MFC 32 – Edmonton – January 27


Date: January 27, 2012
Location: Mayfield Conference Centre
Tickets: (780) 504-2024

Main Card:
*Dwayne Lewis (12-7) vs. Wilson Gouveia (12-8)
Antonio McKee (26-4-2) vs. Brian Cobb (19-6)
***Lightweight Title Fight

Ryan McGillivray (11-5-1) vs. Diego Bautista (7-0)
Dhiego Lima (6-0) vs. Nathan Coy (9-4)
Jamie Toney (14-7) vs. Kyle Jackson (6-1)
Dan Ring (4-0-1) vs. James Haddad (4-1)

Preliminary Card:
Curtis Demarce (11-10) vs.  TBD
Allen Hope (7-9) vs. Brendan Kornberger (2-0)
Garret Nybakken (3-3) vs. Matt Jelly (1-1)

*Five Round Non-Title Fight

53 Responses to “ MFC 32 – Edmonton – January 27 ”

  1. Ryan says:

    So much for November in Ontario eh?

    Pavlich can’t do anything right.

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  2. swollen knob entertainment says:

    after mfc shit 31 ,theres no way we re going to another mfc show…sell out my ass for 31…pav talks big shit…Aggression backs it up …All 30 of us re switching to aggression.

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  3. BigBoi says:

    Yay! Antonio “NyQuill” McKee….. ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz

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  4. Cody Rempel says:

    UPDATE: Added Mukai Maromo vs. Adam Lynn, also Lewis vs. Gouveia will be a 5 round non title fight!

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  5. Kris says:

    I wanna see Westcott v Lima, as I’d asked for in an earlier post. If Westcott accepts, it will be for the strap, as I’d also stated. Thanks Cody, non believer.

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  6. Mighty Mouse says:

    I think MFC is a fairly entertaining product and I’m always a fan of seeing guys like D-Bomb main event a show.

    But let’s be honest.

    MFC is NOT and will not be even close to being 3rd in the world with false promises and petty scandals that Pavelich gets himself into. What he needs is a good advisor or consultant that will have ultimate control of press releases and/or posts that he makes on emotional whims. Promising fans he will be back in Ontario on certain dates, constantly being in court with ex-fighters and being unprofessional with fellow promoters is NOT what inspires people to become fans and is not what inspires fans to watch your product.

    MFC has the potential to be a great product but constantly cuts off it’s nose to spite it’s face. They are not on the same level as Bellator whatsoever.

    In the month of September, Bellator televised 3 LIVE fight cards.

    In the month of October, Bellator will televise an unprecedented 5 LIVE fight cards.

    In the month of November, Bellator is slated to televise 3 LIVE fight cards.

    MFC puts on one every three to sometimes four months. They are afraid of leaving Edmonton for fear of losing local sponsors and ticket selling fighters, instead of properly branding their promotion, going across Canada and bringing fight fans a taste of what they could have.

    It’s easy for Pavelich to shoot down guys like Bjorn Rebney, but let’s face it, it’s insecurity. The man is doing it and doing it well. He’s a likeable personality and you’ll never catch him talking shit on forums or lowering himself to engage in trivial squabbles.

    Bottom line is if you want to be the “number three ranked promotion in the world” then shut up, get to work and start acting like you’re the third ranked promotion in the world. Because right now? You’re the kid who everyone says they like but surprisingly never get invited to parties.

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  7. Johnson says:

    100% agreed Mighty Mouse.

    MFC isnt even close to bellator. Hell, i would even put adrenaline ahead of MFC. Pavelich makes his own bed, while others should be doing it for him since he clearly has no idea how to treat his fighters and the fans. He’s a selfish, egotistical, metrosexual moron. He spends more time on his emo-haircut than running MFC. For pavelichs sake, i hope MFC disappears and he gets the karma he deserves; a swift kick in the balls, he can go back to selling shitty hotdogs out of his moms basement.

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  8. The name that is missing on the card so far is Kajan Johnson. Please put him on this card and when he wins that one, give him the next Lightweight title shot.

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  9. alandale says:

    So the rumour making it’s waves in the wake of the half point fiasco, is don’t be surprised to discover Pat Reid’s newest blessing on the world of MMA: announced scoring after each round.

    Nothing like trying to influence scoring during the fight. The hits keep on coming folks!

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  10. Cody Rempel says:

    UPDATE: Added Cody Krahn vs. Jamie Toney

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  11. Jamie Locke says:

    I like both these fights.

    Mukai Maromo (6-2) vs. Adam Lynn (17-8)
    Cody Krahn (11-4) vs. Jamie Toney (14-7)

    Good match ups, big opportunity for both Cody and Mukai.

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  12. Kris says:

    Great matchups IMO. Has there ever been a matchup of two paler fighters than krahn and toney??? Make it for the PLE title!!!

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  13. LOL Kris re: PLE ;)

    I love the idea of putting MFC 31 KO of the Night vs MFC 30 KO of the Night – should make for a good stand up fight!

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  14. cody krahn says:

    I’m now looking for a tanning salon to sponsor me :(

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  15. Kris says:

    Haha…. Cody you are Pauly D tan compared to Toney! Kick his ass seabass I’m pulling for you.

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  16. Fake ‘n Bake Instant Tan! ;)

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  17. cody krahn says:

    yeah i could just spray tan too, get a lil’ playboy bunny on my hip….

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  18. Just sayin' says:

    Pavelich is a greasy monkey…

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  19. applejuice4life says:

    Did anyone watch the MFC on TSN2? i watched it it was empty how many tickets did they sell a couple hundred?

    I have never seen that many empty seats at a mfc in my life. They need to step there game up i was shocked, Could mfc be the next IFL, elite/XC, AFFLICTION,CAGE RAGE. looks that way.

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  20. Blackout says:

    I love MFC and the things they’re doing, one bad show doesnt mean the end of their organization. They have shit up their sleeves, I assure you.

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  21. cody krahn says:

    a lot of people preferred to stand instead of sitting in their for a better view, also lots of people lined up at the bars as well. I’d say it was a packed house.

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  22. Bobby Karimi says:

    It was full

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  23. applejuice4life says:

    Go watch the tape your trying to tell me 50% of the people wanted to stand instead of sit..come on!

    I am a fan of the MFC. Attendance was low. no matter how you try and word it. I think they need a new venue. I miss the tent or the shaw.

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  24. Update: Added Matt Jelly to the card.

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  25. Cody Rempel says:

    UPDATE: Added Diego Bautista to take on Ryan McGillivray

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  26. Jamon says:

    I wonder if a return to the shaw could happen, I’m guessing aggression is probably tits up

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  27. Cody Rempel says:

    UPDATE: Added Bruno Carvalho to take on Dhiego Lima

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  28. DeViLBoY says:

    is the lewis-gouveia fight just gonna be 5 rounds for title now since jimmo is in the UFC?

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  29. Cody Rempel says:

    UPDATE: Added Allen Hope

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  30. Added: Elliott Duff is facing Allen Hope

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  31. UPDATE: Ryan Chiappe replaces injured Cody Krahn.

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  32. Big Win says:

    UPDATE: Curtis Demarce vs. James Haddad

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  33. Super Fan says:

    No offense but this card is a snoozer… Aside from maybe the Lewis fight which Wilson will come in fat and out of shape for this card to me offers nothing.. Was at the last show, from watching it on tv I didn’t know they fought in a barn.

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  34. Donald Duck says:

    Say what you want but Pav rarely puts on a show that has more than one bad fight on it. The guy truly does love to see fights.

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  35. Fake Phil says:

    where is kajan johnson?

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  36. Update: Sheldon Westcott is not on the card.

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  37. Kajan is no longer with the MFC. He has tried out for TUF and is training at Tristar.

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  38. Cody Rempel says:

    UPDATE: Kyle Jackson replaces injured Ryan Chiappe against Jamie Toney and Dominique Robinson replaces injured Adam Lynn against Mukai Maromo.

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  39. Update: Dan Ring puts his undefeated record on the line against Mukai Maromo.

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  40. Guns Loaded says:

    What happend with orignal advertised match?

    Too bad.

    Now it a bit mis matched

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  41. Guns Loaded says:

    This card is now a local card explain how you can say your top level promo MFC however you make 14 changes to fights a few weeks before.

    Maybe people are not wanting to stay with the company?

    Please explain??? seems like weak card as you go from at a few cards ago a Bellator winner to now your headliner is a guy whom has be on the shelf?????

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  42. Jamie Locke says:

    I don’t see Ring vs Maromo as a mismatch Guns. Ring has mad BJJ and always comes to fight. He’s a scrappy warrior who will definitly have the advantage on the ground.

    Striker vs Grappler, I’ve got Dan Ring to win via R2 sub…

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  43. I really like the Ring vs Mukai fight.

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  44. Mukai Maromo out due to index finger fracture, Bruno Carvalho out due to knee injury as per MFC Twitter.!/MaximumFighting/status/157016412685213696!/MaximumFighting/status/157017153176997888

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  45. Ryan says:

    That really sucks.

    MFC has THE WORST luck with injuries.

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  46. Guns Loaded says:

    Everyone can agree MFC card has lost all appeal.

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  47. Edmonton MMA says:

    Dont get me wrong, Im a fan of lewis and Mckee. But Mark thinks his cards are better then Aggressions?

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  48. applejuice4life says:

    agreed this card is dead in the water…..

    This card cant even compete with instinct,score,aggression,ringside cards as of late.

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  49. Edmonton MMA says:

    They had so many good things going for them, and wow did they blow with there lack of professionalism. Now no one wants to fight for him anymore.

    Westcott, Jimmo and apparently Mukai all leaving in one month. Especially with Westcott heading to Aggression and I would imagine Mukai will to if he is leaving MFC

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  50. dan simmler says:

    First thing first.

    Pav screws everyone he deals with

    Pav is like a oil well he sucks every last drop

    Pav is not the MFC Mr.Zerr is actually the one whom holds it down.

    Pav is larger than life only in a mirror.

    Pav has made it far but the end is near however the oil well is dry in Edmonton and Ontario won’t have him so he must move on.

    Please take this ugly bacteria “Pav” away from Canada at least in the States they will be a bit more ruthless with him when they get taken.

    Pav is the new Pavia UFC will spit you out and it will be the greatest thing to see since ur offspring got charged.


    But them are just my thoughts.

    MFC-Fighters run run run away from the Pav

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