The Ultimate Fighter 14 – Episode 6 Recap


Episode 6 starts with a discussion on “The Tap.” Many believe that Alex Corassini tapped out in the first round to Dustin Neace.

Team Miller assistant coach Ryan Parsons gets into it with Mike Bisping calling him the most hated guy in the UFC. “Go spit on someone,” Parsons says. Parsons does not like Bisping’s attitude after Team Bisping won the fight.

Steven Siler is amped for Diego Brandao. Siler figures that they are the top two guys in the weight class.

Bisping loves Brandao’s hands but realizes that he is over-confident and does not have great cardio. Miller says Siler has cardio for days.

Brandao talks about his life. His dad died when he was young, so he quit school to sell drugs and he always carried a gun. MMA took him away from all that.

Steven Siler vs Diego Brandao
R1. Flying knee to start by Diego as he sprints across the cage. It does not land. Nice leg kick by Diego and then he wings his punches. Overhand right lands. Diego lands a knee to the stomach and then he lands rights and lefts and Siler crumples. Quick fight.
Diego Brandao defeats Steven Siler by KO

Miller calls Bisping a douchebag after he starts mouthing off after the fight. “He’s a dick,” says Miller, “possibly with a small penis.”

Team Bisping is wondering who should fight Dodson. Miller has two Bantamweights left and they feel Dodson is much harder than Delorme.

Meanwhile, Delorme could have a staph infection. He will have to see a doctor.

Bisping gives a speech on how Team Bisping should be more sportsmanlike after losses because it makes them look like assholes.

John Dodson vs “Prince” John Albert is announced as the next Bantamweight fight. TJ Dillashaw vs Roland Delorme will be the last fight. Delorme is at the doctors, so everyone knows he has an issue.

Bisping says Albert has the best hands in the Bantamweight competition. Dodson is super talented but he is lazy, according to Miller. Dodson says he is never serious in training.

John Albert vs John Dodson
R1. Dodson with some quick combos and a kick in the centre of the cage. The two meet in the middle and trade. Good leg kick by Dodson and Prince lands a kick to the body. Hard body shot by Dodson and then he lands one upstairs. Trade of leg kicks. The two clinch and Dodson is getting hurt. Nice knee to the face by Dodson and more strikes and Albert goes for a takedown. Albert looks beat but he lands a body shot and a hook to the head. Leg kick by Dodson. Knee by Dodson. Leg kick by Prince. Dodson goes high with a kick but its blocked. Nice front kick by Albert pushed Dodson back. Body kick by Dodson. Dodson likes the body kick then punch. End of the round Prince is on his back after an ill-advised takedown and get hammer fisted by Dodson.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Dodson

R2. Leg kicks by Dodson. Kick by Albert sweeps Dodson off his feet. Front kick by Albert. Dodson moves forward with strikes. Answered by a leg kick by Dodson. Head kick by Dodson lands. Kick by Prince lands on Dodson’s shoulder. Albert is very defensive. Kick to the body lands by Albert. He tries to get Dodson’s back while standing but slips to the ground. Both standing again. Dodson pulls guard and Dodson lands a couple fists. Albert regains his feet. Body shot by Albert. Nice jab by Albert. Dodson shoots with 10 seconds but does nothing with it.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Albert
John Dodson defeats John Albert by Unanimous Decision

Albert is very upset.

Next week: Will Rolly fight or is his infected foot going to hold him out?

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