Canadian Rumour Mill – October 24


How long did everyone think it would take till the Quebec MMA wars were gonna start? It didn’t take too long at all, it’s on! Read all the craziness below!

  • Instinct MMA has signed Ringside Welterweight champion, Chris Clements. Hmm… give up Barrack and get Clements, not a bad trade.
  • Fresh off his Lightweight title win at Ringside, Daron Cruickshank has been offered a deal with Instinct MMA, which is also the home of Ringside Light-Heavyweight champion Steve Bossé.  As mentioned in Don Wilson’s interview with Eric Champoux, Ringside is also offering Cruickshank a contract as well.
  • As announced in Don Wilson’s interview with Eric Champoux, Ringside has signed Kickboxing (and MMA) phenom Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson. It will be pretty exciting to see what he does with a step up in MMA competition.  56-0 in Kickboxing.  Wow!
  • Rising Canadian LHW Todd Stoute continues his climb up the Light Heavyweight division ladder, next fighting Evan Nedd at Instinct MMA 2.  Look for Stoute to go 4-0.
  • Rob Emerson is out of his fight with John Alessio at Superior Cage Combat 3.  He has been replaced by Luiz Firmino.  Buscape is a five time PRIDE vet as well as a Dream vet
  • Instinct is just getting bigger and bigger, ex-UFCers Pete Spratt and Waylon Lowe have signed for Instinct 2.
  • Prior to jumping ship to Instinct, look for Chris Clements to scrap with Forrest Petz on the Meltdown show in Sarnia.
  • Also on that Meltdown in the Valley show, look for the Haggis Basher to take on Matt Jaggers.  The Ali Mokdad vs. Misha Cirkunov fight could get resurrected on the card.
  • Plenty of fighters scheduled for the cancelled Global Warriors 2 card are scrambling to get on the Sarnia card.  Jesse Gross looks like he may be one of the fighters to get on the Meltdown in the Valley card.
  • Guess who’s supposedly “coming back” AGAIN, Victor Valimaki. I almost feel embarrassed that I keep bringing it up every couple months, but like sand through an hourglass so are the days of our lives.
  • With the big MMA war of attrition happening in Montreal, it is very surprising that no one is signing Montreal fighter Tim Wadsworth.  That guy is a Featherweight stud.
  • Steven Rogers may have retired from MMA, but that doesn’t mean he’s done with Combat Sports. Look for Steven Rogers to make his combative return in the Boxing ring.
  • Ryan Machan may be taking on Josh Powell’s at AX Combat: Havoc.  This time Machan will fight at 185.
  • Despite what Shark Fights and MMA Junkie are reporting, Tim Hague says he’s been offered a fight with Bobby Lashley at Shark Fights, but they are currently far apart on purse. Money talks!
  • KOTC Lightweight Champ, Chad Freeman has been moved from the October 28th Dawson Creek show to November 18th in Edmonton.
  • Don’t look for Sandy Bowman to get in the cage again after his impressive win over Butterbean.  He will focus on his family and his gym for now on.

35 Responses to “ Canadian Rumour Mill – October 24 ”

  1. MMA Scoop says:

    Look for Wadsworth to be on one of the December shows from one of the companies.

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  2. BigBoi says:

    Biggy met Wadsworth (which really should be a porn name if you ask me) after a fight out east. He was rocking some new bling from a sponsor and imo well deserved bling. It has really been a shame that he hasn’t been more active.

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  3. Vladimaks says:

    hasn’t this guy flaked out on his past 5 fights?

    Who cares?

    Just tell us when he finds his balls and actually fights again.

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  4. MMA Scoop says:

    He hasn’t flaked out on a fight as far as I know. The last two cards he was on got canceled.

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  5. Vladimaks says:

    he stopped showing up to fight years ago

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  6. MMA Scoop says:

    Hmn . . . you got some vendetta against him. He fought last in 2010 as I don’t think he has ever no showed on a promoter.

    What’s your beef?

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  7. Bobby Karimi says:

    Who are you guys talking about?

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  8. Vladimaks says:

    I’m talking bout Valimaki not Wadsworth

    I think Wadsworth at 145 would destroy Valimaki

    Valimaki would pull out with an injury

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  9. Bobby Karimi says:

    Scoop you talking about Valimaki or Wadsworth?

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  10. Edmonton MMA says:

    Cant wait to see where instinct goes. Both them and ringside are holding it down for the East. Love to see that, keep doing it.

    Big congrats to Sandy. To bad we wont be able to see him in the cage more often, but thats a respectful decision to make

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  11. Paveldouche says:

    “Cant wait to see where instinct goes.”

    Agreed. Should be exciting to watch.

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  12. booboo says:


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  13. MMA Scoop says:

    Woops my bad, thought you were talking about the other guy.

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  14. Fake Phil Baroni says:

    tim by Ko..the fight is official now also according to sherdog and other sites

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  15. Ryan T says:

    Good to see Clements getting another fight with a Ufc vet after his destruction of Goulet then easily handling Briere. Wonder why he hasn’t been back to ringside tho and now he signing with instinct??
    Speaking of Ringside they should have a 135 tournament with Fraser, Gagnon and Josh Hill.

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  16. Rob says:

    Should be a good fight for Clements.

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  17. P_Dub says:

    Clements vs Petz would be a great fight but you never know with the ontario commission Petz has over 30 fights and Clements only has 13 or so, Ive heard lots of fights were turned down before, hope this one won’t be another one added to that list

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  18. Paveldouche says:

    Interesting to see Pete Spratt fighting for Instinct as well.

    Glad they were able to find a suitable and worthy opponent for Alessio to test the waters at 155. Now if only there was a way to watch it!?!

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  19. P_Dub says:

    Im hearing the fight is supposed to be on ESPN and re broadcast on fox sports, but there is nothing on the websites that I have seen either, SCC is stacked

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  20. Woodrow James says:

    Dissapointed the GWFC show was canceled and i wish them the best of luck in whenever they reschedule. i have alot of friends that were competing on the event and now they are out of fights. i wish the market was big enough and cheap enough to do a back to back night but alot of these fighters wont be competing. Ryan Dickson, Clint Kingsbury, Jesse Gross are former amateur stars from the XCC days in michigan who fought for me in the past so it makes sense to continue in the pro ranks!!!!Hope to say its official sometime!!!

    I wanna see Fraser Vs Gagnon too, anyone able to make that happen please tell me!!!! I am a huge fan of both and thats a ufc caliber fight in my eyes!!!

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  21. Just sayin' says:

    Are you sure Freeman is on the Nov. 18 KOTC card? He isn’t listed on the fight card.

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  22. Mma fan says:

    P-dub you are pat from title shot right? What’s your stable of fighters looking like?

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  23. Cody Rempel says:

    @Just sayin’… It’s a RUMOUR mill, It hasn’t all been confirmed yet!

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  24. P_Dub says:

    MMA Fan my name is not Pat, I know somebody else assumed that on another post after I made an opinion about something, wrong guy

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  25. Cody Rempel says:

    Just checked with Orest… Freeman is not on the Edmonton card!

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  26. Just Sayin' says:

    I heard he was training for some big fight in California.

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  27. Jamie Locke says:

    I also heard that. I assumed he was getting put on a KOTC card down there.

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  28. ryan farse says:

    This is Patry’s fourth show all the rest out of business, he is a liar and a thief this will be number five that goes down.

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  29. ryan farse says:

    Patry is a crook, he has owned four shows all went out of business , keeps changing the names to keep the collections of his back, he’s bad for the sport.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 3 Thumb down 5

  30. Jamie Locke says:

    Coming from the guy who hates no every show that isn’t MFC….

    Your not very credible to be throwing around “bad for the sport” allegations.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 11 Thumb down 1

  31. booboo says:

    say what u want farse (pav).instict is contracting some fantastic talent and i know these fighters KNOW whats best for them and alot of huge names r under contract now with instinct! evidently something he is doing is right , and if u r who i think u r ? U r just pissed cause noone but jimmo will fight for ur sorry ass ! good job instinct keep it up!! sick ass card !

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  32. Edmonton MMA says:

    Farse (aka Pav), I cant believe you are calling another organization crooks. I heard rumors of what you tried to do to Penner. Met Penner a few weeks back, he was careful with what he said to me, but his training partners filled me in on most of it. You are the crook, and you will be exposed soon enough as the real crook. Everyone knows you play games, it is real unfortunate that a successful company like yourselves conducts business like that. At some point this will all catch up to you and you will have absolutely nothing to fall back on

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  33. booboo says:


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  34. Foo says:

    Take it easy on ol’ Pavelich; with the news that Viacom has dumped its money into the financial sinkhole known as Bellator, Pavelich’s (delusional) goal of being the number 2 organization in North America is now impossible. The poor guy’s only way of coping is to attack Canadian organizations that actually sell tickets and run in a real venues rather than a 500 seat makeshift conference hall. Outside of the Windsor show promoted by SL Feldman – not Pavelich – MFC’s last 8 shows combined haven’t matched the attendance of Ringside 12 & Instinct MMA 1.

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  35. ccanadx says:

    Boys will be boys, but please keep the name calling down a bit–keep the fighting confined to the ring– it stinks the joint up.

    On another note, what are the real reasons ufc is leaving Vancouver?

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