Steve Bossé on Beating Houston Alexander


Top MMA News‘ Don Wilson talks with Steve Bossé on his biggest win to date – a TKO over Houston Alexander at Instinct MMA. The Boss tells his fans about that fight and how happy is to be fighting for Stephane Patry.

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  1. Conan says:

    I like Don Wilson’s interviews just fine but that was an obvious ass kiss. How can he say nothing was unsportsmanlike about Bosse’s antics after the fight?!? He had to be forcibly removed from standing over Alexander and gloating. Plus he shoved the referee back after the first attempt. Come on Don!

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  2. I think Don addressed the issue fine.

    He asked once, Bosse said he did not understand. Don rephrased the question and Bosse answered it (although with not a great answer.)

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  3. Edmonton MMA says:

    Love Bosse, but that was wrong. Adrenalin will do those things though, got to control the emotions.

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  4. Conan says:

    Keith, interview was fine…and I understand you don’t want to rile up the MMA fighter but don’t outright say “there was nothing unsportsmanlike about that at all”. It reminded me of Martin Desilets tough guy antics before the fight which was always good for a laugh. Do the Quebec fighters have a “i’m so thug” thing going on?

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