Elite 1 MMA: Wild Card 2 – Play-by-Play


Last night, Elite 1 MMA held there 12th event Titled Wild Card 2: Bad Boyz at Casino New Brunswick located in Moncton. Before a near sell out crowd, fans got treated to the first round of the lightweight tourament to crown a new champion. There were also six other fights on the card with not a single one going past the second round but fans enjoyed it none the less. Here is how the action went down


  • Fight of the Night-Mike Kent and Dan Fowler
  • Knockout of the Night-Adam Hazelton
  • Submission of the Night-Gavin Tucker

265lbs- Scott Fraser vs. Matt Acorn-For Canadian Heavyweight Title
Acorn decides to start off the match with a one-two punch combination. Fraser then grazes him with a punch and pins him against the cage but Acorn gets control. Acorn then does a judo throw but Fraser gets on top with side control. Fraser is now trying to get on top and pass guard but has no luck and the ref stands them back up. Fraser connects with a right hand with Acorn countering with a kick. Acorn looks for another kick and Fraser catches it and knocks him down. Fraser is trying to do some ground and pound but has trouble at first, he then grabs Acorn’s left leg and is throwing hammer fists. He gets on top and then gets on his back for a rear naked choke attempt. Acorn is able to break free but Fraser gets it back on holds it in and gets the submission win.
Scott Fraser submits Matt Acorn by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 2:31 and retains his title

170lbs- Richard Arsenault vs. Meaka Weva-Non Title affair
Round 1
Arsenault is working the jab to get the match started. Weva then goes in with a flurry of punches but can’t connect. Weva goes in again and is able to get it a second time. Arsenault gets a jab on Weva’s jaw but moves out of the way of Weva’s counter. Arsenault moves around and gets a leg kick. Arsenault gets a left jab but Weva counters with his own. Ref stops the fight to fix the problem on Weva’s glove. The match resumes with a vicious leg kick by Aresnault. Aresnault continues to circle Weva around and work his jab. Weva now using his jab but Arsenalut throws a leg kick and goes for a take down. He is successful but Weva is back up. Weva jabs while Arsenault moves to the center of the cage. Aresnault moves in and connects with punches then goes back with a side kick. Weva is able to move and throws a punch to the body and a left hook, Arsenault comes back with a leg kick and repeated jabs. Aresnault throws a body shot in. Weva goes for a jab to push him off but can’t connect. Arsenault goes in for a leg kick but Weva gets in with another punch. Aresnault gets him close to the cage and is working some jabs and leg kicks. Arsenault continues but both fighters are swinging now looking for a connection. Arsenault moves in with a jab and leg kick but falls down. He gets back up and gets a punch to the stomach to end the round
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Arsenault

Round 2
Weva looks gassed to start the round. Aresnault goes back to his legs kick and jab mixtures. Weva trying to move in but can’t get a good hit. Arsenault then gets a big kick and weva is down. Aresnault gets on top and unloads with some ground and pound. He gains full mount and continues to beat him down. Aresnault is trying to move Weva’s hands and get a clear punch. Arsenault continues with the ground and pound and mixes in some elbows. He slows down so he doesn’t lose energy but then continues. He is now sitting on Weva’s chest and waiting to punch. He finds an opening and is going with a multiple rights while moving him against the cage. Arsenault then is trying to grab an arm and is able to connect with a right hand and left elbow. Arsenualt goes back to working the elbows. Arsenault finds another opening on the right side of his face but has to pull his arms apart again. Weva then turns on his back and gets caught in a rear naked choke and submits.
Richard Arsenault submits Meneka Weva by Rear Naked choke in Round 2, 3:18

195lbs- Mike Kent vs. Dan Fowler
Round 1
Both connect with leg kick to start the match. Fowler is faking a jab, Kent goes to move in but misses. Fowler kicks him but Kent grabs its and puts him against the cage. Kent tries to turn in but Fowler reverses and gets control. Fowler gets a big kidney shot but Kent gets back up. Fowler throws a leg kick but Kent responds back. Fowler gets in with another kick. Fowler goes for a front kick to push Kent off. Fowler gets in another leg kick. Kent connects with a 1-2 punch combo and pins him against the cage. Fowler pushes him off and Kent gets in a straight right. Fowler continues to work with the leg kicks. Kent looking to go in for big right. Kent then goes for the take down and gets in in side control. Fowler gets a hold of his head but Kent slips up. Kent is trying to pass guard but Fowler tries for a triangle choke. Kent’s gets some ground and pound and lets him up. Both guys are now exchanging when Kent tries for a take down. He can’t get it so he goes in for a kick to the body. Kent goes back for a take down and gets it but Kent gives up his head. Both are back up and Fowler throws a knee in the clinch. Kent counters and connects with a two left punches. Fowler with the jab and Kent rock hims with a 1-2 punch combination. Kent grabs a kick in air but ref stops it looked like Kent was down on one knee. The fight resumes with Fowler hitting with a leg kick. Fowler gets a punch but Kent connects with some big punches a gets a knee but gets pushed off. Kent is looking to finish and both exchange as the round ends.
Top MMA News scores a close round for Kent 10-9

Round 2
Fowler trying to move in to begin the round but Kent pushes him off. Kent then goes in for a body shot but can’t connect. Fowler counters with a leg kick. He then hits with an uppercut but Kent is circling him around the cage. Kent then hits with a kick to the body. Fowler is able to move in and get a punch to the stomach. Kent then connects with a left hook. Fowler goes in but not much power in the punches it seems. Kent goes for the take down and again gives up his head. Kent slips out and and gets in a rear naked choke and taps him out.
Mike Kent submits Dan Fowler by Rear Naked Choke in Round 2, 1:40. After the match Kent says the fight should be called 1-800-Unbelievable

Lightweight Tournament
Dave Simms vs. Stephen Clement
Round 1
The match starts off slow with both fighters circling around the cage until Simms starts using his jab. He tries to move in closer but Clement backs off. Clement then tries for a head kick but Simms is able to block it. Simms then connects with a leg kick and a jab. Clement then goes for a leg kick and charges in but hits with nothing. Simms continues with his leg kick that eventually knocks Clements off balance and puts him down. Clement gets back up and both continue to work along the cage. Simms continues with his leg kicks. Clement then tries to charge with some punches but doesn’t hit anything and Simms continues with his leg kicks. Clement gets in close and lands a jab on Simms. Both fighters then circle around the cage when Simms tries to push Clement against the fence. Clement pushes him back and gets a big right hook that knocks him to the ground. Clement goes to the mat for some quick ground and pound for the win.
Stephen Clement defeats Dave Simms by TKO (Ground and Pound) in Round 1, 2:26

Adam Hazelton vs. Josh Walker
Round 1
Hazelton starts the match using his jab and then going with a left hook, straight right combination. Walker decides to go for a take down but Hazelton gets a knee to his head. Walker gets a hold of Hazelton after an exchange and they are circling around the cage. In the clinch, Walker is able to get a few elbows in and an uppercut. After the uppercut, Hazelton lands an uppercut on Walker and knocks him out.
Adam Hazelton defeats Josh Walker by TKO in Round 1, 1:15

Gavin Tucker vs. Christopher Corporon
Round 1
Before the match starts, Corporon is wearing under armour pant tights which is odd because usually its not seen in North American MMA.
Corporon goes in for a punch to start the match but Tucker goes for a take down and is on top. Both fighters are scrambling around as Tucker is trying to gain control. After some work, Tucker gets back up to get a better position on the ground. He then pushes Corporon against the cage where.he gets side control. Tucker is able to get full mount and pushes his face down and gets his back. Tucker then decides to grab his arm and twists it for the win.
Gavin Tucker submits Christopher Corporon by Arm Bar in Round 1, 1:35

Amateur MMA
Josh Kenny vs. Devin Viner
Round 1
Kenny begins the scrap when he goes in for a leg kick. After that, Viner misses with a 1-2 combo which Kenny counters with a body shot. Viner gets in after that with a leg kick. Kenny fires back with a mix of jabs and kicks. Kenny then goes for a take down but Viner gives up his head. Viner gets him along the cage but Kenny gets out of the headlock. Kenny finally gets up where Viner hits with a leg kick but then Kenny gets a left hook, straight right combination. Viner then is able to the same combination after that. Kenny goes for a take down but gets caught in a guillotine choke. Realizing that he doesn’t have it on good enough,Viner lets go as the ref stands them up. Kenny starts the exchange with a leg kick but Viner continues with his left hook, straight right combo. Viner gets a leg chop on Kenny and then lands a head kick. He then throws a jab that hurts Kenny Both Fighters tie along the cage as the round ends
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Viner

Round 2
Kenny decides to go back to his leg kicks to start the round. Viner counters with his own leg kick and punches him to the cage. Viner circles him around and gets a leg kick. Kenny goes and gets the take down and gets in top position. Viner gets a hold of his head as Kenny is trying to pass guard. Kenny tries to get a leg out but nothing is happening so the ref stands them back up. Kenny tries a fake but both connect with left hook and straight right. Viner then goes for the take down and gets it but Kenny gets a hold of his head. Viner is able to pass guard but Viner can’t keep up. Vienr then is trying for ground and pound but cant get full control. He decides to switch to an arm bar and get the submission win.
Devin Viner submits Josh Kenny by Arm Bar in Round 2, 2:23

Norm Robichaud vs. Mike Fitz
Round 1
Fitz starts the match with some leg kicks and pins Robichaud against the cage. After some work, Fitz is able to get a take down. After some ground and pound, he then tries to secure his back and get a rear naked choke. Robichaud breaks out but Fitz gets his back again and tries for another choke. He has its secured but lets go with to connect with two big hammer fists. Fitz gets on his back again and he is able to submit him on the rear naked choke.
Mike Fitz submits Norm Robichaud by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 1:28

Darcy McKenna vs. John Mcwaid
Round 1
McKenna is using the jab to start and it is working well. Mcwaid then decides to go for some leg kicks. McKenna then comes in with a barrage of punches and knocks him down down. McKenna then tries for some ground and pound but then gets him back up. Mcwaid is bloodied up. Mcwaid goes back to using leg kicks but McKenna continues with the jab and knocks him out for the win,
Darcy McKenna defeats John Mcwaid by TKO in Round 1, 1:04

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