Global Warriors 2 Card Cancelled


Next week’s Global Warriors 2 card scheduled for London, Ontario appears to be cancelled.

Top MMA News has been investigating tips from three separate sources that the October 29th event has been cancelled. Top MMA News was finally able to confirm the cancellation with the Ontario Athletic Commission’s Richard Hustwick this morning.

Attempts to contact Global Warriors matchmaker and promoter have been unsuccessful to date, however media director Reed Duthie did respond saying “if the card is cancelled that would be news to me!”

The card, scheduled for October 29th, was to be held at the Agriplex Arena and was to feature many local Adrenaline fighters such as Jesse Gross, Jesse Ronson, Pete Brown, and Rowan Cunningham.

UPDATE 10/21 4:50 CST: Garnet Ace emailed a reply stating that Global Warriors are looking to postpone to a date in late November. OAC must approve this. Look for a press release to be sent out shortly.

60 Responses to “ Global Warriors 2 Card Cancelled ”

  1. Joe Doerksen says:

    so the Robin Black with a picture is Robin Black.

    The other Robin Black is not Robin Black…

    Jeebus. I’m confused.

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  2. brian says:

    Iroquois mma Championships has been the most sucessful show in Ontario. We are brining it back very soon my friends.

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  3. cottonfist says:

    Are you Garnet’s P.R. man….are you looking for a job with him? ROBIN…… Sounds like you could be…or are you loyal to the Score? They were supposed to open up the TapOut gym …they had a big press conference in March….. been pre-selling memberships to people..promissing to open….month after month delay…It’s now going into November….why have a press conference? Why are you so supportive of this guy Robin?….people are questioning????

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  4. Robin Black says:

    Because he’s a nice guy. That’s it that’s all. He meant well and he failed. It happens.

    I can’t help but try to analyze the big picture of the sport and even the business of the sport. I don’t always get it right but I’m trying to use all the information I can and all the variables to really get a picture of the business here.

    Like I said I don’t always get it right and I apologize but I’m really trying. Trying to get facts.

    I don’t know what’s up with his gym. My guess is its the same thing as the show. A guy with big dreams trying his best to will something that he has no experience in to work.

    That doesn’t make him evil it makes him a guy who’s dreams massively outweigh his experience and skills.

    Regardless of his motivation its clear that an unqualified guy trying to do something he has no experience or special skills in, and failing, is brutally dangerous to the fighters and business. And yes he definitely hurt a lot of people, regardless of his intentions.

    And that’s bad. Really really bad.

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  5. Trainer says:

    cottonfist.. Did you apply for a job and didn’t get it? or did you get fired? Oh, I guess I am, get a fucking life? Just because people stick up for people does mean anything? It sounds like your on a witch hunt…the more i read your shit the more it sounds like you have a personal issue with him..

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  6. cottonfist says:

    Why you so defensive Trainer?…can’t people have their opinions?…or only you can have them?…Now it’s got me thinking…… You must work for Ace…are you selling for him? ….. no witch hunt..just the facts…

    Don’t need any issue with him…I’m pretty sure he has plenty of issue’s with other people…. the show has just began!…..ring the bell ref…. lol

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  7. UFCfan says:

    I heard Ace fired the marketing guy…it might be him.

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  8. Mike says:

    After reading all of the precious comments I had my doubts about the new TapouT gym so I went in to go check it out for myself (I signed up in early June).

    The place looks GREAT! The building has been painted and the inside looks completely different. Construction is going full force. I cant wait until the gym opens in December.

    I think you guys should check it out yourself and stop jumping to ridiculous conclusions. Get a life

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  9. Trainer says:

    I just hope MMA is here to stay in Ontario?

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  10. Mark says:

    I have been over to the tapout gym a few times. The place looks great and appears like it should be ready soon? I am hoping it will turn out to be a great gym. It is now early January and the gym has still not opened. Has anyone heard any further news on this gym and who might be involved in coaching?

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