Instinct MMA 2 – Quebec City – December 2


Date: December 2, 2011
Location: Quebec City, Quebec
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Main Event
170lbs- Martin Grandmont (12-5) vs. Pete Spratt (23-21)

170lbs- Patrick Valée (7-1-1) vs. Brandon Thatch (5-1)
155lbs- Derek Gauthier (7-3) vs. Ricky Goodall (7-4)
145lbs- Waylon Lowe (10-4) vs. Tim Wadsworth (5-0)
205lbs- Evan Nedd (3-2) vs. Todd Stoute (3-0)
205lbs- Shawn Pauliuk vs Joël Thériault (0-0)
155lbs- Guillaume Lamarche (7-5) vs. Stephane Lamarche (7-10)
205lbs- Guillaume Vigneau (2-1) v. Sebastien Gauthier (5-2)

Undercard bouts:
205lbs- Bruce Nelson (23-32-1) vs. Yan Pellerin (9-13)
205lbs- Anselmo Gutierrez vs. Stephane Pinet
265lbs- Anthony Alirez (2-0) v. Guido Carlo (1-1)
155lbs- Brad Morgan v. Christopher Boisvert (2-2)
170lbs- Ken MacLeod v. Alexandre Gauthier (0-0)
135lbs- Maxime Fecteau (2-3) v. Frank Marques (0-0)

94 Responses to “ Instinct MMA 2 – Quebec City – December 2 ”

  1. What? says:

    Trust me, I’m not your very own troll, I’m a chick and I like guys ;) I have been reading articles on here for a while and your claims and self importance levels have been getting more ridiculous by the day. I don’t like to comment because I don’t know shit about MMA compared to the guys on this site, I am just getting tired of reading your thousands of posts that are retarded (by the thumbs up, thumbs down markers I’m clearly not alone) you write like what you say is fact but it is far from the case

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 6 Thumb down 7

  2. Sean Quinn says:

    To be fair, i thumb down every single post Robin makes. Just to be a dick.
    I also thumb up every post that attacks Robin…just to be a dick.
    Also, Robin is a good friend of mine, but i really like pissing him off.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 8 Thumb down 1

  3. MMA Scoop says:

    Come on guys give Robin a break, he’s pretty much the Tom Cruise of Ontario MMA.

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  4. Robin Black says:

    Hey man I love the sport and I do my best. I write thousands of posts cuz I’m passionate.

    Ill take your words into account and look at myself. I realize there’s a very good chance you’re right and I come off like an asshole.

    Maybe it’s no consolation since you’ve already made up your mind but I’m not trying to be a dick. It’s an accident if I’m a dick.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 1 Thumb down 8

  5. Sean Quinn says:

    Believe me, i dont think anyone thinks you have a dick, Robin.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 8 Thumb down 1

  6. Robin Black is an expert. He is one of the most knowledgeable guys on Canadian MMA in the world.

    I like that he comes on here, puts his name on his posts, and shares his opinions on the sport we all love.

    I don’t agree with everything he posts, but I find that the majority of comments are bang on.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 6 Thumb down 5

  7. LOL says:


    Chicks dont refer to themselves as chicks. And like theres some hick out there who doesnt know shit about mma but posts on a grassroot mma board i wanna meet this chick lol.

    And if she doesnt know shit about mma how can she know blacks posts are so wrong?

    ‘she’ only posts on blacks stuff out of all the crazy stuff on here


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  8. Robin Black says:

    Thanks Keith that’s very kind.

    But y’know maybe I do sound like a know-it-all lately.

    Sorry if I do I’ll work on keepin the assholeness in check.

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  9. Jamie Locke says:

    Robin, you are obviously one of the most knowlegable guys around, you have solid creds to back up your knowledge AND you’ve participated in the sport.

    I think the majority of the fans on here (with exception of Quinn who hates everyone) enjoy your posts and appreciate all you do for the sport.

    I just don’t like how you are always so nice, you gotta learn how to hate and throw down some smack back when required!

    Robin “No Hate” Black

    Keep on reporting man, but try to be more of a dick!

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  10. Sean Quinn says:

    I dont hate everyone, Jamie. But you just got yourself a thumbdown. Shape up Mr.

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  11. Jamie Locke says:

    I’m sorry….

    I O U 1X reach-around

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  12. Sean Quinn says:

    Much better, you got a thumbs up on that.

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  13. Jamie Locke says:

    Someone should go back through all of Robin’s posts and see how many are:

    a)praising a fighter
    b)priasing a promoter
    c)apologizing for disagreeing with someone

    That Dave Mair guy was the only one I ever saw get a rise out of him and it was exciting…!
    I want to see more Robin Black hate…. Maybe Robin could write an artcile about guys missing weight, bailing on fights or promoters screwing fighters around wrt pay, fights, benefits etc…. Than we can see the hating skills….I know they’re in there somewhere.

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  14. JYD says:

    there can be ONLY ONE Lamarche! Excited to see Steph back in the mix!

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  15. Bobby Karimi says:

    Robin’s the best and my favourite on air canadian mma personality

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  16. MMA Scoop says:

    Being the best on air personality in Canada is akin to being the tallest Ewok!

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  17. Robin Black says:

    Thanks Bobby that’s a huge compliment and I really appreciate it.
    And lol can’t really argue with that Scoop :)

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  18. Bobby Karimi says:

    Hey the tallest Ewok is still the tallest Ewok!

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  19. Hank902 says:

    I have to agree with Jamie. I like Robin and his insight into MMA. I respect him because it’s obvious he loves the sport and he worked very hard at being a legit athlete. BUT I too hate the way you kiss ass sometimes. Sometimes I get the impression you are scared to voice your true opinion in case it is a negative influence on your career opportunities. The other day you gave a big props to Ken K on his late KOTC card. As far as I’m concerned KOTC has not been legit in about 5 years now and that card featured a guy that by all accounts should not be fighting MMA. Don’t worry about offending people, just tell it how you see it, please! You know your shit and anyone that disagrees with that is a moron.

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  20. Robin Black says:

    Dammit! I’m not sure if I’m too much of an asshole or not enough of an asshole or what.

    I’m gonna work hard the rest of the year to do the best job I can with commentary and interviews and analysis for fight network and the score.

    Then I’m gonna start fresh in 2012 and kick some ass and do my best to promote these fighters

    I’m thinkin be less of an asshole but be tougher and dig deeper.

    Anyhoo let’s talk Instict.

    I do thank you guys for the feedback both positive and negative. I really do want to do a good job and it all helps.

    Instinct gonna be a great card.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 3 Thumb down 5

  21. Joe Keesick says:

    Robin Black for Prime Minister!!!!! Seriously though Robin has to be one of the coolest guys I’ve ever met and if you think he’s an asshole then obviously you haven’t met him, trolls.

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  22. DeViLBoY says:

    Robin Black needs a haircut… lol

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  23. Sean Quinn says:

    OMG, no shit. Cut your goddamned hair!

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  24. MMA Scoop says:

    Generally if some people think you’re being too much of an asshole and some people think you’re not being enough of an asshole(and some people think you’re the tallest Ewok), well then you’re probably being the right amount of asshole.

    Also get your hair cut it will make you look like less of an asshole. But be careful that could upset your whole yin/yang of assholedom

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  25. Kodokan Shodan says:

    Im the instructor Sean is talking about, Joff needs to settle down shut his mouth and just train. Kids all talk no skill ask Bruckmanns, Antonio is a Hero of mine amazing fighter. Im really looking forward to training with him at his seminar.

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  26. Jeff harrison says:

    Watch out for devin Henry ! Young strong over 40 Thai fights and four amateur titles. Big things coming!

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  27. Title Shot says:

    Patrick Vallee’s fight is at 170, were all very excited to announce we signed a multi fight deal with Instinct MMA, Patrick is 7-1-1, from Paris France, his only loss was back in March of 2005 since then he has been on a 7 fight win streak, and a NC, He’s very aggressive, I just wanted to give alittle info on him so the fans know who he is since he is new to the Canadian MMA scene, here’s a link to his highlight reel, Thanks

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  28. Title Shot says:

    his fight highlights start about a min in after the sparring with Wandy

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  29. Sean McManus says:

    looking forward to seeing Frank Marques make his pro debut…keep an eye on this kid.


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  30. TSM says:

    Andrew Alirez is off and Devin Henry will not be on this card either

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  31. Hardcastle says:

    Agreed Sean, franks a good buddy and I have trained with him for the past year, kids got a bright future!!!

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  32. Ludzilla says:

    This card is a lot worse than Instinct 1.

    Both Pulver and Baroni are not on the card and you guys wrote they would.

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  33. Update: Added shawn pauliuk, shawn levesque, Ken MacLeod

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  34. Trainer says:

    Is Dave Mair even involved in MMA any more? I think robin chased his bullshitting ass out of the picture? No one respects mr Mair as he has screwed over more then one gym? First he is at extreme then at iron tiger then grant bros…back to Hamilton then back to grant brothers. I don’t know the man but listening to people who know always say hang on to your wallet?

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 2 Thumb down 6

  35. Trainer says:

    Frank Marques is going to kick ass…about time he got an opportunity

    Thumb up 1 Thumb down 2

  36. Update: Levesque and Portieous off the card. Brad Morgan, Anselmo Gutierrez on.

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  37. TSM says:

    Bey guys Brad Morgan fights at 170 Boisvert is moving up in wsight

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  38. harry balls says:

    the matchmaking is pretty decent here. But i am curious as to why the 0-0 205 fight is on the main and the other 205 is on the undercard….

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  39. harry balls says:

    haha Jacksonville Lizard Kings….

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  40. TSM says:

    Shawn Pauliuk vs Joël Thériault is a HW fight not 205

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  41. Sexy1 says:

    I’m a chick all up on this site daily too. The people out there who come on here and not like MMA should get themselves a mouth guard and join a MMA gym to understand how amazing this sport is. From doing that, made me respect it more. MMA is my passion and never will I ever miss an episode or season of The ultimate fighter. And if there’s a good fight card, never will I miss that event either.

    Side note, I’m not a tom boy kinda chick. I’m a feminin, classy woman. Therefore, it exists woman like that out there guys…..Try telling your boys that your woman watches fight network and UFC. RARE!!!!

    Woman can be knowledgeable to this sport as any man out there. It consists of interest and passion:)

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  42. TSM says:

    Wiegh ins are over there was some intense stare downs on a side note Frank Marques did not show up no reason hope everything is ok with him. I don’t know him but read some
    comments on him. Does anybody know what happened to him

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