ABC Clarifies Position With ECSC & Half Point Scoring


Last week, the Edmonton Combative Sports Commission (ECSC) issued a press release stating that the ECSC would be using the Half Point scoring system for MFC 31 after being asked by the Association of Boxing Commissions (ABC) to do so.  Today, the ABC issued their own press release refuting claims made by the Edmonton Commission.

The Edmonton release, which can be read in its entirety here, states that,

“The ABC asked four combative sports commissions, including California and Edmonton, to utilize the (Half Point) scoring system and report back to the ABC at the 2012 annual convention.”

However, the ABC states in their press release that they did not choose any commission. Commissions volunteered to test, not use, in MMA competition the Half Point system at the last ABC conference.  Tim Lueckenhoff, President of the ABC, states in the press release,

“The ABC committee asked for volunteer Commissions to test the proposed 1/2 point system.  The size of the Commission or the volume of events did not matter.  The committee did not specifically choose any one Commission, over another, as was implied in the media release.”

In addition, Edmonton seems to have jumped the gun by using the half point system for MFC 31.  The press release states that commissions were to test the Half Point system, not utilize it in live competition.

“The committee’s recommendations were specific in that the 1/2 point system was to be adopted only as a shadow system to gather data and compare it to the current 10 point system… It was not the ABC’s decision to have the 1/2 point system be implemented live, and this was entirely the Edmonton Combative Sports Commission decision.”

The press release continues stating that the Half Point system has not been voted on by the ABC and is only to be tested,

“The 1/2 point system is still a work in progress, and more detailed research needs to be conducted before a decision is made to implement the system.”

Finally, it seems that the ABC press release casts doubt as to whether the ABC will even accept the official results from MFC 31 as it was not held under the Unified Rules:

“The 1/2 point system needs to be recognized by the ABC… and voted on by the entire ABC membership before any official results are accepted by MMA, LLC using the 1/2 point scoring system.”

Pat Reid, Executive Director of the ECSC, had this response,

“We were asked to pilot the Half Point system and that is what we did.  You either use Half Point scoring or you don’t use it.  If our promoters don’t mind and our fighters don’t mind, then why wouldn’t we try it? Somebody has to pilot it and we were one of the commissions that said we would pilot it. The pilot runs until we report back to the Annual General Meeting of the ABC in 2012. This seems to be a knee jerk, negative reaction after only one event.”

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  1. Was asked to edit for a City Council member, as it was to be played for the council and they didn’t want to listen to 2hrs of tape.

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  2. The entire conversation was offered to the Council, and there were a few people at the time, up to them if they want to be involved.

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  3. alandale says:

    All I ever heard was a rumour of a clip of him bragging how he was pulling names off the list of applicants for the comission. What a load of garbage. Wonder who is behind this at the city?

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  4. jeffrey wilson says:

    Jason, would you want a provincial commission with reid running it? I know reid has suggested that a provincial commission is the solution for everything, but seriously, what would happen if you got a wingnut in charge like reid. Then you have one guy screwing up a whole province. reid wants a provincial commission with reid in charge, thats his solution. Don’t be so quick to jump on the provicial commission.

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  5. The Commish says:

    Charles Penner is Dale Kliparchuk’s cousin. I wonder who’s side he is on.

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  6. The Commish says:

    I heard Dale taped Pat at a bar and pieces of the tape were cut out to make it sound more bad.

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  7. Jeffrey Wilson: I’m in favor of each province having a provincial commission that is held to the same standards, rules and guidelines across the country. These commissions would need to be overseen by a federal oversight committee/commission that actual had the authority to keep things in line. I honestly think this would be a good thing for MMA across Canada. As for it realistically happening? Might be a long time coming… if ever.

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  8. I’d even be happy enough with a Provincial Body that had authority to keep municipal Commission in line.

    So Cities could still run their own shows

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  9. Sean Quinn says:

    “The Commish says:
    October 14, 2011 at 5:24 pm
    Charles Penner is Dale Kliparchuk’s cousin. I wonder who’s side he is on.

    Thats a dead link…i think.

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  10. It’s just a link to an old LERB decision pdf involving me and my cousin Dale Kliparchuk.

    He thinks he is revealing some huge secret that we are cousins old news and not relevant.

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  11. jeffrey wilson says:

    Look we all know that pat is always going to blame kliparchuk and penner on everything. The topic here is about the 1/2 point system going live and what a screw job that is.

    Obvioulsy the Commish is one of pats cronies looking to mud sling on issues that are not even remotely involved in comative sports.

    lets keep this discussion to combat sports, if people want to dig up old records of shit years ago that have nothing to do with combat sports regulation, thats pretty extreme. I mean what does that have to do with what we are talking about only to derail this thread and protect pat reid.

    At least penner has the balls like myself to post our real names.

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  12. The problem is that you have personalities like Pat Reid that use this sport to pad their resume.

    He has never been in it for the good of the sport.

    He allowed “Pride Rules” to get exposure – back fired.

    And now trying to piggy back on COMMAND/BJM and the ABC’s credentials for his own personal glory.

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  13. Cryin Brains says:

    1. All three commission members that were on the hiring committee that interviewed Pat disagreed in hiring him but he was still pushed through.

    2.A formal complaint was sent to the city from a former commission member for Pat drinking ringside before an event and also partying at a promoters after party. This was swept under the carpet by the city and the commission member was not appointed his postion a month later.
    2. Lied to the commission about not knowing about the first Lloyd event.
    3.Lied about Murry Craig being upset about a weigh in.
    4.Got two of his people to lie for him at a ABC convention concerning the dream rules. They blamed it on the 2009 Commission who totally disagreed with dream rules.

    I’m sure there are lots of people that can add to ths list.
    Shame on the City of Edmonton for hiring this joker and keeping him.

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  14. Just curious... says:

    So if I follow correctly, this was a conversation that was had outside of city council by a group of people and then a City Councillor asked for a shortened version to play for City Council with the option of individual Councillors being able to listen to the full recording if they wished?

    The “few people” involved at the time were all involved in the initial conversation but it was up to them if they wanted to be “on record” for City Council?

    Just trying to understand things is all… if what I stated is accurate then a full recording wouldn’t have been available at Council’s request if it was up to the “few people” involved if they wanted to be on record… or am I missing something?

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  15. A Council member was told about the conversation and he asked to have just specific parts emailed to him, he didn’t have time to listen to the entire tape. That’s when I was asked if I knew how to get the recording off the device and sent via email.

    Apparently he was informed about several conversations but the part about Pat Reid swapping in his own bylaw as the “Commission bylaw” and the interfering with the appointment of Commission members was the most disturbing events (In his opinion) and needed to be addressed by City Council ASAP.

    Once the conversation was heard, he asked for a CD with both the parts and the entire conversation, and it was delivered so he could play them for Council.

    My comment about who was there, only had to do with them being outed over the internet.

    And the “parts” weren’t 5sec clips added together, they we long unedited portions that contained the entire part of the conversation dealing with the topics listed.

    It really doesn’t matter who attended, for all intents and purposes it could have been just me and Pat Reid.

    City Council voted to investigate, but after the upcoming election, I was told Sohi was the deciding vote to have it postponed till after the election. I asked him when I ran into him next why he voted to postpone it, he refused to talk about it say it would be looked at after the election, but no surprise Sohi was full of shit and it was dropped because “the Councilor who brought up the issue had retired”

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  16. alandale says:

    Perhaps it’s time for people to start asking questions of their councellors again, asking why this was all swept under the rug?

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  17. BigBoi says:

    Hey Jeffery, apparently you missed an early post when one of the Edmonton refs was posting. It didn’t take a Columbo to figure out it was Pat’s words from another source. I especially liked how when the questions came hard and fast he quickly realized he was in an area with bad internet service….

    Don’t let this die people.

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  18. Cousin of Dale says:

    Pat Reid for president of MMA in Canada!

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