KOTC Dawson Creek Weigh-In Results


Here are the King of the Cage weigh-in results from Dawson Creek, British Columbia.

Main Event:
265lbs- Raphael Bergmann (229.2) vs. Ryan Fortin (265)
***Heavyweight Title Fight

145lbs- Matt Whitten (144) vs Behrang Yousefi (145.6)
155lbs- TJ Klassen (155.4) vs. Conrad Krzysztan (154.8)
265lbs- Bobby Kalmakoff (254.6) vs. Gary Peck (263)
185lbs- Jayson Peck (185) vs. Ian Huskins (178.2)
145lbs- Tony Bibby (144) vs. Mike Beaudoin (144)
265lbs- Reece Doherty (254.6) vs. Logan Jarrel (250.6)
185lbs- Mike Froese (185.6) vs. Chris Lauzon (185)
155lbs- Steve McLeod (155.4) vs. Brandon Budd* (?)
170lbs- Jason Townsend (170) vs. Yannick Pare (168.6)

* Overweight – will pay 20%

27 Responses to “ KOTC Dawson Creek Weigh-In Results ”

  1. Tyler Davis says:

    B tang Co main event!!! That’s huge buddy. Have fun boys Red dragons

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  2. Edmonton MMA says:

    how much does fortin cut down?

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  3. Mike Davis says:

    Kick some ass B-Tang, Bibby and Frosse

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  4. BigBoi says:

    It’s nice to see Bobby K taking a step up in competition. I mean this seriously, Gary has more ring time in his one loss than Bobby does in his last 3-4 fights.

    Go get ’em Bobby!

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  5. Tyler Davis says:

    Yannick also trains with Red dragons making his debut. Crazy athlete

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  6. TJ Banser says:

    conrad you will whoop this guys ass i’m rooting for you buddy good luck show’em what dixy’s got

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  7. corey says:

    Yannick…Give em hell We are pulling for you in Vancouver!

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  8. Da Chin says:

    Results yet?

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  9. I apologize for not having them yet. We could not find someone in Dawson Creek to cover this for TMN.

    We will get them, but all I have are unofficial bits and pieces that are not worthy of a posting.

    Stay tuned!

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  10. BigBoi says:

    What a sad sad statement on an MMA card. No results anywhere. It’s like this is back in the early 90s when you wouldn’t know the results for a month or more after a fight.

    Out of curiosity which commission sanctioned this event?

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  11. Viper says:

    Fortin didn’t cut anything and he won, first round TKO. Behrang won, Jason peck won, Gary peck demolished numbnuts, Conrad won, Reece won, Yannick won, Brandon won, And mike froese won.

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  12. Da Chin says:

    Bibby won too

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  13. Tyler Davis says:

    Yannick had a battle for his first scrap. Spinning backfist ko!! Toney and b tang killed it RED DRAGONS

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  14. JB says:

    I spoke with Fortin at weigh ins and he said while he didnt necessarily ‘cut’ this time around, he had been keeping his weight down. He said he liked doing it that way so he was still able to eat pretty well. Nice guy.

    Erggh, got to say it, met his woman too. She’s a fox.

    All in all – Congrats to him. Looking forward to seeing him fight again.

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  15. ken kupsch says:

    The Dawson fight was a lot of fun and and all fighters and corners were so awesome! Thanks guys.

    BB, the fight was sanctioned by the Dawson commission. Maybe they have other priorities than making sure you have instant results online? Maybe you can buy a ticket sometime and see the show for yourself, we would appreciate the support. (I know that you possibly live on the other side of the country and if so, I take it back)

    That said, Top MMA news has to be the most “go to” site in Canada now. They are doing a super job and had I know that no one was reporting back to them, I probably could have arranged it. Results are out now, they will probably post them shortly.

    Orest, who has been doing matchmaking etc. for the last while has left the company. He worked had at what can be a very frustrating and thankless task. We wish him the best, and would not hesitate to work with him again sometime.

    Thanks to everyone who helped out at the show and the fans in Dawson Creek and surrounding areas who made the fight a success!

    Also, anyone fighting on the Nov 18th show in Edmonton, please contact me from here on.
    780 918 3657

    Congrats to Ryan Fortin, new Canadian Heavyweight Champion!

    Thanks again,
    ken kupsch

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  16. Robin Black says:

    Congrats on a good show Ken.

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  17. Conrad Krzysztan says:

    Is there gonna be pics from the fights posted as well?

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  18. BigBoi says:

    Hey Ken,

    I wasn’t taking a shot at you was more commenting on the lack of coverage at the show (which isn’t a comment against TMN either…) In the past KOTC results are often up before the show is over so we tend to get a bit spoilt.

    Quick question, if I may be so bold, how come Bobby K keeps getting fights with KOTC? I mean I get the whole ‘warrior spirit’ thing but he clearly is not getting any better. I worry about how the likes of him, TJ Collette and others hurts the overall image of the sport.


    PS – As mentioned I haven’t been to a KOTC show in a number of years. YOu guys really do need to come out further east.

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  19. BigBoi says:

    PPS – Would you guys consider doing a show in Sask or MB?

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  20. Jason says:

    Hey BigBoi, I know at TMN we try to cover everything. While I can hit most of the shows in the Edmonton area, unfortunately it’s a bit tougher at some of these shows further out – especially if they are on a Friday night. TMN is built on people who love the sport and write, post, or shoot based on the enjoyment of the sport. I wish I could make it to every event across Canada!

    As for SK, I believe they don’t have a commission at all there and it’s illegal to have an MMA show there?

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  21. BigBoi says:

    Thanks Jason. Like I said this was probably just a case of people getting spoilt in the past. TMN does a great job of covering the news which is nice to have.

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  22. Jason says:

    Thanks BigBoi, we do our best to cover what we can!

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  23. If there is a pro MMA show in Canada, Top MMA News should have the results by the very next day at a minimum.

    With a show that featured two top 5 Heavyweights, it is embarrassing that we had no one covering it or sending in results.

    I tried, but failed and Orest, our backup plan for post-fight quick results, had just split with KOTC prior to the fights.

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  24. Tyler Davis says:

    Don’t kid yourself Kieth you guys are great at getting results, pics, as soon as possible. Keep up the great work guys

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  25. brandon says:

    A little late but for future reference , if you guys ever need someone to cover a showw in the north in the future , feel free to contact me beebellmusic@hotmail.com id be more then happy to help as i live in the Dawson creek area.

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  26. Cody Rempel says:

    Brandon… submit all your info here and Keith will get it for sure, just in case he doesn’t see this comment! http://topmmanews.com/contact-us/

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