The Ultimate Fighter 14 – Episode 5 Recap


Episode starts with Diego yelling at Siler after the fights we saw from last week.

Dustin Neace is a ‘swagger jacker’. He has a cowboy hat with a B on it just like Josh Ferguson has. Made me laugh.

Miller found out that Dodson is the mole. Siler was supposed to fight Diego, but now Neace is going to fight Akira. They figure that Akira will be heavy and Diego will get more riled up because he really wants to fight. Bisping bites and focuses training Diego.

Ferguson gets Neace’s hat. Neace looks around for it and figures Akira has it. Neace decides to destroy everything of Akira’s. Neace brings all of Akira’s stuff to the gym and throws it into Bisping’s room. Akira challenges Neace to a bare fist fight in the garden at night.

Fight announcement: Akira and Dustin are going off at each other before the announcement. Lots of bleeps for swears. Akira and Dustin then get announced. Akira puts his forehead into Dustin and Dustin puts him on his back. Then Bisping and Miller go into it. Next fight is Diego Brandao and Steven Siler by default.

Mayhem then talks to Dodson and tells him he caused all the ill will due to being a mole.

Tiki Ghosn works with Akira to teach him how to get back up from the ground as Neace is wrestler.

Mayhem thinks Akira is going to come out way too fast and burn himself out.

Dustin Neace vs Akira Corassini
R1. Akira moving forward throwing lefts. Nothing really landing for first half minute. Surprisingly slow start for two guys wanting to kill each other. One minute in Akira lands a straight right. Dustin lands a kick to the body. Straight 1-2 from Neace. Akira catches a kick and pulls Neace to the ground and jumps into Neace’s guard. Elbow by Akira. More elbows from Akira. Heel hook by Neace and he gives it up as he thinks Akira tapped. People yell that Akira tapped but ref did not stop it. They get to their feet. Akira lands a right. Neace pulls a double leg and drops Akira on his back.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Akira Corassini

R2. Body shot by Akira and a right and Akira pushes Neace against the cage. Short elbow by Akira and then some knees. The two trade right hooks in middle of the ring. Left by Akira drops Neace and Akira lands some GNP. Neace needs to get up but instead he is eating lefts. Upkick by Neace. Neace does not try to get up. More elbows from Akira. Akira finishes the round on top.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Akira Corassini

Neither fighter impressed. Replay looked like Akira tapped.

Akira Corassini defeats Dustin Neace by Unanimous Decision

At the end of the show, Mayhem’s car gets towed because he parked in a handicap spot.

Next show: Two bouts again.

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  1. harry balls says:

    Fuck Bisping.

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  2. booboo says:

    shitty fight but he TAPPED !

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  3. Kris says:

    I think Akira is mildy retarded. Dodson is annoying.

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