MFC 31: Quick Results – Jimmo Retains Title With Razor Thin Decision


MFC 31 is live and Sold Out tonight from the Mayfield Trade Center in Edmonton, Alberta. For those of you who are unable to make it to the venue, the main card will air live on HDNet at 8pm MT. Also keep it here for live results and discussions.

Quick Results:

Ryan Jimmo defeats Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou via Unanimous Decision (49-48.5, 49-48.5, 49-48)

Kajan Johnson defeats Richie Whitson via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) in Round 1, 3:52

Adam Lynn defeats Curtis Demarce via KO (Standing Elbow) in Round 1, 1:38

Mukai Maromo defeats Sabah Fadai via Unanimous Decision (30-27 x3)

Terry Martin defeats Allen Hope via TKO (Punches) in Round 1, 2:13

Cody Krahn defeats Ryan Chiappe via Submission (Guillotine Choke) in Round 1, 3:45

Dajan Kajic and Mike Froese fight ends in a no contest after an accidental eye poke from Dajan Kajic in Round 1, 0:31

James Haddad defeats Garett Nybakken via Submission (Guillotine Choke) in Round 1, 4:12

Dan Ring defeats Neal Anderson via Unanimous Decision (30-26.5, 30-26.5, 30-26)

69 Responses to “ MFC 31: Quick Results – Jimmo Retains Title With Razor Thin Decision ”

  1. L-Boutin says:

    What are the thoughts on that knee in the second ? Jimmo’s hand wasn’t in view for the video replay, but the MFC pics look like it may have left the ground pre-impact (making it legal…

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  2. John who? says:

    ‘IF” everyone posted on here as they would talk to someones face, WOW…these posts would be VERY boring, BUT since most have an annoniminity on here, ….keep going and be brave …..THANKS so much, VERY entertaining! ….

    ~john who?
    PS- jeffrey wilson …very funny! …..LMAO! ;-) Thanks!

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  3. P_Dub says:

    Everybody has so much hate for MFC but it continues to be the most talked about post each and every event, and every move Pav makes. Justsayin

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  4. ryan farse says:

    It’s funny in Canada when someone like Pavelich and the MFC are doing so well. The HDNET deal, the TSN Deal and more, people hate on it and people want to know why all the great bands all the big sports people always leave and go to the U.S.

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  5. Graham Weenk says:

    all around that was a good card to watch, Kajan looked great, Elbow ko was amazing and Mukai looked great… main event was very tentative but all in all, exciting and entertaining i thought

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  6. Edmonton MMA says:

    Farse, people hate on pavelich cause of the things he says and does. Again, Im siding as most people are with ford and penner because of what pav has done to them. The contract issues and all the enethical things.

    I personally believe you are one of the pavelichs. You have a great show, but people do not like your morals and ethics. Improve on that and you will make your show even better than it is. I hope you stay around, I enjoy your cards even though you bring in “has beens” but going to court with arguably two of the most popular Edmonton fighters will really hurt you with bringing in top local talent. Maybe not now, but certainly if you lose. I hope you are smart with this

    My boy ford has a bit of an attitude, guys love him or hate him. But penner is one of the nicest and most respected fighters in Canada. It’s to much hype you do not want. And if you lose in court, even if it’s a slim chance (I personally think you have a slim chance of winning) but if you lose your organization will suffer from it

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  7. Paveldouce says:

    Where is Marcus Davis?

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  8. P_Dub says:

    Marcus Davis is fighting next weekend fighting Chuck Oneil in W1 in Miami,

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  9. P_Dub says:

    Edmonton MMA, nice post I agree with most of it….but the contract issue if fighters sign contracts they should honor them and Pavelich is running a business, Your right on about Penner and Ford, Penners problem is his brother made bad business decisions I’ve heard of him screwing over quite a bit people, Hope things work out in the future for Nick

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  10. Andrew says:

    I am Nicks brother. I made one business decision for him which was the Bullys Fight Night title. I could have gotten Nick many fights, numerous outside Canada but at this time we felt Aggression was the best route, which it certainly was.

    I have a good feeling I know who P-dub is. A gentlemen from a “management” company out East. I had been called numerous times by this guy who wanted to sign Nick incredibly bad. I was told from this individual that he had personal contact with the UFC and Nick was making a bad decision going with this other firm. Collectively between Nick, Dean and I we disagreed and Nick ended up gettinig his UFC shot with a real agency. This individual called back and voiced his displeasure many times that we went another route and felt that I had screwed him because we went with a real agency. There was little to no communication P-dub, its unfortunate you have to insult behind a screen name.

    As far as Nick and the MFC. I ask that all his fans leave this contract topic alone. Thank you for your support but some of you have said to much already in his defense. Nick appreciates everything but we ask that any personal information you know about the case is kept quiet for Nicks sake.

    Thanks again, good luck to all fighters and promotions

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  11. Jermey Theissen says:

    Bobby was Nicks manager during his MFC days. It was not Nicks brother. I dont think Andrew came along until Bullys Fight Night and Im pretty sure he just happened to run into the owner randomly and thats how the opporunity presented itself. I know Mark Pavelich messaged Andrew saying Nick was under contract with the MFC. Andrew is also an incredible person to deal with so he wanted to work this out professionally. Nick was ready to fullfil the contract obligation with the MFC if there would have been one. Andrew asked for the documents that stated Nick was signed with the MFC. However, Mark suddenly refused than told Andrew Nick was crazy not fighting with the MFC and then he left the situation alone. This is when Nick took the Bullys Fight Night title. You ask Nick or anyone who knows the situation, and Nick was not under contract with MFC. If it goes to court, Mark will be embarassed.

    P-dub you are an idiot. Andrew, which agency was P-dub with? Maybe you should make this public. There are far to many snakes in the MMA world trying to do these things with fighters. I know the real story, you should elaborate so other fighters dont go down this guys path. Sometimes you guys are a bit to respectful, if people try to screw you, screw them back. Dont let them take whats yours or jeopardize anything you guys have created. That goes for Mark and “_____ management”

    Grow some balls guys and quit taking a back seat to these clowns

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  12. Andrew says:

    Jermey, we don’t operate that way and you know that. Although at times you might want to stick it to people who do you wrong but you will never benefit when you do that. We do business ethically and morally sound. That is why I am at where I am at with my current company and that’s why Nick has an excellent reputation and promoters love dealing with us.

    Thank you for your concern and support. But again, I ask that you refrain from posting on our behalf. We do not support the bashing of individuals on a personal level whether or not they attack us.

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  13. Dean Panas says:

    I have stayed quiet about the situation between Nick, the UFC and the MFC because things are being handled by lawyers. Since Nick’s family has been unfairly brought into the situation I feel it is time to speak up.

    I got a call from Moin (Aggression MMA) at 11:00 Tuesday night three days before the Aggression card. Moin told me he was contacted by First Round Management and they were looking for a 205er for an upcoming UFC card. Moin put them in contact with me. I talked to them for the next hour. It turned out they wanted Nick to fight Aaron Rosa on the October 1st card in Washington D.C.

    I told Moin what was up and he didn’t realize it was that close. After explaining the situation, Moin was willing to let Nick out of the fight with Chemelli so he could take the fight with the UFC.

    The next morning I talked with First Round Management and they had spoken with Joe Silva. Joe Silva told them they would love to have Nick fight Rosa but they were not 100% sure that they could get the work Visa done in time. They were confident that the papework would be done, but Mr. Silva did not want Nick to pull out of the fight with Chemelli and then not be able to have him fight on Oct 1st. I was told that Joe Silva would be watching the Aggression PPV because he wanted to see Nick’s preformance and there were two other fighters he was interested in. I was told that if Nick won the fight with Chemelli there was a UFC contract waiting for him.

    Later that day I sat down with Nick, Keijiro Noda and Kyle Cardinal (two of Nick’s coaches). I had informed Nick earlier in the day what had happened and I also wanted to let Kyle and Keijiro knowwhat was happening. We discussed eveything from pulling out of the Aggression fight and hoping that the paperwork could get done for October 1st, to trying to get the UFC deal without taking the fight, and all other options. At the end we all decided that the best thing to do was have Nick fight Chemelli and let things play out. Both coaches had expressed that they didn’t like the extra pressure on their fighter. I told them that I wasn’t sure if I should of told Nick about the UFC contract or not. But it would of killed me if he didn’t know what the potential was, came out flat against Chemelli, and lost the fight.

    When I sat down with Nick’s brother Andrew and his dad we discussed the situation. Mr. Penner and Andrew were very happy that we honoured the Aggression contract!! Mr. Penner said that a contract is binding and should always be honoured.

    The fight went well for Nick. I got a text message as soon as the decision was announced and was informed people were impressed. There was concern about his hands but the contract was ready to go.

    On Monday morning following the fight we started to get the contracts in order. First the management contract, then the UFC contract.

    I believe it was Tuesday (Sept 20th) of that week that Andrew had a contract from MFC e-mailed to him. I know there was a previous discussion of this contract between Andrew and the MFC and Andrew had requested to see it numerous times. Andrew immediately took the contract to a lawyer and asked for their opinion. I also received a copy of the contract from Andrew and had a lawyer look at it as well. Later that week I was told by First Round Management that the UFC had been contacted by MFC and they were saying Nick was under contract to them.

    At this point everything was turned over to First Round Management and they are dealing with the sitaution. I will not get into details of the contract. What I will say is that Andrew’s lawyer, my lawyer, First Round Management, and the people that have seen the contract all believe that it is void.

    Nick has requested that once everything is finalized a copy of the contract be made public. He would like people to know exactly what he has been put through.

    I would like to add a few things.
    1) I can’t say enough how awesome Aggression MMA has been through this whole process!! They were willing to give up the #1 fight in Canada so Nick could get his UFC shot. I know I mentioned that Moin was the one that first made contact, but Harvey Panesar and Troy LePage were 100% behind giving Nick the opportunity!
    2) I also want to thank Jake Hirsch for everything he has done! Jake, Kyle and Kurtis are all class acts! If you are ever in need of a top management team make Triple Crown Fighter your first call.
    3) A big thanks to First Round Management. They have dealt with everything very prefessionally and it’s greatly appreciated.

    I know this is a book already. But I want to give advice to fighters who are dealing with contracts and don’t know the ins and outs. Initial EVERY PAGE of a contract! Even if you are told you don’t have to make sure every page is initialled by you and the promotion. Make sure you keep copies of eveything! This includes a copy of the contract that is signed by the promoter as well.

    The Penner’s are an honourable family. They stand by their commitments!!

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  14. Tim D says:

    The Penner family is one of the most respected families in South East Manitoba.

    Many people were on Nicks case about dropping out of the Aggression fight to take the sure UFC contract and the Penners felt it was unthinkable to void the contract, especially Mr. Penner.

    To say Andrew was making bad business decisions is humorous. Andrew manages a multi million dollar company and just developed his own company which is currently exploading. Andrew has dealt with many athletes, mainly hockey players at a high level along with contracts. I would be surprised if he was mishandleing his own brother. Any fighter would be lucky to have Andrew manage them (although I dont think he wants to manage fighters)

    The Penners have their small city of 20,000 backing them, they didnt get into that position by acting enthical. They are a true family with values who everyone respects except two people; Mark Pavelich and Pat from Titleshot who I as well, think is P-dub.

    Nick, I am surprised you are considering making the contract Mark sent Andrew public but that might be a good idea. People will finally understand the shit Mark tries to pull and how unethical he truely is. At the same time, even though Mark deserves it. Is it what you value? are you doing this for the right reason 1) save other fighters or 2) revenage a personal attack. I hope its number one.

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  15. Paveldouche says:

    Will be interesting to see this contract if made public.

    If Pavelich has not done anything wrong, there should be no reason not to.

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  16. alandale says:

    Did anyone else notice how Jimmo’s opponents gloves were tampered with after being allowed to take them home overnight by Pat Reid? Onc ecould clearly see the knife edge sides of the gloves were cut out exposing the hand wraps! This gave him an opportunity to grab easier and as a puncher more room for his knuckles to move outside the glove when striking!

    Why this was allowed in the first place is unbelievable. Why it wasn’t caught by the corner supervisor during taping is a head scratcher…

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  17. phil baroni says:

    i thought sokojew won.jimmo punches slow as fuck

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  18. Thank you Dean for the kind words and shout out. I know first hand the type of commitment and dedication Dean has put forward into making sure Nick was properly being looked after. We’ve had some great conversations and he’s truly a stand up guy.

    Unfortunately in the fight game, these things happen. I just hope that everything gets resolved quickly and look forward to seeing Nick in action.

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  19. TSM says:

    Well Tim if you haven’t noticed I stay off of here because it is pointless to leave comments somebody always has something to say, I always check in to see the latest news, Like almost every other Canadian I wish Nick the best, I do not post negative things about anybody, when I heard about the posts I checked it out right away, and sent Andrew a message. Believe it or not I do have more important things then to do, business is business. As for my thoughts on Andrew I wish him all the best and hope his business continues to grow. And Dean congrats on all your success the Penners are lucky to have a solid guy like yourself looking out for them

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