Alex Ricci on Beating Tim Smith at SFS 2


Top MMA News‘ Don Wilson talks with Alex Ricci after his Score Fighting Series fight.  The Ontario 155er just defeated Tim Smith to improve his record to 4-0.  Watch out Canadian Lightweights! The muay thai fighter also states that out of all the skills he needs to improve on, his MMA striking requires the most work.

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  1. Dean Panas says:

    One of the most entertaining guys to watch! I definitely pay more attention to local guys, but I am a big fan of Alex. I hope he does very well! Great job on finding him fights Robin.

    I know TMN does top ten lists for weight divs, but there should be a list for top ten most entertaining fighters to watch. Alex would be on my list.

    “The Fisherman” Don Wilson lands another great interview!

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  2. Bobby Karimi says:


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  3. Bobby Karimi says:

    Well done as always Big Win!

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