Elite 1: Wild Card 2 Weigh-in Results


Elite 1 are set to kick off their 12th event titled Wild Card 2 set for tomorrow night in Moncton, New Brunswick.   A couple of fights have been pulled from the card as Paul Harris and Dave Claroni was pulled because of Claroni took a new job in the US and was not able to get the time off.  A match between Chris Currie and Todd Henry has been taken off because Henry is suspended after losing a boxing match last month.

Meneka Weva failed to make weight for welterweight title fight against Richard Aresnault and will give up 20% of his purse.

The first round tournament for the Lightweight title will also take place tomorrow when the eight fighters drew names at the weigh-ins  this afternoon.  The title was made vacant after champ Steven Rogers retired at the company’s last event. Dave Simms will automatically move to the second round of the tournament because his opponent Stephen Clement failed to make weight but the fight will still happen.

265lbs- Scott Fraser (240.6) vs. Matt Acorn (213.2)
***Canadian Heavyweight Title Fight

170lbs- Richard Arsenault (169.2) vs. Meneka Weva (180.8)
Weva failed to make weight so it will be a no title affair.  Aresnault will now get 20% of Weva’s Purse

195lbs- Mike Kent (194.6) vs. Dan Fowler (195.4)
***Fight was originally set at 185 but has been made a catch weight of 195

Lightweight Tournament
Dave Simms (155.2) vs. Stephen Clement (158)
***Win or lose, Simms automatically advances in the tournament due to Clement missing weight.

Adam Hazelton (155.8) vs. Josh Walker (156)
Gavin Tucker (154.6) Vs. Christopher Corporon (155.6)
Josh Kenny (155.4) vs. Devin Viner (155.6)

Amateur MMA
145-Norm Robichaud (144.2) vs. Mike Fitz (145.2)
190-Darcy W McKenna (189.9) vs. John Mcwaid (191)

18 Responses to “ Elite 1: Wild Card 2 Weigh-in Results ”

  1. Tim says:

    Man I cant wait. tickets are already 80% sold out!!!

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  2. Bobby Karimi says:

    How come Kent and Fowler was moved up to 195lbs?

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  3. Bobby Karimi says:

    Please give Meneka Weva a suspension! 10 fuckin pounds overweight for a title fight, WTF!

    Please suspend!

    Also how is this fight allowed to continue with a 10lbs weight difference.

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  4. Tim says:

    From what I hears Kent was sick and the weight was changed 2 weeks ago/
    Richard still wanted the fight.It was up tp Richard .

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  5. derek leblanc says:

    For richard it was his decision I know that. I do know that Kent was battling a bad flu for a few weeks but I have been seeing him training as recent as two weeks ago and he seemed fine. Had to get so many questions about other fights. Did ask mike and Steven this morning and as soon as I hear something back I will post if not it will have to wait till i get to moncton.

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  6. Hank902 says:

    Where’s Micky Marshall?

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  7. Mike Kent says:

    I got a bad flu 4 weeks ago and was in bed for a week . It wasn’t going away so three weeks out I went to the hospital , they did chest xrays and found that I had nemonia . I was very dehydrated and got some fluids while at the hospital. We felt liwit after going through that it wouldn’t be smart to cut the normal 15 -17 pounds so I asked for 95 and Dan accepted .

    I was in amazing shape before I was sick so I was lucky and bounced back quickly and am at 100 percent health . Didn’t wanna really make a big deal of this because this is no excuse . I came back fully and have never felt better for a fight , if dan does win tonight ( which i strongly beleive wont happen ) its because he beat me fairly not bcause of sickness or the weight were both ready to fight ;)

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  8. Robin Black says:

    You can’t bounce back from pneumonia in a couple weeks.

    If Mr. Kent had pneumonia 3 weeks ago doctors should do the right thing and not allow Mike to fight.

    Mike Kent wants to fight but it’s a doctor’s job to protect a fighter, even from himself.

    If a guy had pneumonia 3 weeks out it is wrong to let him fight even tho he wants to.

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  9. Robin Black says:

    If chest xrays showed pneumonia then what kind of doctor clears a guy to fight? Seriously?

    No offense to mike he wants to fight. But pneumonia indicated by chest xrays is no joke.

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  10. Mike Kent says:

    Lol chill out robin I’m fine and my chest is clear and I took antibiotics . I appreciate your concern but I’ve been cleared to fight and feel like a million bucks

    No go be hung over and pipe down ….lol wouldn’t fight if I wasn’t healthy

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  11. Robin Black says:

    Maybe being hung over makes me more worried about a guy fighting 3 weeks after being diagnosed with a bacterial lung infection.

    And maybe just working this weekend with Ontario Commission, the most stringently safety-oriented commission in the world, has made me a bit too safety conscious.

    But most doctors would have a guy cancel his fight if he got pneumonia a couple weeks out from a fight.

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  12. mike kent says:

    No its just not the case . I was sick. Now I’m healthy and everythings butterflys and rainbows ! Thanks

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  13. mmapete says:

    the way i see it robin is by the time they are in the mid twenties/thirties they should be capable of making their own decisions. all we get to do is sit back and go “ooohhh thats gotta hurt” during the show. with the average mma career being about 3-4 fights here in moncton chances of long term problems from it is quite low. i understand that your vast experience and involvement in the sport may give you a more informed and accurate view than mine so i respect what you have written also.

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  14. Jamie Locke says:

    You still planning to drop to 170 Mike?

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  15. Mike Kent says:

    Yes lol I think people are taking this a little too serious . I struggled with sickness around the 4/5 week out mark . After beginning to feel better I didn’t think cutting weight on top off that would be a good idea . I used to walk around at 210 and then trim down to just over 200 and cut that . Now I walk around 202 so with a extra strict diet I believe I can get under 190 and make the cut .

    My next fight the end of November hopefully will be at 170

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  16. Hank902 says:

    I would love to see mike Kent @ 170. Any word on halifax (the MMA graveyard) getting an event before years end?

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  17. Ryan says:

    Good luck tonight Mike. I was just curious, have you even been approached to fight for the Elite-1 title?

    You’re the #1 ranked Maritime MW aren’t you? I guess going to WW that doesn’t matter lol.

    @Hank902 – I know brother. We need to get a bigish event here soon. All the big ones tend to fall out or are on bad dates.

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  18. Robin Black says:

    Ya Mike have a great fight. Didn’t intend to put a downer on ya. Sorry if I did I just spent the week dealing with guys’ health and medicals and doctor stuff and was shocked to hear about the pneumonia.
    Anyways have fun in there.

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