and throw down, Turner gets the better of the exchange landing to big overhand rights.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Turner

Round 3: Turner out the gate a little quicker forcing Cseh against the cage, Turner teeing up some nice combos with solid body kicks, Cseh comes back with a big flurry of his own starting with an uppercut and finishing with to big right hooks that connect and wobble Turner back against the cage. Cseh forces the fight to the canvas and quickly takes Turner’s back. Turner stands and this time tries jumping backwards to smash Cseh into the mat, Cseh grip loosens just enough for Turner to reverse and take top position inside Cseh’s guard. Cseh using high hips to look for the arm bar but Turner stays close and backs out as soon as he sees the opening. Back on their feet Cseh has Turner pushed up against the fence and looks for the single but Turner makes him pay with a short knee to the head. The round ends with both men jockeying for position against the cage.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Cseh

Turner defeats Cseh via Split Decision (29-28,29-28,28-29)

Pablo Santos vs. Johnny Zemouli

Round 1: Zammouli lands the takedown but Santos sweeps and winds up with top position. Santos backs out and hovers over his opponent and Zammouli looks for the ankle but Santos flattens him out. Santos postures up and land a couple shots standing over his opponent then jumps right back into guard. Zammouli continues to drive for single while on his knees but Santos is making  him pay with hammer fists and elbows to the head. Santos backs away and Zammouli stands up, right into a Santos double leg as the round closes out.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Santos

Round 2: Zammouli trying to land some haymakers but all are missing their mark. Santos is stalking Zammouli around the ring but dishing out very little offense. Santos misses with a vicious spinning head kick. Zammouli misses the leg kick and eats a right, left combo from Santos. Santos follows him down to the canvas and takes top position. Santos passes Zammouli’s half guard and takes full guard, lands some shots and takes Zammouli’s back, sinks in the hooks, flattens him out and finishes the choke to coax the tap.

Santos submits Zammouli via Rear Naked Choke @ 4:13 of Round 2

James Haourt vs. Jeff Harrison

Round 1: Harrsion starts off with a leg kick and both men quickly clinch up. Harrison is able to get the takedown but is caught in Haourt butteryfly gaurd. Haourt sweeps Harrison but gets reversed himself shortly after. Harrison is tied up in Haourt’s half guard and is having trouble creating any distance to strike. Harrison finally postures up and lands some ground and pound. After backing away Harrison decides not to let his opponent up and jumps back on to deliver more punishment. Harrison backs away again this time allowing his opponent back to his feet. They clinch up and trade position for the remaining 10 seconds.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Harrison

Round 2: Right back into the clinch, Harrison looks for the single leg but instead decides to punish Haourt’s thighs with knees. Harrison forces him to the ground and lookn for RNC, Haourt is able to reverse but Harrison grabs the guillotine and sprawls out. Harrison again takes Haourt’s back this time softing him up with some short shots and securing the body triangle. Harrison tried for 90 seconds to finish the choke but Haourt is able to defend to the bell.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Harrison

Round 3: Harrison clips Haourt with a semi superman punch that put Haourt on his back. Harrison quickly takes the back and sinks in his hooks. Haourt is able to escape and grabs a Harrison ankle and looks for the sub but Harrison escapes. Harrison backs out but Haourt lands a sloppy single leg that puts Harrison on his back. Haourt trying to finish on a d’arc choke but Harrison holds on until the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Harrison

Harrison defeats Haourt via Unanimous Decision (30-27,30-27,30-27)

Paul Cressaty vs Derek Boase

Round 1: Cressaty lands a quick low kick and Boase tries to tie up. Boase clips Cressaty with a left and drops him, jumos the back and coaxes the tap in quick fashion.

Boase submits Cressaty via Rear Naked Choke @ :27 of Round 1

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  1. TK says:

    Nice win for Morvan! This stream is great.

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  2. Jake - Triple Crown Fighter says:

    Great job on the updates you guys…I’m waiting for boy to bring home the title!! WAR GUNNER!!

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    Sorry about the language, that was a crazy knockout…Nick Denis knockout of the year lol

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  7. WOW what a slam by Denis!

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    Congrats Gunner!! So proud of you brother…bringing the belt home.

    Nabil Khatib is one of the toughest fighters I’ve ever seen in action. I’ve seen him fight live and was just as amazed as tonight. That fight could of gone either way but I’m proud it went Nathan’s.

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    Yessir, Gunner earned that and deserved it!!!!

    Nathan Gunn champion? Sounds good.


    Wow, great fight. Just such a pleasure to be anywhere near the kind of greatness these two gentlemen showed last night.

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  18. Check out the Denis Suplex Slam KO at the 1m40s mark: http://video.thescore.com/watch/wreck-mma-wrap

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