AX Combat 2 – Calgary – November 11


AX Combat LogoDate: November 11, 2011
Location: Commonwealth Hall in Calgary, AB

Pro Fights:
Brad Cardinal (13-8) vs. TBA
Ryan Machan (13-7) vs. Josh Powell (5-1)
Advin Omic (8-3) vs. Ford Robertson (4-0)
Darren Appels (1-3) vs. Devan Garnon (3-5)
Aaron Gallant (2-4) vs. Curtis Blackmore (1-2)
Allan Munroe (3-3) vs. Jesse Fox (4-4)
Noah Ali (1-0) vs. Kahl Clark (1-3)

Amateur Fights:
Hayden Harrison (1-0) vs. Chris Chapman (0-0)
Rick Pfeifer (2-0) vs. Will Monzon (0-0)
Mustafa Zidan (0-0) vs. Jon Cummings (1-0)
Aaron Barr (0-0) vs. Justin Schmidt (0-1)
Denham Pereira (0-1) vs. Nathan Harrison (0-1)

19 Responses to “ AX Combat 2 – Calgary – November 11 ”

  1. randomfan says:

    noah ali is the man

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  2. david letourneau says:

    Good luck to all the competitors on this show, Ill be rooting for cardinal to win

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  3. Christina says:

    The Next Level Lifestyle Accesories is now an official ticket outlet!!! Come in and grab your tickets at any one of your 3 locations!! in queensland, Bowness, or 17th Avenue Forest Lawn!!!

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  4. Cody Rempel says:

    UPDATE: Added Ford Robertson to take on Advin Omic and Kahl Clark to take on Noah Ali.

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  5. Kris says:

    No Sheila bird???

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  6. ASSASSIN says:

    No sheila this time unfortunately, She is a great competitor and we look forward to having her on the third AX card.

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  7. ASSASSIN says:

    Denham Pereira’s opponent will be Nathan Harrison from Kensei Martial Arts in Red Deer, AB.

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  8. ASSASSIN says:

    In case you guys havent seen the Promo.

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  9. Kris says:

    Your matchmaking is actually pretty damn good Steve. Any chance of you fighting again? Or have you and snuggles squashed it?

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  10. Drujitsu says:

    Chapman for the win!

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  11. FRENCHY says:

    Derek Clarke is out cause he can’t make weight at 145lbs so Allan Munroe is fighting Jesse Fox catch weight at 140lbs

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  12. ASSASSIN says:

    YA! FOX VS MUNROE!! Fight of the Night, thanks “kris”, I work hard to match correctly and make for competitive exciting fights. Sometimes last min s*%$ happens and thats not always possible.

    We at AXCombat like to be able to say we at least try. **ahem, unlike some OTHER promotions.

    Fighter safety and PURE ACTION is what we are looking for to keep bringing top level shows to Calgary’s fight community.

    Get tics NOW ! This one will sell out.

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  13. Update: replaced Derek Clark with Jesse Fox.

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  14. mike kent says:

    Any room on this card ? My fight canned for november . Looking to fight !

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  15. Edmonton MMA says:

    Would like to see Kent on this card!

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  16. ASSASSIN says:

    Update for ya, Ryan Machan vs Josh Powell at 185

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  17. Jamie Locke says:

    These are a couple of nice fights. IMO Machan should stay at 170 though…

    Ryan Machan (13-7) vs. Josh Powell (5-1)
    Advin Omic (8-3) vs. Ford Robertson (4-0)

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  18. Dman says:

    Will these fights be streamed anywhere online? Also, what time do they start?

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  19. Bobby Karimi says:

    fights start at 7

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