Tristan Johnson Post-Whitlock Victory Interview


Top MMA News talks with Tristan Johnson who just defeated Lyndon Whitlock at Score Fighting Series. Tristan credits a great Fit Plus camp for getting him ready and says he wants to fight an ex-UFCer next.

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  1. Bobby Karimi says:

    Another good interview Big Win. Good stuff from you coming out of SFS.

    I’d like to see Tristan Johnson against a wrestler and see how he does.

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  2. blayd says:

    tristan vs john fraser is a fight i want to see

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  3. MIKE KENT says:

    tristan is a animal !

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  4. Lots of great options for Tristan.

    Tristan vs Fraser is a good fight.

    Tristan vs Lamarche rematch, Tristan vs Groulx, or Tristan vs Gagnon at Ringside would be good.

    Tristan vs Duguay would settle the top gun in the Maritimes.

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  5. booboo says:

    fantastic options for tristan! hope ringside getts him in the next show

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  6. MMA Scoop says:

    Tristan vs. Wadsworth, lets see how he handles a wrestler.

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  7. kasena says:

    Nice fight Tristan keep it up you are strong enough to be everybody.

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  8. fitplusmma says:

    Most of the suggestions here are fantastic. However, as far as settling who is tops in the maritimes at FW. That’s been settled! Duguay isnt close to Tristan’s calibre. I think Mike Malott or Gavin Tucker should be considered the next best in the maritimes after Tristan. Either of those two would beat Duguay easily.

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