Wadsworth Caps a Busy Month of Instinct MMA Signings


Wadsworth beat Sutherland almost two years ago (photo by Eric Gaudreault

After nearly 20 months in the MMA wilderness, undefeated Montreal Featherweight Tim ‘Wolf’ Wadsworth (5-0) will finally return this December in Quebec City for Instinct MMA‘s second event. He’s signed up for his toughest test to date, UFC vet Waylon Lowe (10-4), last seen on the losing end of a Nik Lentz guillotine at UFC Fight Night 24 in March.

Wadsworth, 28, has never been out of the first round, finishing each of his opponents in short order, three by TKO, and two via submission. The BTT Canada prospect was last seen competing at Ringside 6 in April 2010, with his first four fights split between the defunct XMMA and TKO promotions. His signing with Instinct reunites him with TKO’s former promoter Stephane Patry.

An intriguing match-up against Seiji Sugiman-Marangos (5-1) earlier this year in September for Montreal’s One FC‘s event, put on by BTT’s Fabio Holando, was cancelled, along with the rest of the card a week out from the event. Wadsworth has competed only twice since June 2008.

Clements, Spratt among other recent Instinct signings
Current Ringside and PFC Welterweight champion Chris Clements (9-4) is also back with Stephane Patry. Clements won the titles in his last two fights, most recently this July, and has yet to defend either of them. Mentioned as a possible next opponent for Alex Garcia at Friday’s Ringside 12 post-fight press conference, the possibility of him defending his title now appears slim to none.

Clements after winning the PFC title (photo by Jeff Kovack)

Between 2006 and 2007, Clements fought five times for TKO. He’ll next fight December 3rd at Meltdown in the Valley in Ontario. If all goes well, he should make his debut with Instinct for a January card in Montreal. An exact date for the third event has yet to be announced.

Along with Waylon Lowe, 40 year-old Pete Spratt (23-21), a UFC, Strikeforce, and most recently MFC veteran, was also announced as an Instinct signing earlier this month. Competing professionally since 1999, he’s gone 5-5 since 2009.

Riding a four fight win streak, Brandon Thatch, a 5-1 Welterweight from Denver, has also been picked up by Instinct. All five of his wins have come in the first round, most recently this August. Along with Spratt, Thatch is scheduled to take part in Instinct’s December 2nd card.

The Black Hulk
Light-Heavyweight prospect Todd ‘Black Hulk’ Stoute (3-0), who delivered a dominant 2nd round technical knockout at Instinct’s first event, has had his contract with the organization extended for five more bouts. He’s set to face Evan Nedd (3-2) at Instinct’s second event. (Listen to a May interview with Stoute here, after his win at Rising Star 3.)

No Garcia
Quashing a rumour of undetermined origin that’s been floating around Facebook, Stephane Patry/Instinct has however NOT signed away Alex Garcia (7-1). His manager Mitch Mayberger confirms that he is in fact still under contract with Ringside.

Finally, it appears Instinct MMA will now be promoting their events via a license granted to the organization by the Regie des Alcools des Courses et des Jeux (RACJ) in the name of George Papamikidis, identified as the company’s Vice-President and co-owner. Instinct’s first event was promoted under the license of Gary Chartrand, manager to Steve Bossé.

According to the RACJ, Patry’s license application is still being reviewed, as is standard under the current system in Quebec. For his part, Patry denies he had applied for one under his own name. The RACJ also confirmed that Papamikidis, a Montreal-based businessman, had been granted the license.

Julian Cymbalista-Clapp also writes for Montreal MMA News.

8 Responses to “ Wadsworth Caps a Busy Month of Instinct MMA Signings ”

  1. MMA Scoop says:

    Wow big step up for Wadsworth and an interesting fight, wrestler vs. wrestler.

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  2. MMA Scoop says:

    That’s going to be a sick card too.

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  3. Jamie Locke says:

    Looks like we’ll be seeing some quality shows from these guys.

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  4. ryan farse says:

    Patry is a crook, he has owned four shows all went out of business , keeps changing the names to keep the collections of his back, he’s bad for the sport.

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  5. mmafan says:

    Looks like Wadsworth still hasn t got out of the first round!!

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  6. Robin Black says:

    Man, the guy just had a rough night trying his best to entertain fight fans.

    Too soon maybe?

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  7. mmafan says:

    He didnt try too hard cause he had no fucking chance in hell to win this fight. I cant believe the commission let this fight happen. The dude had 5 round of fight time against a ufc vet , unfucking real .

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  8. Robin Black says:

    Well ya, a guy with 16 minutes and 14 seconds of cage time vs a guy with 150 minutes and 40 seconds of cage time (over 2 1/2 hours!) is crazy.

    Plus Lowe has great hands. Plus he’s a former NCAA national wrestling champ.

    Its a crazy decision for whoever accepted that fight to do that to Wadsworth.

    Yes, all that is true.

    But man Wadsworth just took this challenge and had a tough night. Take it up with his managers. Give him a break.

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