‘The Rise of Ragin’ – Take Two


At MFC 31 weigh-ins (photo by Jason Bouwmeester)

Let the Rise of Ragin’ Kajan Begin‘ proclaimed the Top MMA News headline a year ago.

Kajan Johnson was coming into his fight with Ryan Healy after taking over a year off from fighting. Kajan stated he was going to be very active starting with the Healy fight and that he was well on his way to receive a Maximum Fighting Championship Lightweight title fight in 2011.  What happened?

Like the movie Ground Hog Day, Ragin’ finds himself in the exact same spot one year later. On the eve of his MFC 31 fight against Richie Whitson, Kajan has had to take another year off. It was not the British Columbia native’s decision to miss another year of fighting and another year of paydays, but that is what occurred.

After soundly dominating Ryan Healy at MFC 27 last November and proving the Ryan Machan loss was just a brief blip on a sizzling 12-2-1 run, Richie Whitson was on Kajan’s radar in early 2011. Unfortunately, he tore his shoulder up and was forced to back out of the fight. Next, a Marcus Davis bout was scheduled for MFC 29 in April but the injury bug still haunted one of Canada’s top Lightweights.

“I thought I could come back for the Davis fight but my shoulder was still done. I was not able to use my left hand until May. I just needed more time,” explained Johnson.

Not fighting meant no pay cheques and Kajan admits, “It’s a tough life unless you are able to stay active. I’m in a pretty penniless state.”

Kajan Johnson (photo by Jason Bouwmeester|pixelens.com)

Finally, his body healed and he received the news that he was going to fight Richie Whitson at MFC 31. It will only be Kajan’s second fight in two years. How does one get rid of so much ring rust? Kajan answers,

“This was a four month training camp. I needed a long, intense camp after a long time off.  I needed to spar different guys.  I needed to be ready to adapt to the different styles that strange sparring partners have.”

Once again, he formed his own training camp locally at Mamba MMA, Simon Fraser University, and a variety of other gyms.  With few professional fighters in BC to spar, Kajan headed to Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas and Tristar in Montreal to sharpen up his game.   Will it be enough for his MFC 31 bout with Whitson, an underrated fighter who has only lost once in eleven bouts?

“Definitely, I am in the best shape and I hope he comes in great shape.  I want to beat the very best Richie Whitson.  He should a very good test for me.  You can’t eke out rounds with him and you can’t allow him to gain any momentum.  This fight will definitely be exciting.”

“I can see myself KOing him.  I can see me subbing him.  I can see me winning a decision.  As long as I am outworking him, I have faith I am going to win.”

After the fight, Johnson will permanently move to Tristar MMA in Quebec as his camp.  Hopefully, Kajan will have another win under belt, some bonus money in his pocket, and Top MMA News does not have to write about the Rise of Ragin’ ever again.



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