Nick Castiglia Talks WRECK MMA


Top MMA News talks with WRECK MMA owner Nick Castiglia. Nick talks about his October 28th fight card in Gatineau, Quebec that features Nathan Gunn and Nabil Khatib for the WRECK MMA Welterweight title, a Flyweight fight, and a Heavyweight matchup with Rolles Gracie facing Lee Mein.

Nick Castiglia also talks about why WRECK chose to go back to Gatineau rather than Ottawa.

3 Responses to “ Nick Castiglia Talks WRECK MMA ”

  1. Logan Morrison says:

    Someone tell Igor… Because Rolles weighed in for him against Lee Mein

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  2. My bad. Too many Gracies.

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  3. Woodrow James says:

    Nick Castiglia is the man!!! good luck tonight bro, wish i could have made it.

    BEWARE if Robin, Alex and John take u to karoake

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