Instinct MMA Play-by-Play – Cote, Bosse Victorious


Instinct MMA is holding its first event in its history tonight. You can catch the fight live on PPV. If you can’t do that, you can read the play-by-play right here on Top MMA News. (Keep hitting refresh to get new results)

Top MMA News’ Awards

  • Submission of the Night: Derek Gauthier, kimura
  • Knockout of the Night: Martin Grandmont, head kick
  • Fight of the Night: Steve Bosse vs. Houston Alexander

Main Card
Houston Alexander vs. Steve Bosse
The fans chanting the Ole Ole Ole song before the fight.
Rd. 1
Bosse is first and lands a stiff hook. Bosse slips and Alexander in his guard but he gets back up. The ex- hockey enforcer with a cracking right straight followed by a knee from the clinch. Alexander answers with a right hook that ends Bosse’s onslaught. Bosse finding a home for that hockey style right cross. A knee while charging forward also lands for Bosse. Alexander still in the fight though and is able to keep Bosse away with his jab. Bosse charging forward for a takedown but Alexander scrambles as soon as he is taken down to get up tp his feet. Both fighters ending the round in a brawl landing equal amounts of shots. Great fight so far.
TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 for Steve Bosse

Rd. 2
Two left hooks land for Bosse have Alexander losing his footing but he is able to maintain his composure and he answers with a hook of his own. Bosse now looking for a takedown and gets it. Alexander is pressed against the cage and in half guard and Bosse is finding a home with his left. Alexander weathers it and pops back up. Bosse wants this fight down to the mat again and gets it. Alexander trying to get up and is successful but eats a few in the process. Alexander grabs a hold of Bosse’s neck in a guillotine but the French Canadian escapes while still on top of the Nebraskan. Inactivity forces the fight to the feet. Bosse tags a crushing short right elbow to the American’s chin that knocks him opponent out. The crowd erupts as the hometown hero gets arguably his biggest win of his career.
The winner by KO at 4:11 of round 2, Steve Bosse

Crafton Wallace vs. Patrick Cote (185lbs)
Rd. 1
Left high kick followed by a spinning side kick attempt by Wallace is dodged by Cote. Cote utilizing his boxing to keep his opponent at bay. Wallace with two successive leg kicks but Cote charges forward with an uppercut. A second uppercut from Cote lands flush and Wallace is backing up against the fence. Wallace is covering up and Cote unloads but Wallace is defending it. Cote drops levels for a double leg and slams his opponent. Wallace winces in pain and turns around. The referee intervenes and Wallace is having difficulty standing up. The doctor takes a look and calls the fight off. The replay shows Wallace putting his right leg down before being taken down and his knee turns awkwardly outward.
Cote wins by TKO (injury) at 1:36 of round 1

Eric “Butterbean” Esch vs. Eric Barrak
Rd. 1
Butterbean faking a low kick that has the crowd chuckling. Barrak pumping his jab but none of them land. Barrak throwing more jabs and Butterbean taunts him by lowering his hands and exposing his chin. Both fighters hesitant. Esch with a standing guillotine attempt but the fighters break and Butterbean is thrusted backwards from a Barrrak straight and the ground shakes as Esch crashes to the canvas. Barrak pounces in hopes of ending the fight but the American finds his way bacl to his feet. Butterbean rubbin his chin and moves forward with his hands out inviting Barrak to come forward. The crowd is loving the show and the round comes to an end.
TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 for Barrak

Rd. 2
Butterbean throwing down but Barrak backs up, content with using his range with the jab. Esch charging forward, attempts a guillotine choke but lets it go in favour of a thai clinch followed by a knee. Butterbean’s nose is now bleeding from one of Barrak’s jabs. Butterbean presses Barrak against the fence but the referee separates them. Both fighters showing signs of exhaustion as the pace slows down from turtle to snail speed. Barrak continuing to circle Butterbean and throw the occasional jab. The American tries to leap forward but cannot generate enough thrust to come near his opponent.
TopMMANews scores the round 10-9 for Barrak

Rd. 3
Barrak with three stiff jabs to Butterbean’s marred face as he circles him. Butterbean pleading for his opponent to fight. Butterbean with a leg kick attempt and presses the French Canadian aganst the cage. Once again the referee intervenes to have them start over at the center. Barrak continuing to circle and throw the jab. Butterbeand attempting an inside leg sweep but fails and falls. Barrak pounces and locks in a questionable anaconda/guillotine/d’arce choke to put an end to this uneventful fight. Butterbean taps at 2:56 of the third round.
Eric Barrak wins by choke at 2:56 of the third round.

Travis Cox vs. Derek Gauthier (155lbs)
Rd. 1
Gauthier with a left inside low kick. Cox shooting in and gets the takedown but gauthier scrambles back to his feet. Cox pressing Gauthier against the fence and throws the occasional knee and uppercut. Gauthier breaks free and throws a one two body kick combination. The French Canadian takes Cox’s legs out with a low kick but the American stands back up. Cox looking for a takedown that Gauthier stuffs it. Gauthier throws another kick but his opponent catches it and brings him to the canvas. Gauthier once again gets back to his feet and continues with the kicks.Gauthier attempts a spinning elbow that grazes his opponent. Gauthier utilizing his range and lands several more straight punches and high kicks. Cox lands a low kick but Gauthier responds with a high kick tha Cox blocks again.
TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 for Gauthier.

Rd. 2
Cox starting with a right cross low left kick combination that land but Gathier stays in the game. Gauthier with a right hook followed by a low kick but Cox takes it. Gauthier utilizing his low kick effectively. Gauthier with a leaping right knee but Cox takes it and spins around pinning Gauthier against the fence while holding the single leg. Gauthier defends by going for a kimura, spins and gets it. It’s tight and Gauthier is now on top. Cox’s arm is torqued and has no choice but to tap and the referee jumps in to save the American.
Derek Gauthier wins by submssion (kimura) at 2:25 of round 2.

*** Gauthier will fight Jens Pulver on Instinct MMA 2

William Sriyapai vs. Martin Grandmont (170lbs)
Rd. 1
Grandmont first with the kicks that are blocked by Sriyapai who answers with a stiff right leg kick. Sriyapai continuing with the inside leg kicks but Grandmont not showing signs of slowing down. A hard leg kick from Sriyapai resonates throughout and it’s followed by a second one. The Hammer patiently finding his timing. Grandmont with a thunderous right head kick that has his opponent knocked out and unconscious before he hit the ground. Sriyapai’s is out cold and is looked after by medical personnel but is able to sit after five or six minutes.
Martin Grandmont wins by KO (head kick) at 2:10 of the first round.

***Martin Grandmont will face Phil Baroni next at Instinct MMA 2.

Yannick Duval vs. Guy Poulin (155lbs)
Rd. 1
Poulin attempts a right high kick but his opponent has none of it. Duval pummels Poulin with some uppercuts and hooks but none get through. Poulin atempts a superman punch and then ties Duval up against the fence. Duval tries a guillotine as he sits down but Poulin pops his head out and hops into side mount. Poulin mounts and unloads on Duval. Duval is unable to go anywhere, and turns to his side before tapping to the unanswered strikes.
Guy Poulin wins by submission (tapping to strikes) at 3:13 round 1

Chris Kelades vs. Dimiti Waardenburg
Rd. 1
Waardenburg with an uppercut as Kelades charges forward. Waardenburg cacthes a Kelades kick and clinches his opponent up against the cage. Waardenburg with some weak knees to the body. The fight is at a standstill with Waardenburg throwing the odd knee. Kelades reverses and pushes Waardenburg against the cage and looks for a single leg.. Kelades picks Waardenburg’s ankle and gets him to the ground and easily passes to mount. Waardenburg gives his back and shakes his opponent off and into his guard. Kelades looking for an armbar but gives it up. Waardenburg lets Kelades up and both fighters stand up. Kelades rushes Waardenburg and powers him to the ground and into north south. The round comes to an end.
TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 for Waardenburg

Rd. 2
Kelades with a right uppercut attempt that is dodged by Waardenburg. Waardenburg with a hard right leg kick. Waardenburg with a crushing head kick to Kelades that has him fall to the ground. Waardenburg sensing the end is near and throws himself into Kelades’ guard hoping to finish it but Kelades holds onto Waardenburg. Kelades with a takedown as they’re pressed against the cage and Waardenburg works his guard which consists of holding his opponent down. Kelades stands back up to throw some strikes, none of which land. Waardenburg turtles and Kelades looking for a peruvian necktie that his opponent defends and Waardenburg is now on top however Kelades is the offensive one looking for an omoplata. Waardenburg shrugs it off and the round comes to an end.
TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 for Waardenburg

Rd. 3
Waardenburg cacthes a Kelades kick and throws an uppercut that grazes his opponent. Waardenburg slips and Kelades hops into his guard. Kelades passes the sidemount. Waardenburg turtles and then reverses his opponent. The fight goes back to the feet. Kelades takes Waardenburg down with a textbook double leg and they spend time in half guard. Kelades passes to sidemount for a split second and Waardenburg regains full guard. Waardenburg turtles and Kelades now on his back looking for a choke but is unable to get it as the round comes to a close.
TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 for Kelades.
The judges scores this bout 29-28, 28-29, 29.28 for the winner by split decision, Chris Kelades.

Alex Gutierrez vs. Jason Courchesne (170lbs)
Rd. 1
Courchesne dives in for a takedown and forces Gutierrez to the canvas. Gutierrez gets back up but the Spartan holds onto a leg but the fighters separate. Courches landging a left, right and left before unleashing a series of knees from the clinch that has the crowd screaming. Courschesne then takes his opponent down and mounts him with three minutes left to go. The French Canadian with some ground and pound and flirts with an armbar but decides against it opting for more punches and elbows. Gutierrez lazily leaves his arm available and Courchesne goes for it. The Spartan secures the armbar forcing his overwhelmed opponent to tap.
Jason Courchesne wins by submission (Arm Bar) at 3:15 into the first round

Evan Nedd vs. Strahinja Gavrilovic (210bs, catchweight)
Rd. 1
Gavrilovic with a front kick but Nedd retaliaties with a low kick. Nedd rushing in with a right hook but Gavrilovic blocks it. Nedd rushing in and ties up Gavrilovic but Gavrilovic throws a knee to Nedd’s face that has him backing up. Nedd throwing more leg kicks and Gavrilovic attempts to counter them. Both are circling while being tentative. Gavrilovic charges forward but eats a right hook from Nedd. Gavrilovic now clinching with his opponent and both exchange a fair share before separating. Fighters tie up again but Nedd connects with a right hook and jab and charges forward. He lands a hard right leg kick as the round comes to an end.
TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 for Nedd

Rd. 2
Gavrilovic lands a head kick that has the crowd buzzing but Nedd absorbs it and charges forward with a flurry of punches and a body kick to show his opponent he’s still in it. Gavrilovic responds with a body kick and cross followed by a clinch attempt. Gavrilovic throws successive right hook and left hook combinations that has his opponent against the fence. Nedd muscles his opponent to the ground and lands in sidemount. Gavrilovic turns around and gives his back which prompts Nedd to sink his hooks in and look for the choke. Gavrilovic gets up and shrugs Nedd off of him. Gavrilovic with some dirty boxing and both fighters separate. Nedd with a low kick and attempts a spinning back kick but Gavrilovic counters by charging forward and takes Nedd down and onto his back. He lets Nedd back up as the round comes to an end.
TopMMAnews scores the second round 10-9 for Nedd

Rd. 3
Gavrilovic lands an uppercut but Nedd shakes it off. Gavrilovic with a series of punches but Nedd responds in short spurt brawling blitz. Nedd takes Gavrilovic down and mounts his opponent. He gives some ground and pound and Gavrilovic bucks him off. Gavrilovic throws a spinning side kick to the toso that surprises the crowd and his opponent. Both guys looking gassed and throwing lazy strikes. Nedd attempting a double leg but Gavrilovic sprawls. Gavrilovic now attempting a single leg but Nedd barely needs to defend it as there is nothing on it. Gavrilovic again with a single leg attempt but is unable to complete the takedown as the round comes to an end.
TopMMAnews scores 10-9 for Gavrilovic
The judges score the fight 27-30, 28-29, 29-28 for the winner by split decision, Strahinja Gavrilovic

Preliminary Fights
Johan Croes vs. Devin Henry (145lbs)
Rd. 1
Croes landing a one two that has Henry back up but Henry puts Croes on his back with a straight. Henry stands up and lands some leg kicks to Croes who is still on his back but the referee requests a stand up. Henry throws a body kick that Croes catches and responds with a cracking cross that folds his opponent. Croes moves in and attempts a guillotine that is short lived and defended. Croes now on his back with Henry improving his position to side mount and then a high back mount while seemingly looking for an armbar. Croes shrugs him off and it’s his turn to be on top. Croes looking for an armbar but Henry defends. Henry now standing up with some straights to Croe’s noggin but they don’t land flush. Henry dives in and gets mounted but then reversed by the Aruba native who is now in half guard. The fight ends up back to the feet as the first round comes to a halt.
TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 for Croes

Rd. 2
Henry with a body kick straight punch combination that has Croes fall to his back. Croes turtles while Henry hammer fists the side of his opponent’s face. Croes attempting to get guard but is sandwiched against the cage with little space to manoeuvre. Henry takes Croes’ back with both hooks in and flattens him out. Henry content wiith some fround and pound instead of the choke. Chartier stands the fighters up because Henry was hitting the back of the head. Fight back on its feet and a flurry of punches from both fighters occurs before Henry takes his opponent down with a double leg. They are now in Croes’ open guard and Henry lands a left elbow. Henry gets to side mount but the referee requests that Croes gets looked at by the doctor for a gash that opened up from one of the elbows. The doctor gives the fight a green light and the fight continues. Henry with a double leg takedown just as the horn is blown.
TopMMAnews scores the second round 10-9 for Henry

Rd. 3
Croes looking battered as the round begins and Henry softening him up more with a right hook left and uppercut combination. Both fighters looking a bit more tentative now as they seem tired. Croes now landing a right hook left hook combination as Henry comes in. Croes with another left hook. Henry landing a jab and a right high kick, the latter of which was blocked. Henry again with the he right head kick that is blocked. Croes is a bloody mess but continues to come forward. Henry with a flying knee most of which was blocked by his opponent. The third round is all standup with both now exchanging lock kicks. Henry dicating the distance mostly countering what Croes does with jabs and low kicks. Henry double legs Croes with ten seconds remaining in the round.
TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 for Devin Henry
The judges scored the fight 27-29, 26-29, 27-29 for the winner by unanimous decision, Devin Henry

Shawn Levesque vs. Guillaume Vigneau
Rd. 1
Vigneau with an inside leg kick followed by a right outside leg kick that went unchecked. Vigneau rushing his opponent looking for a tie up but is shrugged off. Levesque now stalking Vigneau, throwing some hooks and leg kicks for the his opponent’s prior efforts. Vigneau charges in for a double leg takedown and switches to a single. Levesque looking for a kimura but muscles Vigneau to his back instead. Both fighters back up and Vigneau looking on Levesque’s back while standing and trips his opponent to the ground and lands in his half guard. Vigneau looking to pass and lands some left punches to his opponent. Vigneau takes Levesque’s back, flattens him out and applies the rear naked choke that leads to his opponent’s demise.
Guillaume Vigneau wins by submission (rear naked choke) at 4:29 of round 1

Pete Martin vs. Levis Labrie (155lbs):
Rd. 1:
Labrie with a head kick to start off and they tie up looking for a takedown. Martin gets on top and delivers some ground and pound. Labrie works from half to butterfly guard and explodes into a heel hook. Martin defends and improves to half guard. Martin tagging Labrie with some good blows but Labrie absorbs them. Labrie returns to his butterfly guard and pushes Martin back and gets back up but Martin ties up with Labrie and forces him up against the fence looking for a single leg takedown. Labrie reverses him and almost ends up with an armbar but Martin escapes. The ensuing scramble ends in Labrie being in his butterfly guard. Labrie reverses Martin with ten seconds left into the first round and into side mount but delivers no damage.
TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 for Pete Martin

Todd Stoute vs. Scott Edward (205lbs)
Rd. 1:
Stoute comes out and rushes Edward too keep him in his corner. Stoute throws a jab cross combination that has Edward on his knees but Edward gets back to his feet and forces a tie-up. The fighters break and Stoute again with the one two combination that has Edward in trouble and on the ground. Similar to the first time, Edward gets back up and ties his opponent up. Stoute with a stinging cross but Edward is still in it. Stoute tagging Edward at will but the French Canadian showing a will to keep fighting. Stoute with a short right hook that has Edward diving for a double leg but the Torontonian stuffs it. Stoute lands two straight jabs that has Edward backing up. Edward eating another jab cross combination and eats a flurry of punches as the round comes to an end.
TopMMAnews scores the round 10-8 for Todd Stoute

Rd. 2
Stoute dancing around Edward and pops a jab. Stoute landing at will and Edward desperately looking for the takwdown but is once again unable to. Edward is bleeding from his nose. Stoute landing a crushing left that has Edward backpeddling. Stoute smelling blood and follows up with a flying knee and Edward is now on his back and immediately looking for a kneebar but it’s just not there. Stoute continuing with some ground and pound and pounds away to a TKO victory putting an end to the Quebec born’s nightmare.
Todd Stoute wins by TKO at 2:05 of round 2

Brad Morgan vs. Dave Bedard (185lbs)
Rd. 1
Fighters coming out hard with Morgan throwing hooks that land half the time. Bedard lands a hard right hand that folds Morgan. The American on his back getting ground and pounded but maintaining composure as he goes for an ankle lock. Bedard defends but a scramble ensues and the French Canadian is now on his back eating some punches. Morgan is opportunistic as he lands a few clean shots that forces the referee to stop the fight in the first round.
Brad Morgan wins by TKO at 1:55 of the first round.

Rd. 2:
The fighters exchange low kicks and high kicks. Labrie with a superman jab and they circle. Martin looking for a double leg takedown that Labrie defends effortlessly. Labrie attempts a high kick but doesn’t land it flush. Martin again with a double leg attempt. Martin showing signs of being gassed. Labrie castches a Martin kick and counters with a stiff right hook that hits Martin but he takes it like a champ. Martin looking for another takedown that Labrie defends well. They scramble and Martin turtles with Labrie on his back. The French Canadian throwing knees to the ribs followed by some punches that forces the referee to bring a halt to the fight.
Levis Labrie wins by TKO at 3:59 of round 2

15 Responses to “ Instinct MMA Play-by-Play – Cote, Bosse Victorious ”

  1. WOW! Great Head Kick KO by Grandmont! Phil Baroni is next for him in Instinct 2 !

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  2. Tim says:

    Butter bean lost but it was a war!!!

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  3. jr says:

    Can I watch Houston fight online stream?? Or can someone please keep me up to date, I can’t find Fight Now TV anywhere in Omaha, NE.

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  4. jr says:

    HOW IS THE BOSSE ALEXANDER FIGHT GOING????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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  5. JR:

    stay tuned, the update in just a minute or 2

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  6. Bosse looked fantastic against Alexander. Big win for Bosse!

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  7. brian says:

    Bosse clearly showed that he is way off from UFC material, the guy really only showed that he can throw windmills while charging with his chin sticking out. He’d get murdered by anyone with boxing skills.

    I think him and Kimbo would be an appropriate fight

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  8. He showed gameness and don’t forget he beat Eastman in a decision. While it’s still too early to call him “UFC material”, no one can argue that he isn’t close to knocking on their door either. Look at how much he’s progressed over the years; from his takedowns, takedown defense and movement, he’s improved leaps and bounds from his brawling days. He’s naturally very powerful and athletic and if he plays his cards right, he can get an invite into the big leagues real soon.

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  9. P_Dub says:

    Hey Tim sorry to say the Butterbean fight was no war, Eric Barrak ran the whole fight, the event was great but at the same time I dont blame him for not wanting to go toe to toe with him, As far as Bosse goes, hes definitly not UFC material, and in my eyes kind f disrespecting by standing over Alexander, the ref pushed him away and he comes back to stand over him again, I was hoping McSweeney came in…Maybe that should be Bosse next fight…

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  10. Joe Doerksen says:

    I thought Bosse wss impressive. First time I’ve seen him fight, but I think there are fights in the UFC that he could win right now. But hey, what do I know?

    Great fight to watch. Very entertaining.

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  11. P_Dub says:

    There is some fights Bosse may win if he fought a stand up guy, But all he did was box, not saying he doesn’t have a ground game, I’m not knocking his game but just saying he is disrespectful, if Alexander would have thrown his kicks things could have been different, I’m just saying I’m not convinced

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  12. Brian says:

    A reminder to folks…. KIMBO beat Alexander!!

    Bosse has the physical tools no doubt about it, but in the UFC I can’t really see him beating anyone on the current roster?

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  13. Brian,

    Alexander also beat Jardine and Sakara. I’m not saying Houston is a world beater but he’s a dangerous fighter.

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  14. Robin Black says:

    Bosse has skills on the fence and ground too.

    I agree with the guys who said he could win some fights in the UFC. He’s more skilled than people realize.

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  15. BigBoi says:

    MMA Math. How does it work?

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