The Ultimate Fighter 14 – Episode 4 Recap


Episode four starts with Bisping getting the matchups courtesy of Team Mayhem’s mole John Dodson. Looks like Stephen Bass will be fighting for Team Bisping and they focus training on getting him ready for his fight. They work on his takedown defense. Bass is worried about getting gassed in training as Mike is working him hard. Bass says he will fight Dennis Bermudez.

Bisping does not show up for the fight announcement. Mayhem announces the next Featherweight matchup – Dennis Bermudez vs Stephen Bass. No surprise there at all. From there we hear from both fighters saying losing is unacceptable. Well…one fighter will have to accept a loss. Who will it be?

Dennis Bermudez vs Stephen Bass
R1. After touching gloves, Bass lunges with a right hook first. Bermudez lands some straights and tries for a takedown and gets it after working hard for it. Bermudez lands some good elbows from full guard and some decent ground and pound. Bisping is yelling at Bass to open his guard and stand up but Bass is just taking the punishment and not working to get up. Bermudez is owning this round as Bass has landed no offense. Bass gives up his back and Bermudez gets his hooks in. Bermudez flattens him out and feeds him lefts. Bass gets to his back and Bermudez just pounding on him.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-8 Bermudez

R2. Clash of kicks and a sharp right from Bermudez starts things up. Bass down on the ground getting pounded on and somehow grabs an ankle. Bermudez pulls his leg out, Bass is just outclassed and taking a beating. I agree with Mayhem who wonders why it is not being stopped. Instead, Rosenthal warns Bermudez about hitting the back of the head. Bermudez flattens Bass out again and continues pounding and finally it gets stopped.
Dennis Bermudez defeats Stephen Bass by TKO (GNP) in Round 2

Team Mayhem goes to 3-0 with a lopsided victory.

Bisping goes off on the team and tells them to start listening to the game plan. He has a point and Bass admits he is a bad listener.

Fight announcement – Dustin Pague vs Louis Gaudinot

Mayhem starts wondering how Bisping knows every matchup.

Pague is “the Disciple.” Hungry for knowledge about God and MMA. Bisping thinks he is the total package.

Bisping says that Bass blames him for his loss. He does not like how Bisping went to hard on him in training. The team does not like his excuse and blame him for not following the game plan.

Dustin Pague vs Louis Gaudinot
R1. Pague using the distance, landing kicks and punches. Good knees, as well, from Pague. Gaudinot comes in with uppercuts and lands a few. Big knee from Pague! Not much distance from his knee to Gaudinot’s head as there is a huge height advantage. More knees from Pague and the two trade kicks. Gaudinot starts throwing in bunches including a spinning back kick that sails by high. Front kick by Pague. Leg kicks traded. More knees from Pague and a nice short elbow. Bisping yelling for take downs but Gaudinot wants to trade. Pague stuffs the first take down attempt and lands big shots on Louis. Uppercut lands by Gaudinot and Pague lands a flurry. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Pague

R2. Sharp jab by Pague and a solid leg kick as well. Right drops Gaudinot and Pague follows him to the ground and lands from Gaudinot’s guard. Louis gets to his feet and tries for a single but Pague sprawls. Short elbows and knees by Pague and Gaudinot drops. Louis cut open with Pague on his back going for a choke. Dustin gets the tap from Team Bisping’s first round pick a RNC.
Dustin Pague submits Louis Gaudinot by Rear Naked Choke in Round 2.

Team Mayhem is now up 4-0.

Next week: Mayhem finds out Dodson is the mole. Looks like the two teams get at it outside the cage as well.

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  1. Blackout says:

    Dustin did very well against a tough competitor.

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  2. harry balls says:

    Mighty fine stand-up from Ned Flanders.

    Hey can we get an atheist fighter to credit reason, deduction, scientific advancement etc. post fight?

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