The Score Fighting Series “Cooper vs. Doerksen” Live Play-by-Play


Good evening folks! We are live at the Hamilton Place in lovely Hamilton, Ontario for the second installment of The Score Network’s Mixed Martial Arts Offering. Stay with us as we bring you live results, updates, interviews and more throughout the night.

Top MMA News Awards

  • Fight of the Night – Alex Ricci vs Tim Smith
  • Submission of the Night – Corey Houston’s Triangle on Denis Puric
  • Knockout of the Night – Will Romero’s KO over Stephane Bernadel

Brett Cooper vs. Joe Doerksen (Middleweight Bout)
Time for our main event of the evening. “Big” John McCarthy is our official. Brett Cooper entering to “Express Yourself”, earning him “Baaaaaaadest” (in a good way) entrance of the night honors. Doerksen almost steals it back with some “Good the Bad and the Ugly meets German techno” number. Weird stuff.
Round 1:
Doerksen opens with a body kick. Follows it up with a nice takedown on Cooper. Crowd surprisingly tepid in their support of Canadian fighting icon Doerksen (yes my tongue is in my cheek here but c’mon). Cooper looking to work back to his feet while Doerksen keeps a strong front facelock on. Cooper finally works back to his feet and holds Doerksen against the fence. Both men land as they seperate from the clinch. A leg kick from Cooper catches Doerksen off balance. Cooper finding a home for that leg kick. Cooper presses Doerksen up against the fence. Working for a takedown now. Doerksen reverses him and they’re back in the centre of the cage. Cooper stepping in very well against Doerksen. Doerksen lands a nice left hook. Cooper answers back with an uppercut of his own. Another left hook from Cooper floors Doerksen. Cooper keeps up the pressure and Big John has no choice but to step in.
BRETT COOPER wins via TKO at 3:55 of Round 1.

Stephane Bernadel vs. Will Romero (Bantamweight Bout)
Yves Lavigne is our referee for this bout. Hamilton native Will Romero gets the expected ovation from the hometown crowd.
Round 1:
Nice leg kick lands from Romero. Both guys looking to establish their range. A weird grazing shot drops Romero and Bernadel swarms on him. Romero establishes guard and Bernadel lets him stand back up. Romero looking more tentative now but he’s still pressing forward. Bernadel throwing combos but he can’t quite find his range. Both guys using lateral movement well to stay out of danger. Another leg kick lands from Romero. Romero just misses with a big head kick. Big right cross from Romero staggers Bernadel. Bernadel in full retreat as Romero swarms him with strikes against the cage. HUGE bombing right hand shuts Bernadel’s lights off. This one is over folks!
WILL ROMERO wins via KO at 3:07 of Round 1.

Tim Smith vs. Alex Ricci (Lightweight Bout)
Jarren Valel is the referee for this lightweight special attraction.
Round 1:
Both guys in black trim. Both guys also hailing from kickboxing backgrounds. Quick pace to get started as both men look to cut angles. Smith working off a strong leg kick. Head kick just misses from Ricci. Shot attempt by Smith stuffed by Ricci. Ricci looks to possible work a d’arce choke but Smith shakes him off. Nick kick lands by Ricci. Smith answers with a head kick of his own. Both guys opening up with kicks. Ricci gets double-unders in the clinch but he can’t make anything happen with them. Smith shoots again and again is stuffed. Ricci takes his back in a scramble and he’s landing shots. Crowd pops big as Ricci has Smith seemingly on the run – when the referee suddently stops the action to retrieve Smith’s mouthpeice. Ricci stuffs another takedown and lands a nice knee. Ricci starting to open up with his strikes. Smith shoots and gives up back control in the scramble again. Smith rolls into full guard but Ricci continuing to land shots. Smith gives up his back again and Ricci once again working off a front facelock. Smith gets back to his feet but Ricci lands a nice body kick. Another kick from Ricci has Smith stunned. He shoots again, is stuffed again. Ricci getting comfortable holding Smith in a headlock and taking his back during those scrambles. Ricci works his way to side control, then the back again as the round ends.
Started close, but Ricci ran away with it. 10-9 Ricci.

Round 2:
Crowd starts a “Ricci!” chant as the second round opens up. Both guys trading kicks in centre cage. Nice body kick lands for Ricci. Ricci staying really tight and technical with his striking thus far. Body kick again lands for Ricci. Ricci lands another body kick that crumples Smith. Smith turtling up and Ricci again hammers his side and ribs. Ricci gets back guard and Ricci lets him back to his feet. Smith catches a Ricci kick and tries for a takedown but is stuffed once again. Ricci again punishing the ribs of Smith. Moves to half-guard. Ricci landing short elbows now inside. Ricci posturing up, landing big shots inside Smith’s butterfly guard. Smith turtles up and Ricci takes that front headlock yet again. Knee to the body from Ricci. Ricci CRUMPLES Smith with another body shot and this one looks to be over. Ricci follows it up with some ground and pound and that’s all the referee needed to see.
ALEX RICCI wins via TKO at 2:21 of Round 2.

Tristan Johnson vs. Lyndon Whitlock (Featherweight Bout)
Tristan Johnson taking his sweet time in coming out to the ring. A couple minutes pass between when his music hits and when he walks to the ring. One guy boos his displeasure. Classy. Hamilton boy Lyndon Whitlock gets a strong reaction from the crowd for his entrance. “Big” John McCarthy is our referee for this 145 lbs matchup and gets a hearty ovation of his own.

Round 1:
Both guys circling to open this fight. Whitlock explodes first with a combo but it’s blocked by Johnson. Whitlock attacks a leg and gets a nice takedown in the centre of the cage. Whitlock looking to pass the guard of Johnson. Johnson throwns up a possible triangle but Whitlock shrugs it off. Whitlock briefly passes guard but it’s reestablished by Johnson. Whitlock passes guard again, landing short punches from side control. Whitlock rolls and he’s got a standing guillotine! Johnson shakes it off and they’re back standing. Whitlock tries another single-leg but this time it’s stuffed. Nice doubling up on the jab from Whitlock. Johnson backing up Whitlock now, leading with his hooks. To the body goes Johnson. Whitlock answers back with punches of his own. The initiative is swinging back and forth in this one, with Johnson doing the stalking now. Both men landing effective combination punches. Another shot from Whitlock is stuffed by Johnson. Whitlock turtling up, then exploding to the feet. Whitlock now advancing on Johnson, throwing. Whitlock charges in with a hook and eats a huge counter-right that staggers him. Johnson follows up and Whitlock is in trouble. Whitlock collapses to the cage. Whitlock just turtling up now as Johnson unloads punches. John McCarthy gives Whitlock all the time in the world to recover but it isn’t happening.
TRISTAN JOHNSON is the winner via TKO at 4:55 of Round 1

Eric Moon vs Rory McDonell
Unsurprisingly, the crowd is 100% behind Canadian Rory McDonell against the Michigan native Eric Moon.
Round 1:
McDonell opens with a takedown but it’s sprawled easily by Moon. Both men cricling, leading with the jab. McDonell tires to set up another takedown with a shot but it’s stuffed again. McDonell lands a solid 1-2 combination. Another McDonell takedown is stuffed. Now Moon is working McDonell up against the fence. McDonell lands a nice shot as the two men seperate. McDonell tries for a headkick and lands on his own face. Crowd “oooohhhs” in appreciation. Both guys looking somewhat tenative in the striking department, with mcDonell the busier of the two men. McDonell tries for a takedown but eats a huge counter uppercut from Moon. McDonell is in survival mode as Moon rains down shots against the fence. McDonell tries to throw up a triangle but Moon shrugs it off. McDonell tries to stand but Moon unloads with punches and McDonell falls again. McDonell is in full on retreat until a low blow on Moon calls a halt to the action. There’s some dispute over whether or not the show was truly a “low blow” though I don’t see why Moon would fake it as he was pounding McDonell. McDonell tries another takedown that’s easily stuffed. Moon lands another strong combo as McDonell rises to his feet. McDonell finally hits a takedown but is immediately reversed by Moon. McDonell now playing a bit of rubber guard, perhaps trying for an omoplata. Moon back out and both men are standing again. Crowd starts a strong “Rory!” chant. Moon ends the round with a solid front kick that lands partially.
Top MMA News scores this round 10-9 Moon based on his superior and more effective striking.

Round 2:
More “Rory!” chants as the second frame begins. McDonell now going to the body. Moon continues to press forward and control the centre of the cage. McDonell pulls guard but gets powerbombed sort of by Moon for his trouble. Fight back on the feet again. McDonell beginning to look frustrated in there. Leg kick lands for McDonell. Moon continuing to press forward. McDonell tries for another takedown that Moon rolls out of. As McDonell stands Moon unloads knees from the clinch. The assault continues until McDonell again shoots for a single-leg. McDonell is just getting shut down in this fight thus far. Moon now working from the half-guard of McDonell. “Rory!” chants losing some of their energy now. Moon trying to mount, McDonell almost shakes him off but Moon maintaining position very well. Moon continuing to land short shots inside the half-guard of McDonell. Moon breaks and allows McDonell the space to stand back up. McDonell tries another low-leg pick but eats a counter uppercut. More uppercuts from Moon have McDonell reeling. McDonell just doesn’t seem like he knows what to do at this point. Fight ends with both men landing up against the fence but this round was all Moon.
Top MMA News scores this round 10-9 Moon.

Round 3:
Same pattern, as McDonell shoots for a double from way outside and Moon easily stuff it and makes him pay with uppercuts. McDonell eats a huge uppercut that rocks him. The referee calls a halt to the action so the ringside doc can inspect a cut over McDonell’s left eye. He clears McDonell to fight and we’re back with 4 minutes left to go. Moon continuing to press forward, getting the better of the exchanges. Both guys seem fresh but McDonell is a tentative fighter now. More missed takedowns, more counter uppercuts. McDonell shoots from 200 feet away; now he’s resorting to pulling guard off his failed takedown attempts. Moon working from McDonell’s half-guard. Short elbows inside from Moon. McDonell tries another omaplata but Moon backs out and they’re back standing again. Moon lands a jab that stumbles McDonell. McDonell’s face is a mess at this point. McDonell shows signs of life as he lands a nice knee. Moon continuing to pressure forward and find a home for his punches. McDonell now trying to pressure Moon up against the fence. McDonell rolls for a kneebar but there’s nothing there at all. Round ends with Moon inside McDonell’s half-guard and a very dejected hometown crowd not chanting “Rory!” anymore.
Top MMA News has this round 10-9 Moon, scoring the contest 30-27 for Eric Moon.
The judges have it 30-27 across the board for the winner by Unanimous Decision, ERIC MOON.

Corey Houston vs. Denis Puric (Bantamweight Bout)
Yves Lavigne is our referee. Crowd pops big for hometown boy Denis Puric, and even boos foreigner (as in, the dude’s from Winnipeg) Houston.
Round 1:
They touch gloves and both guys are very light on their feet. Puric explodes forward with a combination but Houston uses the momentum to work a takedown. Houston pressing Puric up against the fence in half-guard. Houston lands some nice shots to Puric’s ribs. Puric stands up but Houston still has a front headlock. Puric presses Houston against the fence. Both men trade short knees inside. Puric looks to be working for a takedown but it’s hard to tell. He finally commits to a single leg but he can’t complete it. Houston working for a kimura standing, uses the move to sweep Puric! Houston now in Puric’s side-mount. Houston tries for mount but Puric regains half-guard. Houston landing some short clean shots from inside the half-guard. The crowd is calling for a stand-up but it’s nothing more than drunken hometown partisanry. Houston working for a keylock but Puric defending well. He can’t shake this side mount however. Puric manages to work back to his feet but Houston once again using a front headlock to control his posture. And they’re back down again with Houston in Puric’s side-mount once again. Crod is livid with boos now but a serious official like Yves Lavigne shouldn’t care. The round ends with Houston in Puric’s side-mount and the crowd none too happy about it.
Top MMA News has this round 10-9 Houston

Round 2:
Puric connects with a nice 3 punch combo early. Puric keeping his hands low, moving in from outside. Puric really lunging in to land punches. Both men land to the head in an exchange but it’s Puric that seems to have gotten the worse of it. Houston presses forward with another takedown and he’s got it. Houston back in the half-guard of Puric yet again. Puric trying to use the fence to shake houston off but Houston having none of it. Crowd is booing again as Houston works for an armbar. He almost hits it but Puric escapes and they;re back to their feet. Puric has hinds hands by his waist, possibly out of fatigue though his strikes still seem sharp. Houston presses forward and catches Puric in a clinch against the fence. Houston doing a good job of moving back and countering Puric’s strikes. He catches him with a straight shot that momentarily drops him. Puric recovers and presses forward. Now it’s Puric trying for a takedown but Houston reverses him into mount. Houston going for the trtiangle from the mount, Shinya Aoki style and he’s got it! Puric fights but he has no choice but to tap.
Corey Houston wins via submission (Mounted Triangle) at 4:05 of Round 2

Jason Meisel vs. Adam Assenza
They touch gloves and we’re off. Assenza opens with a headkick blocked by Meisel. Assenza dives for a clinch but Meisel reverses him against the fence. Assenze switches position again and lands some shots. He works for a double leg and lands it with authority! Meisel works back to his feet but he eats a straight right. Clinched against the fence, both men trading knees. Assenza landing effectively from the clinch. Continuing to pressure up against the fence, Randy Couture-style. Referee separates them. Assenza tries another takedown but it’s stuffed. Back up against the fence again. Meisel opens up with a nice flurry. More clinching, both men trading positions against the fence. Assenza continuing to work for a single leg. Assenza lands a solid right hook in the clinch. Meisel responding with knees inside. Meisel pressing forward with combinations – but it’s back to the clinch again. Assenza is finding a way to muscle Meisel in the clinch but the Caledonia native is landing the better shots.
Top MMA News has this round 10-9 Meisel, but it was a close one.

Round 2:
Meisel opens with a nice knee, but Assenza uses it to re-establish the clinch. Assenza clearly making clinch into takedown the cnetre of his strategy as he goes it again. Meisel spring right back up however. Meisel times another Assenza TD attempt with a knee, but Assenza keeps the pressure regardless. Meisel seperates and opens up with his hands. Both men exchange before Assenza clinches Meisel against the cage yet again. Assenza had double-underhooks, but he can’t do anything with them. Assenza continuing to work for that single but Meisel is shrugging it off. Still can;t shake that clinch however. Both men clinch fighting with knees and stomps inside. They seperate and both men land leg kicks. Meisel lands a solid combo but Assenza once again clinches up when the pressure’s on. Assenza reminds one of Diego Sanchez with his dogged determination and pressure. He lands a good right hook as they break from the clinch. Assenza tries a spin kick but it misses the mark. Now it’s Meisel working for a double-leg, he can’t get it but lands a big knee just as the round ends.
Top MMA News scores this round 10-10, though a call for either man would be arguable.

Round 3:
Nice headkick lands for Meisel early. Assenza responds by diving for a double-leg and he’s got it. Meisel springs right back up again however. We’re back to the clinch against the fence, with Assenza pressing Meisel. Meisel spind off and they’re back to centre-cage. Meisel doing the stalking and he lands a nice leg kick. A combo by Meisel prompts another Assenza clinch-up. Meisel reverses it and lands some good shots inside the clinch. Two headkicks by Assenza set up another double-leg, but Meisel again rises back to his feet. More clinching. Assenza takes Meizel’s bacl and hits a Greco throw, but Meisel springs up yet again. Meisel seperates and opens up! He’s landing big with lefts and rights. Assenza in trouble but he shoots a takedown and hits it again. Much more success with the takedowns in this round from Assenza. Referee stops the action and the doctor inspects Meisel. Not sure what the issue is as of yet. Whatever it was, the doc clears Meisel to keep fighting. Assenza dives for a takedown but ends up once again clinched against the fence. Assenza seperates to open up but he eats a huge counter-left from Meisel that drops him. Meisel pouring it on now as Assenza tries to recover. A groggy Assenza hits another takedown but is reversed by Meisel. The round comes to an end and the crowd gives both men the standing O for an outstanding final round of action.
Top MMA News has that round 10-9 Meisel, scoring the fight 30-28 in favour of Jason Meisel
The judges have it 30-27, 29-28, and 29-28 (Assenza) for the winner by Split Decision, JASON MEISEL.

41 Responses to “ The Score Fighting Series “Cooper vs. Doerksen” Live Play-by-Play ”

  1. Big Win says:

    I had the fight 29-28 Assenza, thought he took the 2nd and 3rd with his barrage of takedowns. Meisel did drop him
    In the 3rd but Assenza recovered quickly.

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  2. Sean McManus says:

    Houston looked great in his fight – would be nice to be able to hear the live feed…ha.

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  3. Cj Saftic says:

    Corey Houston is one solid dude, looked awesome. Yea I’m having that audio problem too.

    Thumb up 3 Thumb down 0

  4. Houston faced Demarce in his pro debut and almost beat him.

    Thumb up 3 Thumb down 1

  5. Big Win says:

    Looks like that long layoff really hampered Puric he was totally gassed by the 2nd, Houston looked great huge win for him.

    Thumb up 3 Thumb down 0

  6. Sean McManus says:

    looks empty there too…

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  7. derek abe says:

    Congrats to Corey Houston.

    Thumb up 3 Thumb down 0

  8. Big Win says:

    Someone please tell Rory McDonell the super low ankle pick is no longer fashionable in MMa

    Thumb up 1 Thumb down 0

  9. hannibal21 says:

    good win for houston, when he faught demarce, demarce also took that fight on two days notice but very very tough debut for houston and he did well

    Thumb up 2 Thumb down 0

  10. DeViLBoY says:

    whos doin play by play for this? is it mauro ranallo?

    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 1

  11. Sean McManus says:

    Ramdeen and Sir Black are doing pbp…

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  12. Elton Hobson says:

    Yeah it’s Mauro, you can tell by the bald head…I mean, by the tone and inflection of the guys voice…I mean, because he’s standing next to Frank Shamrock and can’t stop staring at his brace-face.

    Wait, why am I Mauro Renallo again?

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  13. Sean McManus says:

    at least according to the little bit that came through when the sound issue was briefly cleared up.

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  14. Sean McManus says:

    ok…maybe it is Mauro…only heard it for a few seconds and I thought it was Ramdeen that was working with Black…my bad.

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  15. Big Win says:

    It is Ramdeem and Black, Mauro is calling the m1 card tonight

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  16. Big Win says:

    Got a bad feeling for Tristan, Scot McLean doesn’t seem to be rocking the patented fanny pack… That can’t be good

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  17. Sean McManus says:

    yeah I thought he was out of town for this one…ok I’m not crazy…

    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 1

  18. Big Win says:

    My bad McLean pulled out the fanny pack at the last minute, guess that’s why Johnson was so successful, damn that fanny pack can is tough as hell.

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  19. Big Win says:

    Ricci just Smith why you don’t get flashy with a Muay Thai champ

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  20. Sound was very quiet for this stream when the sound returned. Crowd was as loud as the announcers.

    No finishes in SFS 1 and lots of finishes in SFS 2.

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  21. Don I don’t know why you are obbessed with that fanny pack haha. Good job by Johnson. People are starting to realize that fighters from the Maritimes can stand with the best in the country.

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  22. Update: Added the Top MMA News awards as chosen by Elton Hobson.

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  23. Robin Black says:

    Fights were incredibly well matched. Mind blowing.

    I have many thoughts. If I’m not too drunk I’ll share them if nobody minds.

    Great. Fucking. Show.

    Privilege to get to call this one.

    Big love to the great athletes that made this so special.

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  24. I thought Meisel and Assenza was the Fight of the Night. Very exciting three rounder for an opening bout.

    Thumb up 1 Thumb down 0

  25. Blayd cooper says:

    Meisel vs assenza fotn, eric moon surprised alot too!!
    I want to tristan johnson vs john fraser.

    Thumb up 2 Thumb down 0

  26. Robin Black says:

    Semi-Drunk thoughts:

    Bernadel is a great talent. Great talents are always in danger to great power.

    Ditto my friend El Dirte. Dirte is a great talent. And a great gentleman.

    2 of the great coaches in this country, Master Cooligan and Kru Alin, will learn to respect each other more and more. They should. They are two sides to the same coin.
    ps- I also think they are 2 of the top 5 coaches in this country.

    Assenza and Meisel just set the bar (high!) for greatest double-debut fight ever!

    Rory McDonell has sick Jiu-Jitsu but, more importantly, has the kind of heart and will that you cannot learn.

    I tend to understate my close friend Alex Ricci’s brilliant performances because critical credibility is important to me. I never ever want to seem like I favor anyone. I strive to be truly impartial when I call these great fights.
    But Ricci is the real thing man.

    Tristan Johnson is absolutely the real deal too. Are we all paying attention to Halifax’ FIT PLUS yet??

    Mauro Ranallo is the best and we missed him.

    People in Hamilton are great.

    I don’t EVER want to make Denis Puric mad.

    Doerksen’s longtime coach, Giusseppe Denetale, should heretofore be referred to exclusively as ‘Mr. Angry’.

    And we should all admit that fighting solves everything.

    Lastly, I refuse to believe that

    Thumb up 1 Thumb down 1

  27. Robin Black says:

    …to believe that a real man would ever fake a nut shot.


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  28. Robin Black says:

    Some I-Hate-Mornings-and-although-I-enjoyed-the-beer-I-wish-I-never-had-any-beer thoughts:

    When fights are that good you hate that one guy has to lose.

    Whitlock even in a loss looks like a scary prospect.

    Puric even in a loss to a man 20 pounds above his weight looks like he can KO a bus.

    The behind-the-scenes stuff of the fight game is nutso.

    I should go back to bed. Great great fights. 14 guys really really put it all on display.

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  29. real news says:

    I didn’t see the first fight but here goes the real run down of events. Pujric was way over sized in his match and overall too small for the weight class. I’d say 135lbs max is his division the fight was back and forth with corey expoliting his lack of conditioning and ground work.. Clean clear hard fought win..
    Next up rory macdonell.. This was nuts I heard so much about his submissions which may nbe cool but not a good idea when getting hammer like he was without a big change of tactics he won’t do a thing in mma..eric moon was a tough scrambler that’s going to make noise in the score series.

    Whitlocks wild standup caught his caught. By a much more composed fighter out of fit plus. Tristan sat in the pocket on the feet and made a point on the ground by showing he has a strong skill set there making spme nice attacks frpom the bottom. I don’t think romero is ready for a re$atch with him quite yet but both guys bring a good show

    Bernadel vs romero

    Bernadel came out strong and even cpoming from a bjj school he acquitted himself well dropping romero right off the bat but romero showed a deveoping ground game by working his way back to the feet to finish up with a sick ko head kick shortly after big crowd favorite it seems

    Ricci vs smith

    Ricci is too much for low level guys on the ciruit and I think even locally there are better fights for him like his last one vs another pretty tough striker in mattewa.. But smith came to fight took a beating many would have tapped from and stayed in there .. Congrats to both guys.

    Didn’t see the rest of the fights

    I say fighter of the night is tristan johnson and him vs ricci would be great both guys clearly going places and abpove the rest pof the pool skill wise. Are they in the same weight class ?

    Thumb up 1 Thumb down 0

  30. TK says:

    Really well done, Robin. You have a comprehensive knowledge of the sport that many of the people who have likely influenced you lack. The PBP team was above average for sure.

    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

  31. Robin Black says:

    Thanks TK that’s very kind and it really means a lot to me. I truly love this job and I take a lot of pride in my preparation and my work.
    It’s a gift to be able to call great fights like these, and I do everything I can to do as best a job as I can for these athletes.
    Thank you so much for the kind words.

    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

  32. Robin Black says:

    And shiiiit…. When ya get to work with great talents like Mauro and my main man Ramdeen ya can end up lookin good.

    But sir thanks again you just made my day.

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  33. Big Jake says:

    Always a great job Robin! I got stuck at work last night I couldn’t catch the stream. More importantly, it also caused me to miss my Skype session with Marc-Andre! Never again! Lol

    Congrats to my client Brett Cooper on a great win and it’s just too bad that it was over a guy I really love. El Dirte is such a great guy and I hated to see two guys I really like compete against each other.

    Sounded like a great night of fights, congrats and respect to all competitors!

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  34. alin says:

    Thank you The Score FS for having my team part of this great show. I think everybody shod know that denis had 5 different opponents all at 135 lbs, the last one droped a day before the weigh ins, his only opption was to fight Corey witch is a great 145 lbs fighter or not fight at all, Denis sold 100 tickets to his friends and family and the only reson he fought a guy at 145 was to not let all the people that bought tichets from him down

    Thumb up 2 Thumb down 1

  35. Thanks for letting us know Alin. There was quite a size difference between Puric and Houston. Hopefully, he gets his 135 fight on Bellator.

    Thumb up 1 Thumb down 0

  36. Cj Saftic says:

    Yea Puric has nothing to be down about, it was a great fight and it was pretty clear that he was out sized. Great showing by both guys.

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  37. Nothing but respect for Puric, he stepped up a weight class to put on a show for his fans, not everyone would do that.

    He is a dangerous man, and i look forward to watching him knock out some 135ers in the future!

    Well-loved! Thumb up 7 Thumb down 0

  38. Corey Houston says:

    I also wanted to thank Puric for a great fight and for being a class act .

    Good on you for taking the fight!

    I have no doubt that you will continue to be an excellent, and exciting 135 er.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 6 Thumb down 0

  39. jojo-mama says:

    Puric was clearly outsized by Houston who seemed like a 155er. Puric is a true warrior by taking the fight against a tough apponent to not let down his fans that filled the theatre. Agreed, a fun exciting fight that had the crowd waiting for that one highlight finish that seemed it was sure to come. Looking forward to more exciting fights from th Bosnian Menace but definately at 135 where he belongs!

    Thumb up 2 Thumb down 0

  40. Dave MacMillan says:

    Excellent talent. Great Show. Iron tigers guys are tough

    Props to Steph B. Was looking good till he got caught. Will R. is a dangerous opponent and it was just a question who got the clean shot first.

    Props to Puric. He faught hard. Sucks being in his position when you cant find a fight.

    Awesome work by Houston. taking a fight on 4 days notice on thanksgiving of all things and coming up with a performance like that.

    The whole Card was full of warriors

    Great show of Canadian Talent

    Well-loved! Thumb up 6 Thumb down 0

  41. The fights from the October 14 Score Fighting Series event in Hamilton have been cut into two 1-hour shows and with the first show debuting this Saturday and repeating on Tuesday and Thursday. The second show will be debuting the following Saturday with basically the same schedule. The Wreck MMA Shows from Oct 28 will debut after these on basically the same schedule. More details will follow on those shortly. Here are the show details with fighters and air times:

    Show #1 – Tristan Johnson vs Lyndon Whitlock; Eric Moon vs Rory McDonell; Joe Doerksen vs Brett Cooper

    This show will be running on:

    Saturday, November 19 @ 1pm EST
    Tuesday, November 22 @ 7:30pm EST
    Thursday, November 24 @ 4pm EST

    Show #2 – Alex Ricci vs Tim Smith; Jason Meisel vs Adam Assenza; Will Romero vs Stephane Bernadel

    This show will be running on:

    Saturday, November 26 @ 1pm & 5pm EST
    Thursday, December 1 @ 4pm EST

    The Puric-Houston fight won’t be on these shows but will be posted on The Score website shortly.

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