Eric Champoux Discusses What’s Next for Ringside


In an exclusive interview with Top MMA News, Eric Champoux brings fans up to speed on many issues surrounding his Ringside MMA promotion following Ringside 12. Some points Eric touches on include:

  • offering Daron Cruickshank a new contract and his next opponent
  • plans for the Welterweight title
  • status of Michel Gagnon
  • update on Guillaume DeLorenzi
  • possible Donald Brashear vs Eric Barrak fight
  • fighters Paul Daley turned down before accepting Fioravanti.

6 Responses to “ Eric Champoux Discusses What’s Next for Ringside ”

  1. booboo says:

    whats up with the featherweight strap now any rumors ?

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  2. In the interview, Eric says it will be vacated as it sounds like Mitch will stay at 135.

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  3. MMA Scoop says:

    Who does Ringside have at 145?

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  4. booboo says:

    Great , cant wait to see what they put together for the 145 strap . Would love to see them give Rejean another shot , gave Gagnon HELL his last fight. just saying.

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  5. Jer from Mtl says:

    I just read Instict mma signed Chris Clements…i wonder if its in response to ringside signing Barak?

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  6. Woodrow James says:

    Cruikshank and harris are both awaiting per diem and fees owing for baggage/cabs as agreed on before daron even thinks about a contract from them. they didnt live up to there end of the deal on a few thigns.

    also flying them from detroit to miami florida back to montreal isnt exactly the way to treat a guy you want as your champion!!!

    Instinct gonna get a great fighter if it doesnt get fixed soon!!!

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