Erin McDougall Discusses Her First MMA Victory


Top MMA News’ Keith Grienke caught up with an ecstatic Erin McDougall. ‘McDoogs’ discusses her Fight of the Night performance against Tara Letendre at Prestige FC 3. Erin goes on to talk about her team, what its like to train with Lee Mein, and those risqué photos we have been seeing of her on Facebook.

11 Responses to “ Erin McDougall Discusses Her First MMA Victory ”

  1. Joe Doerksen says:

    Congrats to Erin on the win.

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  2. Robin Black says:

    Yeah congrats Erin happy for ya :)

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  3. McDooogs says:

    Yahhhh thanks guys :)

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  4. Shar 1 says:

    Congrats Erin! Looks like another great female Canadian fighter in the making.

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  5. Pat G says:

    she is so hot.

    and she can fight too, awesome.

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  6. Joe Doerksen says:

    Super cool chick. Was in Lehbridge a year or two ago, had a chance to hang out and have a few cold ones with Erin and a few others from CMC. Friendly and pleasant, etc. Happy to hear her mma debut went well.

    And I hear she works out a bit. Most guys like that sort of thing. Pat G, dont be scared, buddy… ask her out.

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  7. Robin Black says:

    Pat I’ll fight you for her. :)

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  8. Robin Black says:

    I’m serious.

    Slap fight no face shots its on.

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  9. Joe Doerksen says:

    Slap fight no face shots? Robin, I’m horribly disappointed in you…

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  10. doug mac donald says:

    she is fuckin hot

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